Monday, June 23, 2014

Greece, NY Teen Arrested After She Fakes her Own Abduction, Sets off Amber Alert

Cassidy Geffert.
Faked her own abduction.
By Davy V.

As a Latino, I have always questioned 'Amber Alerts'.

Why aren't there any 'Maria Alerts'?

Or 'Taneisha Alerts'?

I mean every day, throughout the U.S., innocent minority children are abducted.

Well, the answer is actually quite simple.

You see, nothing drives news ratings like a WFGM.

Oh sorry.

It's short for White Female Gone Missing.

Rochester's Time Warner News story
on fake abduction.


There's nothing more that Corporate America mainstream news media, or as I like to call them, LAMESTREAM news media, loves when a white female goes missing.

Simply put, LAMESTREAM news media salivates over a young, Caucasian female who is abducted.


Blonde hair and blue eyes?

Even better!

More ratings.

Scene of fake abduction, 79 Talnuck Drive Greece, NY.
Monday afternoon, at 2:08 p.m., I received an 'AMBER ALERT' text, alerting me of a child abduction.

According to Greece, NY Police, they decided to issue an Amber Alert for 16-year old  Cassidy Geffert after they responded to Geffert's  home, at 79 Talnuck Drive in the town of Greece.

Upon arriving at Geffert's home, Greece Police said they found the house "in a disarray."

Greece, NY Police investigators, police officers
hanging out in home's garage.
Police said in the home they found a note with blood on it, written by Geffert, telling her parents that she was in danger.

A knife was also found in the home.

Greece Police said they also said that a .38 caliber revolver was missing from the home.

The Amber Alert mentioned a 2006 Black SAAB with NY plates GMM9136, which Greece Police say was stolen from the home.

And Rochester's LAMESTREAM news media wasted no time to get all over this story.

A handcuffed Cassidy Geffert, crying, before
being placed in Monroe County, NY Sheriff's cruiser.

Social media, including twitter and Facebook were on fire with Rochester news media's sensationalizing of the 'abduction."

As for he, well, I called bullshit on this so called 'abduction'.

I didn't believe it from the beginning.

It all sounded like an elaborate runaway scheme to me.

Blown up and sensationalized by LAMESTREAM media, who were more desperate for a story, than a prostitute looking for that next crack hit is.

After all, Rochester, NY's mainstream news media are nothing more than cheap whores.

Some in the literal sense.

Sure enough, just as I called it, a couple of hours after Amber Alert texts interrupted tens of thousands of people's day, people who genuinely believed a young girl had been kidnapped, word came that Cassidy Geffert was arrested, in an Econo Lodge hotel parking lot.

Geffert was charged with fourth degree grand larceny for stealing the gun from her home.

She faked the entire incident.

There was never any abduction.

There was however, an instant, knee jerk reaction by the Greece, NY Police and the New York State Police, and of course, Rochester's LAMESTREAM news media.

After all that's what happens when it's a young, Caucasian female, who has allegedly been abducted.

Unlike Maria or Taneisha from the hood, ALL tne stops are pulled out when it's a white girl.

ALL law enforcement resources are used.

And they were.

Mass panic.

All over Cassidy Geffert.

A girl who lied.

A girl who cried wolf.

What about charges for wasting taxpayer dollars, and putting an entire county in panic, having people worried about her, while along she was in a some hotel?

When you think of all the innocent children who are abducted every day, across the U.S., including African-American and Latino children, whose cases don't get Amber Alerts, and many times end up at the back of some investigator's file cabinet drawer, Cassidy Geffert's actions, are truly disgusting.


Cassidy Geffert Released to Her Mother, 
Attorney Marilyn Palumbo Without Bail!

When you fake your own abduction, and waste taxpayer dollars by setting off an Amber Alert, it pays to have your mother in your corner.

Especially when your mother is an attorney.

Monday evening, Cassidy Geffert was released, without bail, to her mother, Rochester, NY attorney Marilyn Palumbo.

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