Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Did Rochester, NY News Media Sweep the Arrest of Local Judge's Son on Multiple Drug Charges, Under the Rug?

Louis Joseph Nitti
By Davy V.

My dad Mario Vara, an activist in the fight against police and official misconduct, and corruption, used to say that on any given day, Rochester, NY's mainstream news media will be quick to report on an African-American or Latino arrested for having as little as a dime bag of weed on him.

My dad would say that they would not hesitate to plaster a minority's photo all over the 5, 6, and 11 o'clock news, for the most pettiest drug charge, while completely ignoring the white, affluent, suburbanites who fuel the drug trade, making their commute into the city, copping drugs, then driving back to their gated communities, and manicured lawn abodes.

Although my dad has been gone twenty years, his words are as true today, as they were back then.

Take, for example, the recent arrest of Greece, NY Town Judge Gino Nitti's son, Louis Nitti.

Greece, NY Town Justice
Gino Nitti
The 20-year old Nitti was pulled over on December 12, 2013 by Greece, NY Police officers, arrested, and charged with the following:

Criminal possession controlled substance with intent to sell.

Criminal posession controlled substance 7th degree.

Criminal use drug paraphernalia (scales) 2nd degree.

Criminal posession of a weapon 4th degree.

Aggravated unlicensed operation vehicle 3rd degree.

Motor vehicle registration suspended.

Unlawful posession of marijuana.

Controlled substance in non-original container.

Operate a motor vehicle without insurance.

Operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

Drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle on highway.

In total, 11 charges.

And not a peep from any Rochester, NY news outlets.


My dad was right.

Can you imagine if this had been Antwan, or Carlos from the inner city?

It would have been BREAKING NEWS!

Louis Joseph Nitti's Charges
from Greece, NY Police Department's Weekly Arrest Report

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