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Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode Justifies his Cop Shawn O'Mara Beating 15-Year Old Over Cell Phone (UPDATED)

Joe's face after mother says he was beaten by Gates, NY cop Shawn O'Mara


By Davy V.

In an interesting development in the case, John Parrinello, a Rochester, NY attorney who was hired by Stephanie Petrillo, has advised the family that he is no longer interested in the case.

Apparently Parrinello reached a "deal" with Gates Police after viewing the video.

The video which Gates, NY Policd Chief James VanBrederode refused to show the public, making several excuses, including saying that he could not release the video because Joe is s minor.

If that was really the case, Chief VanBrederode could have easily blurred Joe's face in the video and still allow the public to view the video of a police officer beating a 15-year old.

I don't know what the attorney saw.

In fact we will never know, because again, Gates Police Chief VanBrederode refused to release the video.

But what I do know is that if there's one thing I despise more than a dirty cop, it's a dirty lawyer.
You see, John Parrinello,, interestingly enough was arrested by Gates, NY Police in a prostitution sting last year.

So ask yourself...

Would you trust a lawyer who was arrested for soliciting a prostitute, by the same police department who he now meets with in a behind closed doors meeting, and works out a back room deal with that same police department's police chief in the case of a child who was beaten by a cop?

Frankly, I'm not the least bit surprised.

For years I've talked about how the entire Rochester, NY area is a "Good Ol' Boys" town.

Full of dirty and corrupt cops, officials, politicians, judges, and lawyers.


By Davy V.

Imagine this for a moment.

Your 15-year old child is assaulted in school, not by another child, but by the very same people you expect would protect your child.

A police officer.

That's exactly what Stephanie Petrillo says happened to her 15-year old son Joe.

Friday morning, Joe, who attends BOCES 2 School in Gates, NY, a suburb of Rochester, asked Principal Mary Vito for his cell phone.

According to Joe's mother, it's normal school policy that cell phones are collected from students every morning.

But being thst it was Joe's lunch however, he wanted his phone to call his mother.

Stephanie Petrillo says that principal Mary Vito told Joe she was not going to give him his phone.

Both Joe and the school principal went back and forth with Joe again asking for his phone so he could call his mother.

Gates, NY Police officer Shawn O'Mara

So how do things go from a 15-year old child asking for his cell phone to call his mother, to looking like he was just in a UFC fight?

Enter Gates, NY Police officer Shawn O'Mara, a 25-year veteran and the school resource officer for the past three years.

"He grabbed my son, who is maybe one hundred and twenty pounds, like a bean pole, and he slams him on the floor, handcuffs him and then starts punching my son in his face," Petrillo said.

"This is a police officer who weighs more than two hundred pounds, and he beat my son."

Now as disturbing as it may sound to hear a police officer assault and beat a student, having done this as long as I have, unfortunately, I can't tell you I'm

What I can tell you that I'm disgusted and surprised by is what happened next.

With a handcuffed Joe crying and his face swelling up with welts from Gates, NY Police officer Shawn O'Mara's fists, Joe was placed in the back of O'Mara's cruiser, and along with the school principal, Joe was dropped off at his home, where the only thing they told his mother was that Joe suffered the injuries to his face after he became upset and fell on the floor while being restrained by officer O'Mara.

At no time did Gates, NY Police officer Shawn O'Mara or school officials seek any type of medical treatment for Joe.


In fact, it was Joe's mother who took him to the emergency department after her son was dropped off at her home.

Joe suffered an orbital fracture, concussion and multiple contusions.

While at first Joe's mother informed me that he was not charged with any crimes, it now appears that Gates Police charged the 15-year old with resisting arrest, menacing, and grand larceny.

Gates Policd Chief refused to elaborate on the grand larceny charge but if he was charged with grand larceny over his own phone then that would be very disturbing.

Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode


By Davy V.

According to Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode, his cop Shawn O'Mara did punch 15-year old student Joe but only after the 15-year old threatened to punch his officer.

In other words, Chief VanBrederode thinks it's ok for a man more than twice the size of a skinny kid, to beat his face to a pulp.

Chief VanBrederode says video surveillance footage from officer O'Mara's bodycam proves that officer Shawn O'Mara was justified in punching the student.

Of course Chief VanBrederode is refusing to release that video.

But what Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode wouldn't explain was how his officer refused to get medical attention for a 15-year old he assaulted. 

All Chief VanBrederode would say is that the school nurse treated Joe for his injuries.

The school nurse?


Who is this Chief trying to fool?

Only cop apologists would buy his bullshit.

The more educated part of our society knows when we're they're trying to fool us.

School nurses don't "treat injuries."

In fact your child is lucky if they get an ice pack nowadays from their school nurse.

School nurses don't even dispense pain medicine.

And school nurses certainly don't do x-rays, for example.

Simply put, school nurses are not trained to assess or "treat" injuries such as Joe suffered.

He needed a hospital.

Not a nurse's office.

But Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode knew that, and so did his bully cop Shawn O'Mara.

And that's why they didn't want to take Joe to the hospital.

They wanted to try their best to hide this.

As for the Gates, NY Police Department refusing to release the bodycam video which they claim
justifies officer Shawn O'Mara's beating of a 15-year old child, it's interesting, considering they seem to have no problem posting other videos of officers on the field.

The photos below are screenshots of a video which the Gates, NY Police Department posted on their Facebook page, showing officers inside a home, chasing a suspect who jumps out of a window.

Gates Police Department titled the video, "Suspect Jumps Thru Window."

Again, it's interesting how Gates Police won't release the bodycam video of their officer punching a 15-year old, even though Chief VanBrederode got in front of Rochester, NY mainstream news cameras, and said the video justifies his cop's actions.

Release the video Chief!

What do you have to hide?


  Attorney John Parrinello's mugshot

Gates, NY Police sure have no problem posting other videos on their Facebook page, like the one in the photos below 



Chokehold marks on neck

Handcuff marks on wrist

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