Wednesday, March 1, 2023

If You’re Looking for a Used Car, Stay Away from A1 Auto Sales in Rochester, New York



When a Rochester, New York area church wanted to purchase a used car for a young woman in their congregation, they turned to A1 Auto Sales. 

The young woman was so happy to have her first car.

They later found out that the car they purchased from Ahmed Thajeel, who introduced himself as the owner of A1  Auto Sales, had serious issues that he kept from them. 

Among other things, the car had been in a serious accident which Ahmed Thajeel never disclosed.

In fact, it wasn’t until the young woman took the car in for service at local repair shop, that a mechanic noticed the serious structural damage on the frame, that had been covered over with what the mechanic described as a cement like mixture and then spray painted black. 

The mechanic told the young woman that the car was not roadworthy.

Simply put, the car was not safe to drive.

And just like that, a church who did something nice for a young woman, by buying her her first car, lost $5,000 and the young woman didn’t have a car. 

One of the biggest mistakes the good folks from the church made was not asking for a CarFax report before purchasing the vehicle. 

A few weeks ago, my son texted me a link to a car that he fell in love with on Facebook Marketplace. 

I told him to go look at the car, take it for a test drive, and if he liked it I would buy it for him. 

Well, he did, and shortly afterwards, I paid the dealer $4,500 cash. 

Just a couple of days later, the car’s check engine light came on. 

The next day, the car was in a repair shop and I paid $740 for repairs that included a catalytic converter and an O2 sensor. 

And just a couple days after the car was out of the shop, my son calls me and tells me that the left front wheel of the car broke off while he was driving. 

Thank god he had just gotten off the expressway, because I don’t even want to think what could have happened if the front wheel had broken off while my son was driving at 55 miles per hour on the expressway.

As you can see in the photos below, the car’s wheel broke off with so much force that it ripped the axle out of the transmission.

Back to the repair shop once again. 

This time I paid to have brand new ball joints installed as well as axles.

As it turns out the car has several serious issues that the dealer never disclosed. 

Simply put, that dealer sold my son a lemon.

Oh by the way, that dealer I paid $4,500 cash to? 

His name is Ahmed Thajeel.

                                               Ahmed Thajeel, Owner A1 Auto Sales

Yep, the same dealer who defrauded a church.

I asked Ahmed Thajeel for a full refund plus repair expenses. 

He refused. 

Then he blocked me.

I have filed complaints with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles in Albany, as well as with the New York State Attorney General’s Office.

So if you happen to be in the Rochester, New York area and are looking for a used car, you may want to stay away from Ahmed Thajeel and A1 Auto Sales. 

NOTE: By the way, it’s important to note that Ahmed Thajeel, a native of Baghdad, Iraq also refused to give me his last name.

In fact, he didn’t even include his last name on any of the paperwork when I purchased the car for my son.

It wasn’t until I filed a complaint with New York State that I found out his last name, which they gave to me.

They also gave me his NYS Auto Dealer ID: 7127159

I just think it’s interesting that someone who is both registered and licensed as a New York State car dealer would refuse to give his last name as well as omit his last name from ALL paperwork.

It’s almost as if he has something to hide.

Stay tuned…

Monday, February 13, 2023

Why is Rochester, New York News Media Ignoring What’s Happening to Brighton, New York?



Why isn’t Rochester, New York news media reporting what has been happening in Brighton, New York, a Town suburb of Rochester, with a population of approximately 36,000 once considered a safe community for families.

As a Brighton resident for the past nearly 15 years, who specifically moved to Brighton for the schools and so my children could feel safe, I can tell you that I have personally seen just how much Brighton has changed.

In just the past two years, there has been a rapid and disturbing uptick in crime in Brighton. 

And perhaps as equally disturbing is the fact that instead of informing the public, Brighton Town Officials, including Town Supervisor Bill Moehle, together with Rochester, New York news media have done a great job at hiding it from the public.

And they continue to do so.

From major drug raids, including one around 5 a.m. in the morning, where a multi-task Monroe County, New York law enforcement narcotics team dressed like SWAT members smashed and jumped through windows of an apartment building while unsuspecting families with young children slept, to gang assaults in broad daylight, to home break-ins, including one incident just a block from the Brighton Police Department, where a parolee broke into a family’s home in the middle of the day, to my own home being burglarized, to Rochester gang members dumping stolen cars in Brighton, to an elderly white man who was recently pepper-sprayed and beaten by a group of black women who then stole his phone, Brighton, NY Town Officials and Rochester news media have kept it all hush. 

As a Brighton, New York resident I’m choosing to use my platforms including this blog to shine a light on what’s going on in my Town while Rochester, New York news media continues to look the other way. 

Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

There’s a Secret That Officials and Rochester, New York News Media Don’t Want People to Know: BRIGHTON, NEW YORK IS CHANGING



There’s a secret in Brighton, New York that Town Officials and Rochester, New York news media don’t want people to know about.

Brighton, New York is not safe anymore.

Brighton, New York is changing.  

From city of Rochester gangs dumping stolen cars in the Rochester, New York suburb, to home break-ins, to drug raids, Brighton, New York is changing, and Town Officials along with Rochester, New York news media are trying their hardest to keep it on the down low. 

Stay tuned as The Davy V. Blog starts to expose what Rochester, New York mainstream news media does not want people to know. 

Brighton, New York is changing.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Thursday, January 12, 2023

NO B.S. NO Red Tape. NO Run Around.. Brighton, NY Police Department and The Town of Brighton, NY Make FOIL Request Easy


Once again, The Brighton, New York Police Department shows why they are one of the most professional law enforcement agencies in the country. 

Less than a week after I filed a FOIL request with the Town of Brighton, New York for police body cam video, Brighton, New York Police Investigator Ryan Lehigh emailed me to let me know my FOIL request had been approved. 

Does anyone remember that Staples commercial “That was easy?” 


A huge Davy V. shout out goes out to the Town of Brighton, New York, Town Supervisor Bill Moehle, and Town Clerk Daniel Aman for making the FOIL request on their website easy and straightforward. 

Also a huge shout goes out to Brighton, New York Police Deputy Chief Mike DeSain, a true professional and a stand up cop.

Brighton, NY Police Deputy Chief Mike DeSain

And lastly, a huge shout out to BPD Investigator Ryan Lehigh as well as BPD Investigators Stephen Hunt, and retired BPD Investigator Mike Romach, who have always shown me nothing but respect and who have always carried themselves with the utmost professionalism.

Now if only we could clone these guys.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Wallet Hub Review of Assurant Claims Examiner Jennifer Bolaños: “She’s As Big of A Thief as The Person Who Stole My Car.”

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about and exposing the bad faith actions of Assurant Insurance Company, which is owned by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida.

Hopefully it can help you avoid what I’m going through with my claim after my home was burglarized.

At the very least, perhaps you won’t make the same mistake I made when looking for renters or homeowners insurance, and you will stay away from Assurant I surance Company which is owned by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida. 


If you have been following my posts about Assurant Insurance Company, then the name Jennifer Bolaños may sound familiar.

Jennifer Bolaños was one of the at least four different  Assurant Claims Examiners to handle my claim, after my hone was burglarized last June.

That’s right.

Last June.

And I’m still waiting for payment.

Despite my having done everything that Assurant representatives have asked of me, Assurant has completely refused to pay my claim and honor their duties and obligations per our contractual agreement for overage.

Actually I wouldn’t say Jennifer Bolaños “handled” my claim.

Jennifer Bolaños is another complicit participant in Assurant’s bad faith by helping Assurant stall and delay my claim, which is Assurant’s M.O..

Simply put, Assurant is one of the worst renters and homeowners policy insurance companies around and they train their Claims Examiners like Jennifer Bolaños, to stall, delay and deny claims, all in a bad faith attempt to not have to pay.

From Assurant’s point of view it’s simple.

Take in millions of dollars from policyholders then pay out as little as possible.

One of The Davy V. Blog readers sent me something very interesting after reading my posts about Assurant.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it’s a Wallet Hub review (one of thousands on the internet) of Assurant, specifically mentioning Assurant Claims Examiner Jennifer Bolaños, who the reviewer says is a bigger thief than the individual who stole their vehicle.

Stay tuned…

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Humberto Velez: A Complicit Participant in Assurant Insurance Company’s Bad Faith



Over the next few weeks I will be writing about and exposing the bad faith actions of Assurant Insurance Company, which is owned by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida.

Hopefully it can help you avoid what I’m going through with my claim after my home was burglarized.

At the very least, perhaps you won’t make the same mistake I made when looking for renters or homeowners insurance, and you will stay away from Assurant I surance Company which is owned by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida. 

Humberto Velez used to own a business, Remote Access Inc. along with his wife, Monica Velez.

A quick Google search shows the couple ran the business out of their home located at 220 Bunker Ct. in Alpharetta, Georgia.

That is until… well, let’s just say some questionable business practices forced the couple to dissolve their business in 2017.

Shortly after that, the failed business owner, Humberto Velez, whose current address is listed on Google as 9885 Lauren Hall Ct. in Alpharetta, Georgia, went to work as a pee-on Claims Examiner for Assurant Insurance Company, which is owned by American Bankers Insurance of Florida.

And as a Claims Examiner for Assurant, Humberto Velez  is trained to do three things.

STALL, DELAY, and DENY claims filed by insureds who pay Assurant to protect their personal belongings.

Velez is the fourth claims examiner assigned to my claim, after my apartment was burglarized on June 4, 2022.

That’s of course after Assurant lied to me, telling me that my first two claims examiners, Ms. Tiffany Wiggins and Jennifer Bolaños no longer worked for Assurant, and my third claims examiner Ms. Sabrina Johnson was abruptly removed from my claim.

That’s when Humberto Velez called me.

First, Humberto Velez acted like he empathized not only with my apartment having been burglarized, but also with my mom’s passing, just eight days after the burglary.

And I was stupid enough to fall for it.

I actually thought he cared.

After all, he promised me in that phone conversation that my claim would not be delayed any longer.

And I believed him.

And that’s when Humberto Velez’s lies began.

If you’ve been following my recent posts about my experience with Assuraht Insurance Company, then you know that after Assurant intentionally stalling and delaying my claim all in a bad faith attempt to avoid paying,, and after my having been extremely patient with Assurant, who has thus far completely refused to honor their duties , obligations and responsibilities to me the insured, per our contractual agreement for coverage, I finally decided to go public and  share my story.

As I’ve said in my previous posts, perhaps me sharing my story can help you avoid the same mistake that I made when I chose Assurant more than 6 years ago and trusted Assurant to protect my personal belongings.

Humberto Velez is truly a disgusting individual.

Anyone who knowingly and willingly participates in a corrupt insurance company’s bad faith scheme, well, is not only complicit in that company’s illegal bad faith behavior but is also the lowest of the lowest when it comes to despicable, disgusting individuals.

And that’s exactly what Humberto Velez is.

For at least the past four months, Humberto Velez has  repeatedly lied to me, and intentionally stalled my claim at the behest of his employer, Assurant.

From telling me he never received countless photo documentation of proof of ownership of my items that were stolen, even though I have proof that he did, to lying to me telling me that he would make sure my claim is resolved, Humberto Velez is a complicit participant in Assurant’s bad faith.

There comes a point where it’s not even about an insurance claim anymore.

A point where it’s not about money.

A point where it’s not about one being able to replace one’s property.

It’s about respect.

It’s about how Assuraht Insurance Company, one of the most corrupt insurance companies around, and its representatives, including Humberto Velez have treated me, during one of the hardest times for me and my family, with the loss of my mother.

There’s a certain line you just don’t cross.

I will continue to expose Assurant, their corrupt representatives and every single complicit participant  involved in Assurant’s bad faith.

Stay tuned.