Wednesday, May 25, 2016

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU: Rochester, NY Police Department to Add 27 More Surveillance Cameras


Rochester, NY Police Department Surveillance Camera  

Davy V.

When it comes to police surveillance, Rochester, NY is one of the most watched cities in the U.S.

The Rochester, NY Police Department has a total of 130 blue light bubble surveillance cameras, sitting high atop utility poles.

The RPD cameras feed into a master surveillance control room inside the Public Safety building, where RPD employees monitor surveillance.

And now the Rochester, NY Police Department is adding 27 more surveillance cameras, for a total of 157.

The announcement by Rochester Police of the installation of the new surveillance cameras comes less than a week after RPD Chief Michael Ciminelli admitted that his department spent $200,000 on a StingRay KingFish spy listening device.

Chief Ciminelli also admitted that the RPD has a confidentiality agreement (pact) with the FBI when it comes to disclosing information relating to the RPD's use of the StingRay listening device.

(You can read my piece on that by clicking link below)

So there you have it.

Welcome to Rochester, NY, where BIG BROTHER is alive and well.

If you live in Rochester, NY, here's a list of the new locations where Rochester, NY Police blue light bubble surveillance cameras will be installed.

36 East Main Street (River Park Trail)

100 State Street (River Park Trail) NE corner of Broad Street Bridge.

Fairbanks Avenue / Hudson Avenue

North Clinton Avenue / Oscar Street

Avenue A / Roth Street

Bay / Rohr Streets

Clifford Avenue / Sixth Street

Portland Avenue / Dickinson Street

210 Troup Street (Troup Street Park)

Genesee St. / Kirkland Rd.

Arnett Blvd. / Rugby Ave.

Child St. / Danforth St.

Jefferson Ave. / Flint St.

South Clinton Ave. / Caroline St.

Ackerman Street (Near rear of Goodman Plaza)

East Main St. / Prince St.

Main St. / Sidney St.

530 Webster Ave. (Ryan Center)

202 Grand Ave. (SENSC)

Lyell Ave. / Murray St.

Jay St. / Child St.

Lyell Ave. / Child St.

Dewey Ave. / Lexington Ave.

Otis St. / Warner St.

Plymouth St. / Spencer St.

Plymouth Ave. / Spencer St.



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Pond in Rochester, NY's Historic Mount Hope Cemetery Becoming a Toxic Wasteland


The Lily Pond at Rochester's Historic Mount Hope Cemetery  

By Davy V.

Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY is one of my favorite places to visit.

The historic cemetery, which was founded in 1838, is one of the oldest in the country.

Mount Hope Cemetery is the final resting place of several notable figures including one of my heroes, the founding father of America's civil rights movement, Frederick Douglass.

Mount Hope is also the final resting place of Susan B. Anthony.

Mount Hope's beautiful hills and valleys which were traveled on by the Seneca Indians and used by them as lookout vantage points, were formed during the ice age.

One of my favorite parts of Mt. Hope Cemetery is the lily pond, which just like the hills and valleys, was also formed during the ice age when huge eskers of ice fell and melted.

Mount Hope's lily pond is home to beautiful creatures including turtles and frogs.

Which is why during a recent visit to the cemetery, I was sad to see that the pond is starting to become a toxic wasteland with trash, bottles, containers, and plastic bags polluting the water.

All endangering the wildlife which calls the pond home.


Trash including a 2x4 and plastic bags floating in the pond 

Now I can't say I'm really surprised to see Mount Hope Cemetery's decline in recent years.

You see, Mount Hope Cemetery is owned by the City of Rochester, NY, and it's obvious that city officials, including Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren are more concerned with raking in millions of dollars each year in red light camera tickets, than they are about preserving a beautiful historical landmark.


Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren 

All you have to do is walk through Mount Hope and see the abandoned, vandalized, broken headstones that continue to lay on the ground year after year, and the beautiful mausoleums which are boarded up with plywood, then take a walk around the pond, and you'll realize that the City of Rochester, NY and Mayor Lovely Warren just don't care.


Contact Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren



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Friday, May 20, 2016

VIDEO: Rochester, NY Cop's Bodycam Video Shows him Tasering Black Man


Rochester, NY Police officer Jason Lathrop Tasers Black Man

By Davy V.

A young black man is tased by a white Rochester, NY cop and the entire incident is captured on video.

The officer's bodycam video.

Turns out the Rochester, NY Police Department has been using body cams since at least 2015.

But how is that possible, when according to Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, and Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, the RPD hasn't even begun using bodycams yet? 

Or have they been wearing body cams all along and keeping it from taxpayers? 

It's October 2015, and Jermel Board is driving his black Honda Civic on Rochester, NY's west side.

Next to him in the passenger seat, his cousin Paul Morgan.

Jermel decides to take a shortcut home by driving through a Rite-Aid pharmacy parking lot.

But unbeknownst to Jermel, Rochester, NY Police officer Jason Lathrop sees him cut through the parking lot and begins to follow him.

A few minutes later, RPD officer Lathrop pulls Jermel's Honda over on the corner of Victoria and Hertel Streets.

And that's when officer Jason Lathrop's bodycam video begins.

The video starts with officer Lathrop asking both Jermel and his cousin Paul for ID.

There's some conversation back and forth where officer Lathrop asks Jermel Board if his license is suspended, to which Board replies it is not.

Then the conversation turns towards the passenger, Paul Morgan.

Officer Lathrop asks Morgan for ID.

Morgan asks Lathrop why and explains that he lives nearby.

Officer Lathrop then asks Jermel Board to step out of the car, where is handcuffed and arrested for not having ID.

Then, as Rochester Police officer Jason Lathrop escorts Jermel Board to the back of his police cruiser, s second RPD officer can be heard talking to Paul Morgan who is still sitting in the passenger seat of the Honda Civic.

That officer, Jason Mueller.

The video then shows an agitated officer Lathrop quickly walking over to the passenger side of the vehicle, as he can be heard talking to himself, where he quickly repeats the word "alright", three times.

Officer Lathrop then escalates what up to now has been a calm traffic stop with both Jermel Board and his cousin Paul Morgan having been very respectful.

It's also important to note here that New York State is not a stop and ID state.

According to the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) website, "Police may stop and briefly detain you only if there is reasonable suspicion that you committed, are committing or are about to commit a crime. You should ask if you are under arrest or free to leave. In New York, you are not required to carry ID, and you don't have to show ID to a police officer."

Officer Jason Lathrop didn't have either of those.

There was no reasonable suspicion that either Jermel Board, or Paul Morgan committed, were committing, or were about to commit a crime.

But frankly as I watch the video, I'm not the least bit surprised at officer Jason Lathrop violating citizens' constitutional rights.

Sadly, it's something the Rochester, NY Police Department does on a daily basis. 

At this point an irate Officer Lathrop becomes even more agitated and physically grabs Paul Morgan's right arm, and begins yelling at him to get out of the car.

Now, I've been doing this a very long time, and if there's one thing you can count on cops doing, is when there's video rolling, whether someone is recording, or whether it's officers themselves video recording with their bodycams, you can bet that cops will do and say certain things in an effort to justify any illegal and unconstitutional behavior on their part.

A classic one which cops love to say whenever video is rolling, is "Stop resisting!"

It's almost guaranteed that a cop will always throw in a few "Stop resisting!" statements in for good measure anytime a camera is rolling, and they're beating your ass, or, as officer Lathrop did in this case, anytime they're shocking someone with their tasers.

And that's exactly what RPD officer Jason Lathrop and Jason Mueller are heard saying as Lathrop tasers Paul Morgan, who is seen in the video falling to the street, writhing in pain.


Taser pointed at Paul Morgan

Later in the video, officer Lathrop is heard threatening to tase Morgan again.

The video then goes on to show a hyped officer Lathrop searching the Honda Civic, desperately looking for drugs.

"Smells like weed really bad," officer Lathrop is heard saying.

"There's a little bit of a blunt, there's gotta be more than that though."

The whole time that officer Lathrop is searching the vehicle, which is several minutes, Paul Morgan is lying on the curb in pain.

In the end, Paul Morgan was charged with resisting arrest and possession charges, even though no actual drugs were ever found.

No real amount anyways.

Only residue of a blunt, if that.

As for Jermel Board, he wasn't charged with anything.

In fact, so much for his cutting through the parking lot.

He was never ticketed.

Which is interesting because not only was that the reason that Rochester Police officer Jason Lathrop gave Jermel Board for the initial stop, but Rochester Police edited that part of the video out.


Rochester, NY Police officer Jason Lathrop 

If the name Jason Lathrop sounds familiar to the regular readers of this blog, that's because I've featured Rochester Police officer Jason Lathrop before on my YouTube channel DavyVTV.

Last year I recorded officer Lathrop after he and other RPD officers questioned and tried to illegally search a black man's SUV as he was getting gas, simply because the man fit a description of someone Rochester Police claimed they were looking for.

I will be updating this piece.


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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

BIG BROTHER IS LISTENING IN ROCHESTER, NY: RPD Chief Admits his Department Has Confidentiality Pact with FBI when it Comes to StingRay Spy Listening Device



Since the success of this piece, the Rochester, NY Police Department has gone into full damage control spin mode, now that Rochester taxpayers know their police force has spying devices such as the StingRay Kingfish which can pick up their cellphone data, including listening to their conversations.

"We don't collect or store any data," Rochester, 
NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli said Thursday.

Sure Chief.

Chief Ciminelli admitted that the Rochester, NY Police Department has a confidentiality agreement (pact) with the FBI, which requires Rochester Police to restrict how much information they can release about the StingRay.

No shit Chief.



Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli admits his department has a confidentiality pact with the FBI when it comes to the StingRay. 


By Davy V.

According to a report by the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), since 2011, the Rochester, NY Police Department spent $200,000 to purchase a StingRay KingFish cell phone tracking device, as well as purchasing and maintaining other spying equipment.

The StingRay line of listening equipment are designed to fool your cell phone into thinking it's a cell phone tower.

Therefore, your cell phone signal goes straight to the StingRay device.

Where cops on the other end will listen to your conversation.

It's basically another example of Big Brother being all up in your shit.

Monitoring your conversations.

The StingRay KingFish device is manufactured by Harris Corporation, in Rochester, NY.


StingRay KingFish

For those of you who follow this blog, Harris Corp. may sound familiar.

Harris Corporation is one of the nation's biggest tactical and surveillance communications company.

In 2014, Harris Corporation was named one of the top five U.S. Federal contractors by Defense News.

The following year, in 2015, Wired Magazine ranked Harris Corporation (tied with the U.S. Marshals Service) as the number two threat to our privacy and communication.

I've written about Harris several times, and I've also posted several videos of Harris Corporation vehicles roaming Rochester, NY streets, conducting surveillance and testing their spying equipment.

The videos can be seen on my YouTube channel DavyVTV, but I've posted a link below to one of my videos which shows a Harris Corporation van below.

I've also posted two more links to videos at the bottom of this article.



According to the report, Rochester, NY Police used the StingRay listening equipment a total of 13 times between January of 2011, and May of 2015.

However, Rochester Police obtained a state court warrant for only six of those times.

Which means that at least 7 times, Rochester Police spied on citizens without a warrant.

I say at least 7 times, because knowing the RPD's long history of lies and corruption, it's pretty safe to assume that the numbers are much higher.

"The question is why do we need this technology for low-level law enforcement?", said KaeLyn Rich, NYCLU Rochester region director.

Rich noted that the StingRay devices don't just gather cellphone data from targeted phones.

They collect data in an entire area.

That means that anytime a law enforcement agency uses StingRay devices, in an area near you, your personal data and conversations are being swept up, listened to and collected.

Creepy huh?

Well, there you have it Rochester, NY.

Your tax dollars at work.

$200k to listen to your conversations.




KaeLyn Rich, Director Genesee Valley Chapter NYCLU 





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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rochester, NY Police officers Terrorize Family and Young Children at Gunpoint after Cop Opens Fire Near Seneca Park Zoo / Witness Says Rochester, NY Cop Was Never Run Over


Witness Russell Russo Says Rochester, NY CopWas  Never Run Over by Car



Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli took more than 6 hours to explain the details of why one of his officers opened fire on a man in a crowded public park full of families with young children near the Seneca Park Zoo, Tuesday evening.

And yet Ciminelli didn't offer any real information and struggled to explain the events.

In fact, the details are still sketchy at best.

According to Ciminelli, a Rochester, NY Police officer saw a car at the park which had been reported stolen.

Ciminelli says the suspect tried to flee in the car and according to the chief, "ran his officer over."

Which is interesting, since the officer was immediately released from the hospital.

I was run over by a car in 2009 and I can tell you one thing... I wasn't released in an hour.

Ciminelli, who refused to release the name of the suspect or of the officer, would only say that the suspect was shot once.





Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli

UPDATE 2 WEDNESDAY MAY 18, 2016 12:00 P.M.

After almost 24 hours of getting their story together, Rochester, NY Police have finally released the name of the suspect, as well as of the Rochester, NY cop they claim was run over by the suspect's vehicle.

Rochester Police say 24-year old Andrew Kappesser, of Waterloo, NY, ran Rochester, NY Police officer Adam Brodsky's right right hand, side, and leg over.


So according to Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, officer Adam Brodskyaas run over by a car?

Officer Adam Brodsky's right hand, side, and leg were run over by a car?

Officer Brodsky must be Robo-Cop because he was released from the hospital less than an hour after arriving.


 Andrew Kessepper


A witness who was interviewed by a Rochester, NY Democrat & Chronicle newspaper reporter says Rochester, NY Police officer Adam Brodsky was never run over like Rochester Police claim.

Watch witness Russell Russo say Rochester, NY Police officer Adam Brodsky was never run over.


Read my original piece below about how Rochester, NY Police terrorized a mother and her children at gunpoint.

By Davy V.

Betsy Perez had taken her children to the Seneca Park Zoo, in Rochester, NY as a treat after picking them up from school Tuesday afternoon.

"They love the zoo, and so I figured it would be a nice treat," Perez said.

But it's what happened after Perez and her children were leaving to go home, that she will never forget.

That's when several Rochester, NY Police officers surrounded her car, with guns drawn and pointed at her and her children.

"They were yelling at us with their guns out," Perez said.

"They told me not too fucking move."


According to Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Mark Wiater Rochester, NY Police along with other police agencies including the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's office responded to the park behind the Seneca Park Zoo Tuesday afternoon around 5 p.m. after a Rochester, NY Police officer shot a suspect.

Both the man who was shot as well as the Rochester, NY Police officer were taken to area hospitals.

But Perez said she didn't know anything had happened.

"All I know is I'm leaving the zoo with my kids and these cops surround my car and begin yelling at us holding us at gunpoint."

"The cops weren't allowing anyone to leave the park."

Photos courtesy of Twitter 










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Monday, May 16, 2016

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU! Monroe County, NY Probation Office The Latest Law Enfocement Agency to Use ALPR's


Monroe County, NY Probation Office Impala with ALPR's 

By Davy V

You can add the Monroe County, NY Probation Office to the list of agencies that are recording, collecting, and storing your personal information, right off your car's license plate number.

The video below, which I posted to my YouTube channel DavyVTV, the hottest YouTube channel out (shameless plug), shows a Monroe County, NY Probation Office black Chevy Impala with NY plate GET 6640, equipped eith Automatic License Plate Readers, or ALPR's, driving on Rochestet, NY's east side.

Not surprising really, when you consider that Rochester, NY is ranked as the 5th most watched (as in BIG BROTHER) city in the U.S.

Also pay attention to how the probation officer fails to signal when switching lanes in classic above the law fashion.


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Thursday, May 12, 2016

(VIDEO) Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Jail Deputies Beat Woman


Monroe County, NY Sheriff Jail Deputy Raellen Ashley assaults woman 

By Davy V.

The concrete walls and steel bars inside the Monroe County, NY Jail in downtown Rochester, NY hold a lot of secrets.

Brutal, vicious beatings of inmates by jail deputies, as well as highly questionable, suspicious deaths.

Take, for example, a young black man named Kevin Sylar.

In 1998, Kevin Sylar was arrested by Rochester, NY Police and charged with robbing a corner store.

Sylar was handcuffed and searched by Rochester Police, as is standard practice, before being placed in custody.

What happened next, shortly after Sylar arrived at the Monroe County Jail, is just one of the many secrets at the jail, that to this day, remain unanswered.

According to the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office, as Kevin Sylar was being booked, he reached in his waistband, pulled out a gun, and shot himself in the head.

But how could someone who was searched by police before arriving at the jail, pull out a gun from his waist and kill himself?

Well, many, including myself never bought the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office story.

Simply put, their story doesn't add up.

Kevin Sylar's case is just one of the secrets those concrete walls at the Monroe County, NY Jail hold.

The jail is also known for brutal beatings of inmates by Monroe County, NY Sheriff's jail deputies.


Monroe County, NY Jail in downtown Rochester, NY

One such beating by Monroe County Jail deputies is that of Jennifer Merrow.

Merrow, who lives in Greece, NY, a suburb of Rochester, was arrested by Rochester Police for suspicion of DWI, on December 19, 2014, and taken to the Monroe County, NY Jail.

What happened next was captured by the jail's surveillance camera.

As Merrow was trying to put her shirt back on, while being booked, she's suddenly attacked by Monroe County, NY Jail deputy Raelle Gagnier Ashley.

Deputy Ashley starts punching and kicking Ashley, in a completely unprovoked attack.

"The use of force is objectively unreasonable," said Anjan Ganguly, Merrow's attorney, who added, "It doesn't pass the common sense test, let alone any precise legal test. She had no aggressive stance toward anyone. It couldn't be more clear."


Monroe County, NY Sheriff Jail Deputy Raelle Gagnier Ashley

Merrow's attorney filed a lawsuit in U.S. Western District Federal Court.

The lawsuit names the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office, including Deputies Raellen Ashley and Timothy Romach, as well as Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn.

Deputy Timothy Romach, who is also seen in the video punching Merrow, is the brother of Brighton, NY Police officer Mike Romach.

Click the link below to watch the video of the unprovoked assault and beating of Merrow, which is key to her lawsuit.

The video is important for many reasons, primarily because it offers a rare look into the civil rights abuses that occur on a daily basis inside the Monroe County, NY Jail.


Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Raellen Ashley Assaults Jennifer Merrow 









Monroe County, NY Sheriff Jail Deputy Raellen Ashley


Monroe County, NY Sheriff Jail Deputy Tim Romach


Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn

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