Saturday, August 27, 2016

Above The Law; Greece, NY Police Officer Parks in Handicap Parking Space

Greece, NY Police cruiser #815 parked in handicap parking space.


They say word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.

Well, if that's true, then out of towners visiting Greece, NY, a suburb of Rochester, may never come back.

Take, for example, Jake Perkins.

Last month, Perkins, who's from Virgina, was driving in Greece, NY, when he captured an all too common occurrence nowadays, when it comes to law enforcement officers.

Their above the law mentality.

Personally, I like to refer to it as the "Do as I say, not as I do" self entitled behavior which police officers and even elected officials subscribe to.

Perkins saw a Greece, NY Police cruiser parked in a space reserved for the disabled.

As you can see in the photo below, Greece, NY Police cruiser #815 is parked in a handicap parking space.

In the photo, which Perkins posted on Facebook, he writes the following caption:

"In upstate New York, there's a city named Greece. The cops are handicapped there apparently, because no cop would ever abuse his authority and park in a handicap parking spot. And they are called Greece Police. I just found this amusing #greecepolice"


Thanks to this astute citizen, who had the quick thinking to take the photo, hard-working Greece, NY taxpayers can see just how their tax dollars are being misused by Greece, NY cops who clearly believe they're above the law.

They can also see just what a bad impression their  police force and town, leave on out of state visitors.




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Friday, August 26, 2016

Black Cop Showing Out for The White Cop; Black Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Who Shot Black Suicidal Teen, Will Lead "Investigation" into Police Beating of Black Youth



Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Mark Simmons


The Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant who will decide if several of his colleagues (GANG MEMBERS) were justified in using excessive force when they beat, tased, pepper-sprayed, and shot a black teen with pepper ball rounds earlier this month, is none other than Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Mark Simmons.

Now, if that name sounds familiar, well, it should.

You see, I've written about Lt. Simmons several times over the years.

In fact, just a few days ago I wrote about Lt. Mark Simmons being featured in a local Rochester, NY news telecast.

Lt. Simmons, who is black, along with three other members of the Rochester, NY Police Department's top brass, two Lieutenants, and a Captain, all of whom are also black, were interviewed about race relations between the Rochester Police Department and the minority community.

The interview, conducted by Rochester's ABC affiliate 13WHAM News reporter Alexis Arnold, who failed to ask any of the four RPD brass any real hard questions, also left out just who Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Mark Simmons really is.

In my August 20th piece, "Black Cop Showing Out for The White Cop", I wrote, as I have numerous times before, about Lt. Simmons' dark past.

Specifically, how Rochester Police Lt. Mark Simmons shot a black 13-year old suicidal girl several times, after the young girl had locked herself up in her bathroom, and was threatening to harm herself wth a knife.


Fast forward just 6 days after my latest piece on Rochester, NY Police Lt. Mark Simmons' dark past, and it's revealed that Lt. Mark Simmons is leading a so-called "investigation" by the Rochester Police Department into the beating of a 17-year old black youth named Rickey Bryant, by several Rochester, NY cops.

On August 7, 2016, Rickey Bryant was beaten, tased, pepper-sprayed, and shot with pepper ball rounds as he was riding his bike on Rochester's northeast side, when at least a half dozen Rochester, NY cops mistook him for what they allege was "a black man with a gun riding a bike."

Bryant suffered an orbital fracture in the beating.




Not only can't police agencies be trusted to "investigate" themselves, but given the fact that the cop leading the so-called "investigation"is a fucking Uncle Tom who kisses his white chief's culo, well, it's pretty clear what the outcome of that "investigation" will be.

A black cop who has made a career out of looking the other way while his white colleagues (GANG MEMBERS) racially profile, beat, and abuse blacks and Latinos.




Rochester, NY Police Lt. Mark Simmons Stands Next to Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rochester, NY Police Union President Mike Mazzeo Defends Cops Accused of Beating Black Teen, Blames Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief for Buying Cheap Body-Cams that Don't Work


Rochester, NY Police Union President Mike Mazzeo 


As a Rochester, NY cop, Mike Mazzeo was known for beating and abusing blacks and Latinos, and terrorizing suspected drug dealers.

Part of the Rochester, NY Police Department's H.I.T. Squad, (Highway Interdiction Team), a street level undercover drug task force, commonly referred to as the "Jumpout Squad", because they would jump out of undercover white Ford vans with black ski-masks on to hide their faces, Mike Mazzeo would beat and torture black and Latino suspects, and steal their drugs and cash.

In one incident, Mike Mazzeo threatened a suspect by placing his service weapon against the black man's head and threatening to shoot him, even though the man was not resisting.

Mazzeo was also known for making suspected drug dealers strip naked after he and his fellow H.I.T. Squad members would raid drug houses.

Mazzeo would then leave the naked men outside in the snow and cold as he and his H.I.T. Squad goons pocketed drugs and cash.


As a Rochester, NY cop, Mike Mazzeo misused thousands of taxpayer dollars by working fewer hours than he was supposed to.

Mazzeo would tell his fellow H.I.T. Squad members to avoid Shields, a bar frequented by law enforcement officers, whenever they cut out of work early so they wouldn't be seen.

He would also tell fellow officers that should they get caught skipping work, they should just say they're on "comp", or compensatory time.

Mike Mazzeo

"Not a nice guy." 

Those were the first words a retired law enforcement official, who asked to remain anonymous told me in a recent interview, when I asked him about Mike Mazzeo.

"Mike Mazzeo was the type of cop who gave good cops who put their lives on the line every time they put on the uniform, a bad name," the retired official said, adding, "Mike Mazzeo was everything one thinks of when one thinks bad cop," 

Throughout his career as a Rochester Police officer, Mike Mazzeo got away with abusing, beating, and violating the rights of hundreds of blacks and Latinos.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that Mike Mazzeo, now President of the Rochester Police Locust Club, the RPD's Union,, defended the recent police beating of a black teenager in a television news interview.

Referring to the brutal beating of Rickey Bryant, a 17-year old black youth beaten, and tased by at least 6 Rochester cops who mistook him for someone else, Mazzeo said the following:

"An individual is asked by a police officer to comply, to stop, to put your hands behind your back and stop and you need to do it," Mazzeo said.

On the night of August 7, 2016,  Ricky Bryant was stopped by at least a half a dozen Rochester, NY Police officers.

According to Bryant's family and witnesses, the 17-year old was tasered, kicked, pepper sprayed, and shot with a pepper ball gun.

A witness said that after realizing Bryant was not the person they were allegedly looking for, "a black man running around with a gun", Bryant was released without any charges.

The 17-year old suffered an orbital fracture as well as multiple bruises and contusions from the police beating.

Photos of Rickey Bryant after RPD beating



Rochester clergy members are calling on the Monroe County, NY District Attorney's office to investigate the beating and bring charges against the Rochester Police officers involved, who the Rochester Police Departnent are refusing to identify.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli

Asked in the interview about the fact that none of the Rochester Police officers accused of beating Rickey Bryant were wearing body cameras, Mazzeo had an interesting and disturbing response.

Mazzeo said that Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli rushed and purchased lousy body cameras for the police department which don't work properly.

"There are problems with them working," Mazzeo said in the interview.

"There were no cameras that night. Nobody took a camera off or turned one off. There wasn’t a camera even working."

And that's Rochester, NY's 'Good Ol' Boys Club'.

Mike Mazzeo.

The same individual who beat, abused and tortured suspected drug dealers, and made a career out of robbing them of their drugs and cash, is now the president of the Rochester, NY Police Department's Union.

Mike Mazzeo.

Defending and covering up for rogue Rochester, NY  cops who abuse and beat innocent minorities.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

(VIDEO) Attorney for Woman Charged with Leaving Her Two Dogs to Die in 90-Plus Degree Heat Tries to Have Me Removed from Outside of Court

Attorney John Parrinello's Mugshot after Being Arrested for Soliciting a Prostitute


Rochester, NY attorney John Parrinello and his son Matt Parrinello are known for representing some of the worst lowlife scum.

In 2012, Matthew Parrinello unsuccessfully defended Dawn Nguyen, the Greece, NY woman who purchased assault rifles for William Spengler, an ex-con and parolee who served time for bludgeoning his grandmother to death with a hammer, then throwing her in the basement of her Webster, NY home.

Matt Parrinello with Dawn Nguyen

On Christmas Eve 2012, Spengler set fire to his home, then ran across the street, where he laid down in a bluff on the shore of Lake Ontario, and waited for firefighters from the West Webster, NY Fire Department to arrive.

Armed with a 38. Caliber handgun, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle, Spengler then opened fire and ambushed the first responders, killing 43-year old Michael Chiapperini, a Webster, NY Police Sgt, and firefighter, as well as 19-year old Tomasz Kaczowka, who worked as a firefighter and 911 dispatcher.

Two more firefighters, Joseph Hoffstetter, and Theodore Scardino were both critically injured but survived.

Dawn Nguyen was later convicted and is currently serving a concurrent state and federal prison sentence.

John Parrinello once defended members of the Rochester, NY Police Department's HIT Squad, a street level team (gang) of undercover cops (thugs) known for beating, terrorizing, and torturing suspected 
drug dealers, in some cases using pliers on suspects' teeth and genitals, and also using electrical wires to shock suspects.


John Parrinello has defended the worst scum.

So it's no surprise that John Parrinello's latest payday is none other than Jocelyn Evans, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Vice President of Enrollment who left her two dogs to die without water or shade in 90-plus degree heat.

Jocelyn Evans

(Left to Right) Roxy and Blue, left to die in 90-plus degree heat 

It's no surprise really, that John Parrinello would defend scum, considering that just last year, Parrinello was arrested by Gates, NY Police for soliciting a prostitute.  

In 2010, John Parrinello was arrested and charged with trespass for refusing to leave a basketball game after he was ejected for yelling offensive and vulgar language in front of families with young children.

John Parrinello, who is known for his "Poppycock" outbursts in court, also has a history of yelling at judges, throwing chairs and papers during trials, and becoming irate, at times even storming out of trials, slamming courtroom doors.

John Parrinello and his son have also defended a career criminal and ex-con named Theodore "Teddy" Loria, who threatened to kidnap, murder, and decapitate my 5-year old daughter.

Despite the threat having been captured on a store's surveillance video, neither the Rochester, NY Police Department, nor the Monroe County, NY District Attorney's office charged Loria.

Simply put, attorney John Parrinello is a vulgar old man who for years, legal professionals have said is going senile.

And he and his son get a kick out of representing and defending the worst of society, including individuals who threaten to kill innocent children.

Therefore I can't really say I was surprised that John Parrinello tried to violate my first amendment right by trying to have me removed from outside of Henrietta, NY Town Court, where I, along with some members of Rochester's mainstream news media were waiting for his client Jocelyn Evans to exit from her arraignment.

Attorney John Parrinello asks Court Security Guard to Remove Me from Outside Henrietta, NY Town Court

Watch my video below and see how John Parrinello asks a court security officer to "remove" me, after I asked his client for a comment.

Also pay close attention to members of Rochester's news media, including Democrat and Chronicle newspaper reporter Will Cleveland (he's the big guy with glasses) and some news cameraman for Rochester's ABC affiliate, 13WHAM/FOX News, who looks like Quagmire from Family Guy, who loses it and interrupts me.

Now mainstream news media strongly disliking me can best be explained like this.

Never have they seen someone more hungry than them.

More passionate than them.

More motivated than them.

Someone who isn't afraid to ask the questions they should be asking.

Someone with more cojones than them.

The Davy V. Blog started out with a small piece I wrote on what to do when stopped by police.

And it's grown into a blog with which is followed by people in places throughout the world.

Including some places I'll probably never visit, let alone learn to pronounce.

I've broken some of the biggest stories on this blog.

There's a saying, "Real recognizes real."

And I strongly believe that's why this blog has had the success it has.

And why it continues to remain an important and relevant news source.

It's also why it has the following it does, and why it continues to grow.

But these mainstream news media reporters don't understand that.

They don't understand how I get the tips I do.

They don't understand why or how a citizen journalist with no college or professional training like they have, and without the student loan debts that they have, can do what I do.

Whether it's inside sources such as current or former law enforcement officials contacting me about a racist veteran cop posting racist comments about blacks and Latinos online.

Or whether it's a source sending me photos of 911 operators asleep on the job.

Or whether it's someone alerting me to some young punk who just got off by posting a video of him hitting an elderly woman in the face with a snowball in the latest "Smack Cam" fad video.

They just don't understand how I do it.

Mainstream news media just doesn't get it.

And they never will.

Some things you just can't learn in school.

But they don't get that.

And they get frustrated.

And they feel uncomfortable when I'm around.

So they do the only thing they know how to do.


But that's ok.

The best is yet to come.

Stay tuned.


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Rochester, NY Cops Were Not Wearing Body-Cams When They Kicked, Tasered, Pepper Sprayed, and Shot Black Teen with Pepper Ball Rounds, in Case of Mistaken Identity

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren 


Friday morning, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli, and members of Rochester clergy met in a closed door meeting to discuss the police beating of a 17-year old black teen by several Rochester, NY cops.

Afterwards, clergy members said they viewed a surveillance video from one of the Rochester, NY Police Department's blue light cameras which was located on Remington Street, about 2 blocks away from where several Rochester Police officers beat 17-year old Rickey Bryant in early August.

Rochester clergy members say the video shows Bryant riding his bike when nearly a dozen Rochester, NY cops run up on him and begin beating the black teen.

Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli admitted that there was excessive force used on Rickey Bryant, but said that his department is now investigating whether that force was justified.

Clergy members said the video clearly shows a defenseless and non-resisting Rickey Bryant is seen being beaten by Rochester, NY cops.

Also, after watching the surveillance video, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren has said she welcomes an investigation by the Attorney General and/or the FBI.



When Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli announced the implementation of body cameras, they said the RPD's Clinton Section officers would be the first to wear the bodycams.

Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli 

Interestingly, and I might add, not surprising, at least to me, according to the Rochester Police Department, none of the at least 6 Rochester Police Department's Clinton Section officers who beat a 17-year old black youth, in a case of mistaken identity, were wearing bodycams.

(NOTE: Just 5 days before this beating, I wrote about the Rochester, NY Police bodycam program. Check out my piece "Breaking Down The Rochester, NY Police Department's Body Cam Sham by clicking link below)

On August 7, 2016, between 10:30 and 11:15 p.m., after Rochester's Puerto Rican Festival ended, Ricky Bryant was stopped by several Rochester, NY Police officers, who thought he was someone else.

According to Bryant's family, the 17-year old was tasered, kicked, pepper sprayed, and shot with a pepper ball gun.

A witness said that after realizing Bryant was not the person they were allegedly looking for, "a black man running around with a gun", Bryant was released without any charges.

According to a family attorney, Bryant suffered an orbital fracture as well as multiple bruises and contusions from the police beating.

Rochester clergy members are calling on the Monroe County, NY District Attorney's office to investigate the beating and bring charges against the Rochester Police officers involved.

Photos below show where Ricky Bryant suffered orbital fracture in besting by Rochester, NY cops.



Check back for updates.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

City of Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and Her Administration Continue to Neglect Historic Mount Hope Cemetery


Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren
Mayor's Office (585) 428-7045


Three months after I released a video showing how the City of Rochester, NY has neglected the pond at its historic Mount Hope Cemetery, City officials have done nothing.

In fact, there is now more trash and debris in the pond, including an orange construction safety cone along with more plastic bags, bottles, and cups.

The pond at Mount Hope Cemetery was formed during the ice age, and is home to turtles, fish, frogs, and other wildlife, whose lives are being endangered by the toxic waste.

Anyone who has visited Mount Hope has noticed the continuing decline of the cemetery which includes broken grave headstones which the City of Rochester has completely ignored, as well as boarded up mauseleom windows and doors, which have been vandalized by University of Rochester students.

Mount Hope Cemetery abuts up to the University of Rochester campus.

In May I wrote about how Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and her administration have turned their backs on the historic cemetery which was founded in 1838 and where Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony are buried.









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Friday, August 19, 2016

Black Cop Showing Out for The White Cop

Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Mark Simmons Shot Suicidal Black 13-Year Old Multiple Times 


"Black cop showing out for the white cop."

Ice Cube was spot on when he spit that line in N.W.A.'s 1988 classic "Fuck Tha Police."

And that's the first thing that came to my mind when four black Rochester, NY Police officers sat down with Rochester, NY's ABC affiliate 13WHAM News to share their views on race relations in my hometown.

Alexis Arnold, a reporter for 13WHAM News recently interviewed Rochester, NY Police Captain Gary Moxley, Lieutenant LaRon Singletary, Lieutenant Henry Favor, and Lieutenant Mark Simmons.

(I'll get back to Lt. Simmons in a bit)

In the interview, which was actually more of a public relations spin piece, since Alexis Arnold failed to ask any of the officers any real, hard hitting questions, three out of the four RPD officers shared their thoughts on why they chose to become police officers.

"From a very young age, I just had a desire," Rochester, NY Police Lt. Ron Singletary said.

"My grandfather used to say I'd sit on the couch with my feet dangling watching Cops and I'd say, 'That's what I want to do."

Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Ron Singletary 

For RPD Lieutenant Henry Favor, it was a visit by officer friendly who came to his school.

"For me, it started when an officer came to my school when I was in elementary school," Lieutenant Favor said. 

"He read to us and they brought in the dog and then the motorcycle and right then and there, I decided that's what I want to do."


Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Henry Favor 

"It was a childhood dream of mine, and I think that childhood dream was molded by my parents who instilled in us a sense of giving back and a sense of service," Rochester Police Lieutenant Simmons said.


Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Mark Simmons Shot Suicidal Black 13-Year Old Multiple Times 

When asked about race relations in Rochester, NY between the Rochester Police Department and the minority communities, Rochester Police Captain Gary Moxley quickly dismissed any tension existing. 

"Everything is not race based," said Captain Gary Moxley. 

"When I watch the news, they'll lead with the race of an officer or potential suspect and then when you read deep into the story, it really had nothing to do with the other."

Spoken like a well trained, brainwashed black man.

Black cop showing out for the white cop.

Captain Gary Moxley is a member of an institution, a brotherhood, and a gang which subscribes to two things.

A blue wall and a code of silence.


Rochester, NY Police Captain Gary Moxley

Ok, so here's what 13WHAM News reporter Alexis Arnold didn't tell viewers about exactly who Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Mark Simmons is.

On July 10, 2005, a black, suicidal 13-year old named LaShedica Mason locked herself up in the bathroom of her home on St. Jacob Street on Rochester's eastside.

Her relatives called 911 for assistance.

Little did they know that a young, trigger-happy Rochester, NY cop would nearly kill young LaShedica.

Minutes later, Rochester, NY Police officer Mark Simmons arrived, entered the home, and shot the 13-year old girl three times, including once in her abdomen.

As a result of her injuries, LaShedica's gall bladder, as well as several feet of her intestines had to be removed during surgery.

According to Rochester Police, LaShedica was holding a knife.

The knife she intended to use on herself.

Ironically, just days before the shooting, acting Rochester Police Chief Cedric Alexander, who has gone on to become a celebrity of sorts as a CNN contributor, had announced the creation of the Rochester Police Department's Emotionally Disturbed Persons Response Team (EDPRT), a team specially trained to deal with despondent, suicidal, and emotionally unstable individuals.

Persons just like LaShedica Mason.

The EDPRT team was never deployed.

Instead a trigger-happy cop named Mark Simmons shot a young black suicidal girl multiple times.

And almost killed her.

Cedric Alexander called the shooting justified, in a typical, well thought out and planned full damage control, falsely claimed that LaShedica charged at her own sister and officer Simmons with the knife, a version of the events which LaShedica's mother Katrina Perkins said was a lie by the Rochester Police Department in an attempt to cover up her daughter's shooting.


Former Rochester, NY Police Chief Cedric Alexander Called Shooting of 13-Year Old Suicidal Girl, Justified. 

A short time after shooting LaShedica, Mark Simmons was promoted.

Rochester, NY Police Lt. Mark Simmons never took any accountability for shooting a suicidal 13-year old girl.

In fact, in the years that followed LaShedica Mason's shooting, Mark Simmons not only committed, but also ignored countless incidents of abuse by his overwhelmingly white police force.

Black cop showing out for the white cop.

Mark Simmons, like every other minority Rochester, NY cop, has repeatedly ignored his fellow white officers profiling, and abusing innocent black and Latino citizens.

Black cop showing out for the white cop.

Simmons, just like every other minority Rochester, NY cop, including Gary Moxley, Henry Favor, and Ron Singletary, has literally looked the other way, and in many cases has covered for the atrocities and injustices committed by his white brothers and sisters in blue, including the executions of innocent blacks snd Latinos by white RPD cops. 

Hence, the classic and timeless phrase made famous by Ice Cube more than 25,years ago:

"Black cop showing out for the white cop."


13WHAM News Reporter Alexis Arnold

But what's really interesting about 13WHAM News reporter Alexis Arnold's interview with Mark Simmons and the other RPD Lieutenants is that not once during entire the interview, did Alexis Arnold bring up a very disturbing incident where white Rochester, NY Police officers arrested two of Arnold's colleagues, who like her, are also African-American.

The arrests came during a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Rochester, NY's downtown East End.

With plenty of white television news reporters covering the protest, white Rochester cops singled out the only two black reporters there.

13WHAM News Reporter Justin Carter


13WHAM News Reporter Carlet Cleare

Video of the two black reporters being handcuffed by white RPD cops was plastered all over social media, and outraged many, including 50-year veteran 13WHAM news anchorman Don Alhart, who was covering the protests live on air from the news anchor desk.

"Ah come on this is a journalist doing his job out there," Alhart said as a live news camera panned and 13WHAM reporter Justin Carter was seen handcuffed.

"Where is our police chief and where is the Mayor," Alhart continued, as the camera showed 13WHAM reporter Carlet Cleare in handcuffs.

Below: 13WHAM News Reporter Justin Carter is Handcuffed by Rochester, NY Cops



Below: 13WHAM News Reporter Carlet Cleare is Led Away in Handcuffs  by Rochester, NY Cops


Both Carter and Cleare were released shortly afterwards, once Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli realized his racist cops fucked up.

Which is actually sad, because had Carter and Cleare not been members of the media, they would have sat in jail and they'd be still fighting bullshit charges.

In a sea of white television news reporters and journalists, Justin Carter and Carlet Cleare were the only black reporters covering the protest, and they're arrests by white Rochester, NY cops proved what I've been saying for well over 20 years.

The Rochester, NY Police Department has a long and disturbing history of profiling and targeting African-Americans and Latinos.

And 13WHAM reporter Alexis Arnold missed a great opportunity to ask four Rochester, NY Police Lieutenants their thoughts on their fellow white thin blue line brothers racially profiling and arresting two black journalists.

Oh yeah, and as for Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Ron Singletary, he used to be the RPD's spokesman.

In other words, he was that token black cop who the Rochester, NY Police Department would send out to face the bright lights of the television news cameras to lie and justify senseless and unjustified executions of innocent blacks and Latinos.

Black cop showing out for the white cop.    

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