Sunday, July 20, 2014

(VIDEO) Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman; "I have an official duty to park wherever I want because I am exempt from vehicle and traffic law..."

Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman.
By Davy V.

It's not everyday that I'm able to get a police officer to admit, on camera, that he or she is above the law.

Not everyday.

But I did today.

Here's the story.

Sunday afternoon, around 4:30 p.m., I went to do some shopping at the Wegmans Food market located on East Avenue, in Rochester, NY.

As I walked in the store, I couldn't help but notice a Rochester, NY Police cruiser, parked in front of the store, facing the wrong way, and partially blocking a traffic lane.

Being used to seeing the Rochester Police department parking wherever they want, however they want, I initially didn't think you much of it, other than taking a couple of quick photos.

But then I noticed several shoppers, both entering and exiting the store, using the two crosswalks on either side of the RPD cruiser.

The Wegmans customers I saw, each had a couple of things in common.

They each looked at the RPD cruiser.

And, they each expressed a negative reaction at seeing the RPD cruiser parked like it was.

One man kept looking at the cruiser as he entered the store's breezeway, then shook his head as if in disgust.

Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman's
cruiser E-42 illegally parked,
creating traffic safety issue.
But, I still didn't pay it much mind, even do I admit that I chuckled at seeing the negative reactions of the people who looked at the police cruiser.

It showed me, that taxpayers, albeit slowly, are starting to realize just how their tax dollars are being used.

By arrogant, inconsiderate public servants who believe they are not only somehow entitled to special privileges, but in fact truly believe, as you will soon see, that they are indeed, above the law.

So, I did my shopping, and after going around the store several times, and spending at least 45 minutes inside, I checked out.

It was then, while I was in line, that I noticed the RPD officer shooting the shit inside the Wegmans security office.

Then, as I was exiting the store, I noticed the police officer was now inside his cruiser.

And me being someone who doesn't pass up a great opportunity to question a public servant on his or her use of taxpayer dollars, well, let's just say I couldn't resist engaging questioning Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman.

Now I won't tell you what happened next, as it would ruin the point of you watching the video, right?

However, before you do you watch the video, I want you to keep one thing in mind.

These are YOUR public servants.

YOU pay their salaries.

I say this because I really want you to pay attention to Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman.

Pay special attention to his reply, when I ask him if that is pedestrian crosswalk behind his illegally parked cruiser.

"That's what they appear to say."

That was RPD officer Cushman's response to my question.

Also pay close attention to how officer Cushman, in textbook cop mode, refuses to take any accountability whatsoever for his above the law reckless parking, by blaming Wegmans, basically telling me that he has to do what Wegmans tells him to do, including parking in such a manner which creates a traffic safety issue.

And for those of you who may dismiss this as much ado about nothing, as I always I remind you, it's incidents such as these that should serve as red flag reminders to ALL of us, that WE MUST hold OUR public servants accountable, and call them out whenever needed.

But, if you're like some folks, who no matter what cops do, subscribe to the "Cops can do no wrong' way of thinking when it comes to law enforcement, then next time you go shopping, park your vehicle like that, and let me know if it's still there when you come out.

And as always, remember... COPS LIE. RECORD EVERYTHING.

Click Play below to watch video.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Roland Williams; Stop Trying to Hustle Rochester, NY Taxpayers... Black Youth Don't Need Football, They Need Fathers.

Roland Williams
Trying to hustle Rochester, NY Taxpayers.
By Davy V.

Rochester, NY is ranked as the third poorest city in the U.S.

The child poverty rate in Rochester is 46 percent, more than double the 20 percent U.S. national average.

Every day in Rochester, NY, thousands of low-income families, with young children, a strong concentration of which are African-American and Latinos, and many of them single parent homes, struggle to put food on the table.

For many young children in Rochester, NY, dinner consists of a pack of high sodium, Ramen noodle soup.

Despite these disturbing numbers, not to mention Rochester's growing homeless population, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, the city's first woman mayor, and second African-American mayor, refuses to address the crisis in her city.

Instead, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, seems more interested lining her own pockets.

And those of her friends.

Enter Roland Williams, a Rochester, NY native, and former NFL star.

Williams, who played tight end for Syracuse University, was selected by the St. Louis Rams in the 1998 NFL Draft.

In 2000, Roland Williams, and his Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV, beating the Tennessee Titans.

After his NFL career, which was cut short due to a knee injury, Roland Williams has enjoyed success, which has included several gigs as a sports analyst for the past 10 years, as well as a self touted "motivational speaker."

Roland Williams' many many gigs have included CBS Sports, NBC Sports, ABC Sports, ESPN, MTV, Nickelodeon, NFL Network, CNBC, Fox, Fox Sports Net, CBS, and many more TV, radio, online and more.


Roland Williams has been busy hustlin'.

But is Roland Williams trying to hustle the City of Rochester, NY?

In early June, several Rochester, NY City Council members, including Carolee Conklin took issue with Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren wanting to hire Roland Williams to hold a 10-day football camp for inner city youth.

The price to Rochester taxpayers?


Rochester councilwoman Conklee questioned why there was no Request for Proposals issued.

"It is to protect the integrity of city taxpayers dollars to assure there's no favoritism involved and that everyone has an equal chance to submit a proposal to do something," councilwoman Conklin.




So what did Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren have to say?

Well, her Lovely Warren's reply was also interesting.

Warren said Roland Williams didn't need to submit a Request for Proposals (RFP) because of his "unique qualifications."

"When you're looking for a specialty service and you have someone that has the professionalism and also the expertise he has to provide not only the leadership around football but also around mentoring and other things," Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said.

"He's done it here before and we're so very proud he's coming here to do it again."

Lovely Warren was referring to the last time Roland Williams was awarded a contract from the City of Rochester.

Which was in 2001.

That contact was for $10,000.

Rochester, NY City councilwoman Conklin also questioned Roland Williams' "administrative costs."

The contract proposal called for $76,000 to be spent on "administrative fees."

Councilwoman Conklin said she was also concerned that Roland Williams' $250,000 football camp, which would recruit only 100 male youths, didn't address the needs of girls.

Excellent point.

I mean what about at risk girls?

Many of whom even engage in unprotected sex, only to become pregnant.

What about them?

Paying a quarter of a million dollars to some washed up, ex NFL football player for what?

After the mounting criticism over his proposed football camp, including the fact that Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, who is friends with Williams, showed favoritism in order to secure $250,000 in taxpayer dollars, Roland Williams all of a sudden said he could hold the camp for $34,000.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren
with Roland Williams

From $250,000 to $34,000?

Friends with the Mayor?

No proposal requests?


Here's my take on all this.

Williams, who lives in Los Angeles, is trying to hustle Rochester taxpayers.

While he pays put his hustle, Roland Williams is staying at the ritzy Strathallan Hotel, on East Avenue in Rochester.

He's trying to make money off Rochester's poor, inner city youth.

Mr. Williams, I don't trust you.

Neither do Rochester taxpayers.

At risk, inner city black youth don't need football to make it of the hood.

They need strong black fathers.

They need real men.

Football may have been your ticket out of the 'hood Mr. Williams, but any inner city youth has more chances of hitting the lottery than ever being drafted by the NFL.

You know that Mr. Williams.

You're selling a dream.

And you're selling it to the most vulnerable, impressionable young minds.

I gotta hand it to you, that was a slick move on your part, trying to have your friend Mayor Lovely Warren get you a quarter of a million dollars.

Even 'padding' the costs, by adding $76,000 in non-specific, "administrative fees."

Roland Williams we're on to your hustle.

By the way, who's paying for your luxury suite at The Strathallan?

And how much cash were you gonna hit your girl Lovely Warren off with from that $250 grand?

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Webster, NY Police Wake Taxpayer Up at 2:30 In The Morning for a Report of a Loud Bird in a Tree

Webster, NY Police Sgt. Shaun Welch
at Ryan Conklin's door at 2:30 in the morning
for a report of loud bird in a tree.
By Davy V.

If you're a Monroe County, NY taxpayer, especially if you live in the Town of Webster, NY, you may be interested to know just how the Webster Police department is using your tax dollars.

Looking for a bird in a tree.


You read that right.

Looking for a bird in a tree.

At 2:30 in the morning.

That's exactly what Webster, NY Police Sgt. Shaun Welch and officer Samuel States were doing early Tuesday morning when they went to Ryan Conklin's home for a report of a loud bird in a tree, waking Conklin and his son up at 2:30 in the morning.

The video below, which Ryan Conklin recorded begins with the cops telling Conklin to "turn it off", thinking that Conklin had some sort of electronic bird soundscape recording eminating from a tree.

Later in the video the keystone cops confirm that it's a real bird.



You can't make this crap up!

I have been to Ryan Conklin's home.

He loves birds.

Conklin has over 10 bird feeders in his back yard which he keeps full of bird food for several types of birds.

He spends over $400.00 a month on bird food!

By the way, if the name Ryan Conklin sounds familiar, it should.

On July 4th, Conklin was arrested by Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy Philip Baretela, after he asked Baretela, why he, along with MCSO deputy Baker and Sgt. Edwards were all eating together at 2:00 a.m., instead of patrolling for DWI's, at a time when bars are letting out and intoxicated drivers are getting behind the wheel.

Conklin's friend recorded the arrest, and documented it in a video which has gone viral.

Below, I have posted a link to my original piece on Ryan Conklin's arrest by Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies.

As an advocate of the right to record, I always encourage taxpayers to video record each and every encounter with law enforcement.

And that's what I love about Ryan Conklin.

He video records each and every encounter with law enforcement.

As he should.

In fact, Conklin's home, both inside and out, has more video cameras than a bank.

Conklin's home is under 24 hour video surveillance.

And everything is backed up.

24 Hour Video Surveillance
signs on Ryan Conklin's property.
As you can see in the photo to the right, Conklin makes it clear, to anyone can read, that his property is under 24 video surveillance, with a posted sign.

I also love the sign below that one that reads "NO TRESPASSING. POLICE TAKE NOTICE."

I guess the Webster, NY cops missed that sign while they were in hot pursuit of a bird.

In a tree.

At 2:30 in the morning.

This, from a police department who for the past 11 years hasn't been able to solve an armed robbery, and shooting at the Xerox Corporation federal credit union, on August 12, 3003 which left an innocent man dead.

Take a look at the must see video below which Ryan Conklin recorded of Webster's finest looking for a bird in a tree.

Click Play below to watch video of Webster, NY's finest harassing Ryan Conklin.

Click on link below to read my original piece on Ryan Conklin's arrest by Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New York State Trooper Joel Cousineau Tries to Interrogate Me After I Saved Ducklings Whose Mother Was Run Over In Front of Them on Route 104

Luck and Lucky
By Davy V.

New York State Trooper Joel Coisineau seemed more interested in running a background check on me from his taxpayer funded New York State Police Chevy Tahoe's onboard computer, than assist me with traffic while I tried to save several ducklings after their mother was run over.

Monday evening, around 8:00 p.m., I was driving with my sons on Route 104 East, near North Ponds Park in Webster, New York, when I saw a family of ducklings trying to cross the busy roadway, after their mother was run over.

I then noticed that while two of the ducklings made it to a tall, grassy embankment, one little duckling was laying on it's back, on the middle of the highway, flapping its legs.

I immediately slowed down, turned my four way flashers on, and made sure there no cars directly behind me, then I stopped my vehicle.

I ran to the duckling, while a couple of other motorists also slowed down, and put their flashers on.

I grabbed the duckling, and checked for any obvious, visible injuries.

The duckling seemed ok, except for a possible broken leg, but I thought very lucky, considering how busy Route 104 is, and the fact that its mother was run over, in front of her ducklings.

I placed the duckling in a box that I had in my car, pulled off the exit, and parked in a safe area, away from traffic.

Knowing there were at least 2 other ducklings who scurried off the roadway, and into the grassy area, I left my sons to care for the duckling, and I ran up the steep embankment, to try to rescue the other ducklings.

With night soon approaching, I knew I had to move fast and find the ducklings.

As I carefully tread through the tall grass and weeds, I could hear the distinctive chirps of the ducklings but couldn't see them.

After about 20 minutes of searching, I found one of the ducklings, as it briefly came out of the grass, and onto the side of the road, near a guardrail.

As vehicles, including several 18-wheelers flew by past me, I was able to quickly grab the duckling.

Seeing that it was getting darker, and knowing I had only a small window of time to find the last duckling, and at the same time get the two that I found, including the injured duckling to a shelter, since they had lost their mother, I had an idea.

I called 911 and asked if any sort of wildlife rescue was available to assist me in finding the last duckling, as well as care for the two I had already rescued.

The 911 dispatcher informed me that there was nobody available from any sort of wildlife rescue, but that she would send police to as she said "provide assistance while you continue your search."

Almost 30 minutes later, New York State trooper Joel Cousineau pulls up.

As I was still holding the second duckling in my hand, keeping it warm as best as I could, I explained to NYS trooper Cousineau that I had rescued two ducklings but was looking for a third.

I continued looking for the third duckling, at times hearing faint chirps, only to run in that direction and not find anything.

This happened several times.

Then I saw the duckling.

About 20 feet away.

I ran, jumping from one side of the guardrail to the other, hitting my inner thigh one of the metal cross members, which resulted in a cut.


Just like that it was gone.

I pushed the talk grass aside as I walked crouching down, straining to see in the dark grass.


As it got darker I knew I would gave to give up and focus on the two ducklings I was able to save.

But I couldn't give up just yet.

I kept on.

After a while I knew it was time to go.

I walked over to trooper Cousineau, who rolled down his passenger side window.

"I need to see your I.D.," trooper Cousineau told me, as he stared at me.

"For what?" I replied.

"I need some I.D.," he said.

"I don't have to show you any I.D.," I said to trooper Cousineau.

Trooper Cousineau stared me down.

"Am I being detained?" I asked.

Trooper Cousineau was silent.

Still staring.

Then he opened his mouth.

Another question.

"What's your address?" he asked.

"I don't have to give you that either," I replied.

"Ok," Trooper Cousineau said, as he lifted both of his hands up, as if to say, "fine, you win."

Trooper Cousineau rolled up the Tahoe's window.

I held the duckling close, as I went down the hill.

Walking away, knowing I had to leave that little duckling behind, was one of the of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

As for the two ducklings I was able to save, which my sons named "Luck" and "Lucky", after spending the night at my place, nice and warm, me, my sons, and my niece took them to East Ridge Animal Hospital, as soon as they opened Tuesday morning.

The two ducklings quickly joined two more orphaned ducklings who were a little older.

A staff member told me the ducklings appear to be in good health and should do just fine until they're old enough to be released.

I plan to visit them again soon, and I will be sure to post an update on "Luck" and "Lucky."


Apart from being an animal hospital, East Ridge Animal Hospital, located at 60 Dubelbeiss Lane, off East Ridge Rd., in Irondequoit, NY, has a wildlife rehabilitation section where injured, and orphaned wildlife including squirrels, different types of birds, ducks, geese, and other waterfowl are brought in, where the staff takes great care of them, until they are ready to return to wildlife.

Anyone who loves animals like I do, please, I ask that you support East Ridge Animal Hospital Aviary, by making a donation to them.

I can't imagine what I would have done had a place like East Ridge Animal Hospital Aviary didn't exist.

If you don't live in the Rochester, NY, or the Monroe County area, then please look into wildlife animal sanctuaries in your area, and please support them.

Click Play to watch Luck and Lucky on way to wildlife animal shelter!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

VIDEO: Brighton, NY Police officer Richard Kosakowski on Citizens First Amendment Right to Record Law Enforcement; "It keeps everyone honest... I'm all for it."

Brighton, NY Police officer Richard Kosakowski
By Davy V.

It's not everyday that I run across a police officer who supports citizens' first amendment right to video record and photograph law enforcement officers.

Even more rare is finding a police officer who not only supports the right to record, but who will, without any hesitation whatsoever, openly express his support of the first amendment.

On camera.

Well, that's exactly what Brighton, NY Police officer Richard Kosakowski did, Sunday afternoon when I surprised him, and BPD officer Woodard, who were conducting a roadside radar detail on Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd., in Brighton, NY, a suburb of Rochester, NY.

Or perhaps, I should say that officer Kosakowski surprised me.

"I'm a big fan of everything being recorded," Brighton Police officer Richard Kosakowski tells me.

"I think it goes both ways, you like to protect yourself, and we like to protect ourselves."


And right there, Brighton Police officer Richard Kosakowski hits on a great point.

A point I gave been making for years.

When it comes to video recording, I believe many law enforcement officers immediately look at a citizen exercising his or her first amendment right to record, as a somehow adversarial thing.

It's not.

In fact, a police officer who is doing his or her job professionally, who is not engaged in any abusive, and/or rogue behavior, should not only have nothing to fear about being video recorded, but they should actually welcome it.

You see, video not only protects the citizen, it also protects the police officer.

Like I tell officer Kosakowski in the video below, video documentation can actually exonerate a law enforcement officer from a false allegation of misconduct, including excessive force, etc.

And Brighton Police officer Richard Kosakowski gets it.

"I came from a police agency where we had cameras, and body microphones, so I'm all for it."

That police department officer Kosakowski was referring to is the Utica, NY Police Department.

Thank you officer Kosakowski.

Thank you for not only understanding citizens first amendment right to record, but most importantly, for respecting that right.

Click Play to watch video.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

New York State Troopers Caught on Video Beating, Tasering Youth at 4th of July Celebration

New York State trooper gets ready to punch youth
in the back of the head a second time, while another
trooper deploys taser.
By Davy V.

A disturbing video recorded by a quick thinking Penfield, NY man shows a New York State trooper punching an unconscious young man in the back of the head, while a second NYS trooper tasers him.

The incident occurred Friday night at the July 4th fireworks held at Penfield High School, in Penfield, New York, a suburb of Rochester, NY.

According to the man who recorded the video, who asked me to only publish his first name, 'Mikey', for fear of retaliation by police, the incident began when several NYS troopers, left their bikes unattended in the school's field, and a young man took one of the bikes for a small joyride through the field.

"The kid grabbed one of the bikes, I don't even know if he knew they belonged to the troopers, because they're unmarked, and he just took it for a ride," Mikey told me via a phone interview.

Mikey says that the beating actually started a few seconds before he started recording.

"A bystander tackled the kid, then the cops jumped on him and the trooper that you see in the video punching him in the back of the head, well that was actually the second punch."

Mikey told me that the first punch to the back of the youth's head, knocked him unconscious.

"Pay attention to the kids arm in the video," said Mikey.

"It's limp, he was already unconscious when the cop punched him in the back of the head a second time, and the other trooper tasered him."

"The kid was not resisting, he was unconscious, they beat him for no reason."

In the video, which plays out to the 1980's Journey song 'Separate Ways', one of the troopers can be heard telling the unconscious youth, "You stole my bike?"

A young even security worker is seen in the video telling witnesses to the beating, "Leave, leave, leave, go, you gotta leave."

The NYS trooper who punched the youth in the back of the head then looks at Mikey, realizing their actions have been video recorded.

Then in classic police 'There is nothing to see here keep it moving'  style, the trooper is then seen walking up to onlookers threatening to arrest them if they don't leave.

"This is a flagged area, you're gonna leave or I'm going to arrest you," the trooper says.

According to Mikey, the youth was carried to a New York State Police cruiser and taken away.

Click Play to watch video

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Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Taxpayer For Asking a Question. Deputy Philip Baretela, Badge 2629; "I suggest you turn around... Are you a bad ass?" (VIDEO)

Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy
Philip Baretela Badge 2629
snaps at Ryan Conklin.
By Davy V.

Ryan Conklin is an educated, well informed person.

He's also a Monroe County, NY taxpayer.

And, as any educated, informed taxpayer should do, Ryan questions how taxpayer dollars are being used.

Or misused.

Especially when it comes to law enforcement.

It's his right.

So, that's exactly what Ryan did Thursday night.

While patronizing Henrietta Hots restaurant in Henrietta, NY, a suburb of Rochester, Ryan saw three Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies, and as a taxpaying citizen, asked them a question.

An irate Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy
Philip Baretela Badge 2629
walks up on Ryan Conklin.
Little did he know the rogue thugs in badges were just seconds away from violating his constitutional rights.

"I went into Henrietta Hots with a friend for food," Ryan said.

"I simply asked three Monroe County Sheriffs, why they all were all at Henrietta Hots when it is a busy holiday weekend, and I suggested they be split up and police the area, taking staggered breaks."

During the full discussion, my hands were behind my back in a non-aggressive manner," Ryan adds.

It was then when Ryan says that the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies surrounded him.

"The three sheriffs got in a triangle around me and I was then thrown against the wall and handcuffed," said Ryan.

The videos, which Ryan's friend recorded, show at least one Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy yelling at Ryan.

MCSO Deputy Baretela
yelling in Ryan Conklin's face.

"I suggest you turn around!," an irate deputy Philip Baretela, badge 2629, repeatedly yells at Ryan.

Then, in a classic example of something I have said for years when it comes to law enforcement officials escalating and creating unnecessary situations, instead of deescalating, Deputy Baretela then asks Ryan; "Are you a bad ass?", before walking right up in Conklin's  face, then assaulting him by physically grabbing him and pushing him back.

As the video continues, Ryan is seen led outside to the restaurant' parking lot, where he is heard asking the deputies why he is being arrested.

The Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies ignore him, refusing to tell him what he is being charged with.

At one point in the video, a Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Sgt. tells Ryan's friend, who is video recording, to step back.

Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy
Philip Baretela, badge 2629,
assaults Ryan Conklin.

Then, realizing that his deputies refusal to provide a reason why Ryan is being arrested, the Sgt. attempts to justify Ryan's arrest by inserting his own narration on the video.

"He's resisting arrest, he's refusing to comply," the Sgt. says.

Ryan was then driven to the Monroe County Sheriff's B Zone located at Summit Point Drive.

"I was placed in a holding cell for two hours for simply asking our public servants a question," said Ryan.

"Locked in a cell with handcuffs on while a Sgt. was present and while all the deputies frantically looked up New York State Penal Law."

Ryan, who had never been arrested before, and who has no criminal record, was charged with disorderly conduct.

Click Play to view Part 1 of video

Click Play to watch Part 2 of video


Did Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office 
attempt to intimidate possible witnesses to Ryan Conklin's arrest at Henrietta Hots?

By Davy V.

Friday, the day after Ryan Conklin was arrested by Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies for asking Zone B deputies Baretela, Baker, and Sgt. Edwards a question about their taking a break together, at 2:00 a.m., on the eve of 4th of July, when bars are just letting out, and drunk drivers are getting behind the wheel, Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Zone B Captain Wagner went to Henrietta Hots, and began an interrogation-style line of questioning of employees, which at least one employee describes as disturbing.

"It really weirded me out," said a Henrietta Hots employee, who asked that I not publish their name for fear of retaliation.

"He asked me a bunch of questions, including where I lived," the employee said.

Obviously, the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's office knows they screwed up.

Big time.

But wait it gets worse.

Sunday night, I accompanied Ryan Conklin to the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Zone B Substation, located at Summit Point, in Henrietta, NY.

Prior to going to the Zone B Substation, Ryan Conklin called 911, and inquired about obtaining a copy of the criminal report pertaining to his arrest.

A 911 dispatcher, number 8156, instructed Ryan Conklin to go to the Zone B Substation, and informed him that a deputy would meet him there, and assist him in obtaining a copy of his arrest report.

Upon arriving at the Zone B Substation, and waiting for approximately 15 minutes, Ryan Conklin called the same dispatcher who told him that deputies would arrive at any moment.

Less than 5 minutes later, a Monroe County, NY Sheriff's cruiser with two deputies, a male driving, and a female passenger, arrived, parked, and turned their cruiser off.

Then, as soon as the deputies saw myself and Ryan Conklin approaching the cruiser, with live streaming video recording devices, the female MCSO deputy said something to the male deputy, who then immediately turned the cruiser back on, and pulled off, driving right past us. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Afterwards, myself and Ryan Conklin spoke with Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Sgt. Bancroft, who actually works out of the department's Zone A Substation on Linden Avenue in East Rochester, NY, but was filling in at Zone B Sunday night.

Sgt. Bancroft was not only very professional, and courteous, but he seemed genuinely concerned and interested in the deputies' vulgar, and unprofessional behavior, driving off like they did.

After a lengthy conversation, Sgt. Bancroft gave me his word that he would be contacting me regarding this latest incident with members of the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Zone B deputies.

A subsequent call to dispatch resulted in the operator informing Ryan Conklin that the name of the deputy who was dispatched to meet us at Zone B was Deputy Brian Dyjak.

I will be updating this story soon.

Click Play to watch video of Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Zone B deputies drive off on me and Ryan Conklin.


Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Captain Jeffrey Wagner On Deputies Who Drove Off; "They had nothing to offer."

By Davy V.

Monday afternoon, Monroe County, NY Sheriff Zone B Captain Wagner called me to talk about the incident where two Monroe County Sheriff deputies drove off on myself and Ryan Conklin, after 911 dispatcher 8156 instructed us to go to the Sheriff's Zone B Substation to obtain a copy of Ryan Conklin's arrest report.

As you can hear in the phone conversation below, from the beginning of our conversation, Captain Jeffrey Wagner was extremely curt, and very evasive regarding my questions.

Of course, this is really no surprise, after all, I wrote about how Captain Wagner used classic police intimidation tactics by going to Henrietta Hots restaurant, where Ryan Conklin was unlawfully arrested for asking Monroe County Sheriff's deputies Baretela, Baker, and Sgt. Edwards about their hanging out at the restaurant at a time when bars were letting out, and countless bar patrons were behind the wheel drunk.

Monroe County Sheriff deputy Philip Baretela didn't appreciate Ryan Conklin, a Monroe County taxpayer, asking him and his fellow brothers that question, so he got in a video which has received international attention, deputy  Baretela can be seen getting in Ryan Conklin's face, while yelling at Conklin "Are you a bad ass?" 

Conklin was charged with disorderly conduct.

Again, for asking public servants a question.

Listen to my video below of my conversation with Monroe County, NY Sheriff Captain Jeffrey Wagner.

As you listen, pay close attention to how Captain Wagner refuses to answer my questions.

Pay attention to how Captain Wagner outright refuses to answer my question when I ask him if he or his deputies confiscated the surveillance video from Henrietta Hots.

Then, at the end of the conversation, pay close attention how Captain Wagner refuses to speak to Ryan Conklin.

But most importantly, as you hear this phone conversation between myself and Monroe County, NY Sheriff Captain Jeffrey Wagner, I want you to remember that video.

The video where deputies Baretela, Baker, and Sgt. Edwards violate Ryan Conklin's constitutional rights.

As you hear the phone conversation, remember how on the video deputy Baretela is the aggressor.

Remember how deputy Baretela gets in Ryan Conklin's face.

Yelling at him.

After he asks Ryan Conklin, "Are you a bad ass?"

Simply because Ryan Conklin asked a question.

And don't forget that these are our public servants.

We pay their salaries.

But yet, despite taxpayers paying their salaries, they falsely arrested Ryan Conklin, a taxpayer, for simply asking a question.

And don't forget, these are YOUR tax dollars at work.

Click Play below to hear conversation.

Monroe County, New York Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn 

Monroe County, NY Sheriff 
Patrick O'Flynn

Monroe County, NY Executive Maggie Brooks

(585) 753-1000


Monroe County Executive 
Maggie Brooks 

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