Monday, September 10, 2018

Retired Rochester, NY Deputy Police Chief Annmarie Van Son Breaks Down The Blue Wall and The Code of Silence

Former Rochester, NY Deputy Police Chief Annmarie Van Son

By Annmarie Van Son

I am a City of Rochester, NY resident who happens to have worked for the Rochester Police Department, as a police officer for twenty-two years. 

I worked in patrol and was a supervisor, even deputy chief so I have some knowledge of the system, the rules, and procedures. It is from that perspective that I offer the following. 


Numerous people pontificate about how police across the nation conduct themselves, how they are held to account for their actions and how their communities react.   


Locally, the most recent incident to come under public scrutiny occurred on May 5, 2018 but didn’t come to the attention of the public at large until August 9, 2018, and was not acknowledged by Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren or Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli until August 28

 Let’s examine this one incident as a microcosm of how these issues play out in Rochester, NY.


On May 5, two RPD Officers, Spenser McAvoy and Michael Sipple confronted Christopher Pate. They asked to see his identification because they thought he matched the description of a suspect. 

Initially, Mr. Pate refused their request.  Anyone walking the streets is free not to engage with the police. In the United States we are not required to carry identification (driving is an exception to this rule). We are free to go about our business without having to prove who we are. 


“Matching the description of a suspect” can be a legitimate reason to stop someone, it could have been in this case also, but with nothing else to raise the level of suspicion, the interaction should have ended with Mr. Pate’s initial refusal to cooperate.  

It did not, because these officers violated one of the first things they were told in the police academy: If you are not arresting someone or moving them out of harms way, do not touch them.  


It is that simple. Mr. Pate is a grown man. He knows how to walk. He was not fleeing the scene of a crime. He was not about to be injured because he was in the street. Hundreds of people, much to my personal annoyance, walk in the street. There was no probable cause to arrest him. The officers did not cease their engagement with him. 


I do not know these officers, but I know many officers and some have a hard time hearing and responding appropriately to a legitimate “No”. Although the oath officers take has them swearing to uphold the Constitution, some act as though they are required to win every argument and be triumphant in every encounter.  I do not know the specific motivation in this instance but we can all read about the results. 


Within the police department there is a process for what must follow when force is used on a person. The force used or the suspect’s physical resistance to the officer’s arrest efforts needs to be documented in writing, in photographs, and a supervisor (in this case a Sergeant or Lieutenant) is called to the scene. The paperwork produced by the officers is reviewed by their immediate supervisor and forwarded up the chain of command. 


Why am I boring you with these details? The two officers are not the only ones who have some responsibility in this incident. This incident represents a system-wide failure of the Rochester Police Department:

• What happened during the review of this incident?
• If the first line supervisor, the Sergeant noted errors, what was the follow up? 

• If the Sergeant didn’t see anything wrong did the Lieutenant?

• What about the Captain  and the Commander, who also have to sign off on this paperwork? 

• Did any of them recommend additional action be taken and where they ignored? 

• Did any of them view the video and compare it to the documents produced by the officers?

• Did each of them see nothing wrong? 

These are huge questions that are unanswered and worse than that, are unasked; at least publically


Officers are required to seek medical attention for anyone who they use force on. They did that. Officers are also required to be courteous. Mocking is not courteous. Putting medical personnel in the awkward position of having to tell Sergeants from Professional Standards Section (RPD’s version of internal affairs) that the officers were making fun of Mr. Pate is embarrassing and only adds insult to injury.


At his appearance in Rochester, NY City Court the lawyer from the Monroe County Public Defender’s Office, the City Court Judge and the Monroe County Assistant District Attorney all would have seen Mr. Pate’s condition and been aware of the charges. Once so aware, their professional experience should have told them something was amiss. 

What if anything did they do? What should we, as a community expect them to do?


When all charges were dropped does the judge or the public defender or the DA’s office give any feedback to the police department? Did anyone in that massive bureaucracy report anything back to the Chief’s Office? 

I have heard from Public Defenders that they “see this type of thing all the time”. Does anyone other than Rev. Stewart do anything about it? In this community the answer is no. 


Dropped charges should be a red flag, a warning that something is wrong. It can be as innocuous as an officer or an investigator improperly completing paperwork or it can be something as serious as this incident. 

Instead there is little to no penalty or even scrutiny given to “dropped charges”. The cost of these “mistakes” is one we bear as a community both financially and in our faith in the system.


Returning to the Chief and the Mayor. They have decided that although they and all of Rochester City Council have seen the police body camera video, they will not release it to the public because it is “so disturbing and because of legal reasons”. Apparently, the wisdom of the citizens is in doubt. What we can imagine can be worse than the truth. 


Other jurisdictions immediately release police body camera videos because they are practicing transparency. Hiding behind “legal reasons” and “under investigation” are favorites of the RPD and the Mayor’s office. 

The Chief of Police has resigned. He has accepted responsibility, though he has not said as much. What about the Mayor? Does she accept any responsibility for this situation?

No she doesn’t. 

Even Bob Lonsberry, the most ardent police supporter cannot abide this situation.


Think for a moment how many contacts these two Rochester, NY Police Officers would have had with citizens between May 5th and August 28th. 

I dare to speculate if they worked during this time the number would be in the hundreds. What else did either of them do during this time? What were the risks and subsequent liabilities associated with them “doing their job” during that nearly four-month period of time. 


What will the Mayor’s office do when this lawsuit is settled? 

She will continue to be opaque; Mayor Warren will not release the terms of the settlement because it is for the good of the public that these terms remain a secret. 

The suit filed by Ricky Bryant was just settled and that was the excuse offered. Mayor Warren said that letting people know how much money Mr. Bryant was awarded could adversely impact future settlements. Indeed it would. 


What about the officers involved in the Ricky Bryant incident? Was there any discipline? No, wait, the RPD and the Mayor’s office can’t tell us because it is a “confidential personnel matter”.

 So why did they tell us about these two officers? It either is prohibited or it isn’t, this should not be a matter of convenience. 


Rather than being concerned with the impact of future negotiated settlements the Mayor Warren should be concerned about a system that fails the community.  

Instead as a community we have insisted upon body worn cameras and a police accountability board (PAB). The body worn cameras have not given the community the transparency it was seeking and neither will a PAB. 


Now community members are calling for the arrest of these officers. None of this will matter as long as we have a Mayor who thinks we all need another parent, a court system that looks the other way, line supervisors who ignore wrongdoing or are ignored, and upper level staff who do not engage with their subordinates enough to know what is going on. 


It will not matter if other adults in the room (DA’s office, PD’s office, judges and the media) continue to stick their collective heads in the sand.  

What about police supervisors, when are they held accountable? 

Never is the answer under the current system and as long as we are kept in the dark, we will continue to ask the wrong questions and not get answers to those that we do ask.  

This incident is shrouded in secrecy. 

Thank you Rev. Stewart for shining a light on this issue.  

Keep up the good work. 


Annmarie Van Son is retired from the Rochester, NY Police Department where she worked for twenty-two years, ascending to the rank of Deputy Police Chief.

The Davy V. Blog would like to thank Mrs. Van Son for being a guest essayist and for speaking out on police accountability and a broken system.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, RPD Chief Ciminelli Refuse to Release Names of Cops Suspended in Brutality Case


We now know the names of the two Rochester, NY Police Officers involved in the brutal beating of a black man in May.

Rochester, NY Police Officers Spenser McAvoy and Michael Sippel, have both been suspended without pay and may face criminal charges in the beating of Christopher Pate.

It’s important to note that Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli did not release the names of the RPD Officers.

Instead, the names were obtained from documents, including a notice of claim filed by Pate’s attorney.

Rochester, NY Police Officer Spenser McAvoy and his bride posing in front of a Rochester, NY Police cruiser.

In 2014, I wrote about Rochester, NY Police Officer Spenser McAvoy, after McAvoy used an official Rochester, NY Police cruiser at a photo shoot for his wedding.

Then, in 2016, I filmed Rochester, NY Police Officer Spenser McAvoy and several officers conducting a motor vehicle stop on Rochester’s northeast side.

Click link below to watch that video.

Rochester, NY Police have not yet released bodycam footage which shows two Rochester, NY Police Officers beating a black man, but a woman who was nearby recorded what appears to be the end of the arrest of Christopher Pate.

Read full story below and click link to watch video.

Rochester, NY Police Officer Spenser McAvoy

By Davy V. 

Two veteran Rochester, NY Police Officers who tasered and beat a black man so bad in a mistaken identity case, that they fractured his jaw and occipital, have been suspended without pay.

The victim, Christopher Pate, was stopped by the RPD Officers in May, while walking near Fulton Avenue and Bloss Street on Rochester’s northwest side.

The RPD Officers asked Pate for ID,  which he provided.

Pate says he was then grabbed by the RPD Officers, tasered, and beaten by at least one of the Officers who punched him repeatedly in the face, fracturing his occipital and jaw.

Pate was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The charges have since been dropped.

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and RPD Chief Michael Ciminelli announced the suspensions of both Rochester, NY Police Officers, but refused to identify them.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, RPD Chief Michael Ciminelli refuse to release names of Rochester, NY cops who beat man, fracturing his jaw and occipital.

Warren said the case has been referred to the Monroe County, NY District Attorney’s Office, who will decide if criminal charges will be brought against both Rochester, NY Police Officers. 

The announcement of the suspension of the two veteran Rochester, NY Police Officers comes just a couple of weeks after I posted videos on my YouTube channel DavyVTV, of two separate incidents in which Rochester, NY Police Officers are seen abusing their authority.

In one video, a Rochester, NY Police Officer is seen threatening to throw a festivalgoer in jail during Rochester’s annual Park Avenue Festival, simply because the man was dancing when he crossed in front of the RPD Officer’s cruiser.

In the video, the RPD Officer is heard repeatedly using profanities and humiliating the man until he apologizes.

At one point in the video the RPD Officer grabs the man’s hat off his head and throws it onto the RPD cruiser.


In the second video, Rochester, NY Police Officer William “Billy” Danno, a veteran K-9 Officer, handcuffs a father simply because he was videotaping his son being harassed by Danno.


Monday, August 6, 2018

Bully Rochester, NY Cop Intimidates, Assaults Man for Dancing at Park Ave. Festival

Rochester, NY Cop Snatches Hat off Man’s Head at Park Ave. Festival 

By Davy V.

A video recorded by a follower of The Davy V. Blog, and my YouTube channel DavyVTV, shows a Rochester, NY Police Officer intimidating and assaulting a festivalgoer at Rochester’s annual Park Avenue Festival Saturday afternoon.

In the video, the Rochester Police Officer is seen yelling profanities at the man, and threatening to lock him up in jail, because according to the RPD Officer, the man was dancing in the street.

For those of  you not familiar with Rochester’s Park Ave. Festival, it’s important to note that the festival, which is held on the first weekend in August, and which draws an estimated 250,000 people, takes place on Park Avenue.

In other words, the festival, which features live music performances, takes place on the street.

Each year, Park Avenue is closed to motorists, in order to accommodate festivalgoers, and hundreds of vendors who set up on the street.

At one point in the video, the Rochester, NY Police Officer snatches the man’s hat off his head and throws it on the back of a Rochester, NY Police vehicle.

Several Rochester, NY Police Officers are seen surrounding the man.

According to the man who recorded the video, there may be at least one other video recorded by another festivalgoer which shows a Rochester, NY Police Sergeant threatening to confiscate cell phones and recording devices of festivalgoers who video recorded the incident.

Stay tuned to The Davy V. Blog for more updates.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy Brenda Clark-Pierson; A True Hero

(Below, center) Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy Brenda Clark-Pierson 

By Davy V.

A Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy is being recognized for saving the life of an inmate.

On May 26, 2017, Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy Brenda Clark-Pierson was finishing serving meals to inmates at the Livingston County Jail, when she noticed an  unresponsive female inmate slumped to the side in her cell, not breathing and with no pulse.

Deputy Clark-Pierson, radioed for help, and immediately started chest compressions on the woman.

After several compressions, the woman began breathing, but then went into a seizure.

Deputy Clark-Pierson then stayed with the woman until EMT’s arrived.

The woman was taken to a hospital and is doing fine.

On June 9, 2018, Deputy Clark-Pierson received the New York Stars 2018 Corrections Officer of the year award.

Just a few days later, on June 13, 2018, Deputy Clark-Pierson received the 2018 Livingston County Corrections Officer of the year award.

With many rogue, abusive and above the law law enforcement officers engaged in corrupt behavior, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that there are also many good ones dedicated to helping people.

Which is why The Davy V. Blog would also like to recognize Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy Brenda Clark-Pierson, a true hero.

Monday, June 18, 2018

2 Young Black Rappers Shot and Killed Less Than 1 Hour Apart; Where is Black Lives Matter?

Cell phone video shows rapper XXXtentacion moments after he was shot while driving his BMW i8. Onlookers didn’t try to render any sort of first aid to the young man, yet posted videos online, even writing “X”.

By Davy V.

For years I’ve called out Black Lives Matter, the hypocritical  “movement” which has absolutely no problem protesting and encouraging the burning down and destroying of inner city black neighborhoods whenever a white cop kills a black youth, but is nowhere to be fucking seen or heard from when a young black life is stolen by the hands of another black life.

On Monday afternoon, just before 4 pm, rapper XXXtentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was leaving a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, Florida, just north of Miami, when he was gunned down while sitting behind the wheel of his BMW i8.


Videos on the internet show the 20-year old rapper slumped to the side in the driver’s seat while a crowd looks on filming with their cell phones.

Sadly, in a disturbing example of just what a disgusting society we have become, not one person in the crowd recording with their cellphones tried to render any sort of first aid to the young rapper at a time when every second counts.

In fact, onlookers were too busy uploading videos of the comatose young man, even typing “X”, as you can see in the photo at the top.

XXXtentacion was pronounced dead shortly after.

Jimmy Wopo

Less than an hour later, shortly after 4 pm, 21-year old up and coming rapper Jimmy Wopo, whose real name was  Travon Smart, was gunned in a drive by shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Middle Hill neighborhood.

The rapper was also pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Two young black men.

Two young black lives.


Not by a cop.

And while there hasn’t been anyone arrested in either of the murders yet, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the chances that these two young black lives were stolen by the hands of another black life are pretty fucking good.

And while I’m at it, I’ll also bet dollars to donuts that as they’ve done every single time a black youth’s life has been stolen at the hands of another black youth, you won’t hear a thing from Black Lives Matter.

Not one word.

No statement.

Not even a fucking peep.

I guess black lives only matter when a white cop kills a black youth.

UPDATE: Broward County Florida Sheriffs Office arrested 22-year old Dedrick Williams of Pompano Beaxh, Florida Wednesday and charged him with murder in the shootings death of rapper XXXTentacion.

Williams had posted several videos online showing off money he is believed to have robbed from XXXTentacion after he shot him.

BELOW: Dedrick Williams poses with money which is believed he got after shooting rapper XXXTentacion,

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New York Corrections Officer Arrested, Charged with Supplying Synthetic Marijuana to Inmate

NYS Corrections Officer Raul Santiago 

By Davy V.

A New York State Corrections Officer has been arrested after police say he accepted bribes from an inmate.

Raul Santiago, 38, an Upstate, NY Corrections Officer at the Livingston County Correctional Facility in Sonyea, NY was arrested by New York State Police last Friday when he arrived for his overnight shift, and charged with receiving a bribe, promoting prison contraband, and official misconduct.

According to New York State Police, Santiago was being paid by an inmate, and in return was sneaking synthetic marijuana into the prison, which he provided to the inmate.

Santiago is being held in the Livingston County jail. 

Check The Davy V. Blog for more updates.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Why is The Rochester, NY Police Department Refusing to Release a Killer’s Mugshot?

Frank Casatta

By Davy V.

If you’re black or Latino in Rochester, NY and you’re arrested for for even something as small as a violation, the Rochester, NY Police Deoartment will waste no time in releasing your mugshot, and Rochester, NY mainstream news media outlets will waste no time in plastering your mugshot all over the internet.

But if you’re a white man, say a white msn accused of intentionally driving a 4,000 pound Cadillac onto the front yard of a home and hitting and killing an innocent 3-year old boy, injuring his aunt, then fleeing the scene and hitting a vehicle injuring several people, before being captured and arrested, the Rochester, NY Police Department will protect you, and not release your mugshot.

That’s exactly what happened on Rochester, NY after Frank Casatta was arrested 5 days ago, after a fatal hit and run in which he intentionally hit and killed 3-year old Amir Palett     
on Lyell Avenue in Rochester, NY.

It’s been almost a week since Casatta was arrested and the Rochester, NY Police Department has refused to release his mugshot.


Word on the street is Casatta has relatives in the Rochester, NY Police Department.

If Frank Casatta was black or Latino, his mugshot would have been released faster than you can say white privilege.