Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Music Producer, Songwriter Battle Roy Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Two Boys


Roy Battle AKA "Battle Roy"

By Davy V.

Music producer Battle Roy, whose real name is Roy Battle, known for his production amd songwriting work on hits such as Eminem's "Lighters", and Chris Brown's "Changed Man", was sentenced in a Rochester, NY court Wednesday after pleading guilty to sexually abusing two boys, ages 14 and 15.

Battle was sentenced to six months of shock probation, followed by 10 years of post release probation.

He will also have to register as a sex offender.

Last year, Roy Battle was indicted by a Federal jury in Rochester, NY on 10'counts of first degree sexual abuse of a minor.

A Rochester, NY native, who was living in California, Battle Roy, 37, sexually abused the two boys during a 7-year period, from 2005 to 2012 while he was involved in a church youth group.

Roy Battle was a member of Victory Baptist Church in Henrietta, NY as well as Open Door Baptist Church in Chili, NY, both suburbs of Rochester.

Battle sexually abused the boys in his home at 71 Glendale Park in Rochester, NY, after drugging them.

Battle Roy has worked with platinum selling recording artists such as Jay-Z, BeyoncĂ©, Chris Brown, and Eminem.

Eminem's hit song "Lighters", featuring Rihanna, which Battle Roy co-wrote and produced, helped propel his career and brought him international recognition.

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New York State Police Issue More Than $40,000 in Tickets in Revenue Generating Move Over Law "Crackdown"


New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo 

By Davy V.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that during a four day "crackdown", from November 14th through the 18th, New York State Police issued more than 200 tickets to motorists who violated the Move Over Law.

That's the newest scam, sorry,  "law", that New York State has adopted as another way to generate even more income from hard working taxpayers.

And at a whopping $275.00 fine (not to mention 3 points on your license), that means that in just 4 days, New York State robbed taxpayers of more than $40,000.

I don't know about you, but if you live in New York State, or any other state where the Move Over Law has been enacted, it's one of the most dangerous laws on the books.

The law forces motorists to many times make dangerous split second decisions to switch lanes when they see a police cruiser on the side of the road, especially a busy highway.

I myself can think of several instances where someone has been forced to switch lanes without even looking over,  out of fear of getting fined, and as a result have almost crashed into me.

Some of those times I've had my children in the car.

But Governor Cuomo doesn't give two shits about that.

He only cares about keeping that money coming in.

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(VIDEO) Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Mackenzie Doesn't Think Citizens' First Amendment Right to Record Applies to Police Recruit Training


Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Mackenzie

By Davy V.

According to Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Mackenzie, the first amendment protected right to record doesn't apply to observing and recording field training of police recruits, in public.

Some context here:

Law enforcement agencies in the Rochester, NY area, including the Rochester Police Department, as well as the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office, regularly use Eastside Way, a public airport access road adjacent to the Greater Rochester Airport to train new police recruits.



Located near the Monroe County Public Safety Training Center, field training officers use the road to stage traffic stops for the young recruits.


Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputies Conduct Staged Training Traffic Stop.

Wednesday morning while I was on my way to the airport to pick up a close friend, I observed two Monroe County, NY Sheriff's cruisers staging traffic stops.

I slowed down, and asked a Deputy if, as part of the recruit training, the recruits are also taught to respect citizens constitutionally protected first amendment right to record.

The Deputy not only refused to answer my question, but he also refused to identify himself.

That's when I pulled ahead and parked in a safe location.

Now initially, when I first asked the deputy my question, I didn't even have any intention to video record my interaction with the deputy, mainly because I was kind of in a rush as my friend's flight had just landed, and I had to pick her up.

And this is where the video begins.

Pay attention to how the Deputy, who eventually identified himself as Mackenzie asks me several times to put my camera down.


Undercover Law Enforcement Agent Covers his Face.

Also, pay attention to the black undercover law enforcement agent in the light blue Mercury Grand Marquis who is playing the role of the motorist in the traffic stop.

Watch as he covers his face with his notepad, then tefuses to identify himself.

So there you have it, Monroe County, NY Taxpayer dollars at work.

We pay for police.

They just don't want you to see how your tax dollars are being used.

On a lighter note, I doubt the police recruits are being taught to respect citizen's first amendment right to record.

But that recruit just got hands on training.

NOTE: Several calls to the Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn were not returned.

UPDATE: It's important to note that before the publishing of this piece, Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Mackenzie "followed" me on Facebook.



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Rochester, NY Police Wait Nearly 5 Hours Before Announcing That an Innocent Bystander Was Hit by "Projectile" After Cop Opens Fire on Pitbull


Rochester, NY Police Deputy Chief Scott Peters



By Davy V.

The Rochester, NY Police Department has confirmed that a man was shot by a stray bullet shot by one of their own early Wednesday morning.

That man has been identified as 34- year old Jamie Cruz of Rochester.

According to police, Cruz is the owner of a pitbull which they say attacked 33-ear old Maria Shaffer.

Shaffer is in critical condition at Strong Memorial Hospital.

The Rochester, NY Police Department released a statement saying Shaffer's arm had been amputated.

This is not true.

Rochester Police apologized for the false report. 


Rochester, NY Police statement on falsely reporting that Maria Shaffer's arm had been amputated.

Also, the Rochester, NY Police Department has admitted that in addition to the stray billet that hit Jamie Cruz, several stray bullets fired by police, went through a front window of the home.

Read my original story below. 

By Davy V.

The Rochester, NY Police Department waited hours before announcing that an innocent bystander was struck by a "projectile" after one of their officers shot and killed a pit bull they say was attacking a woman.

According to Rochester, NY Police Deputy Chief Scott Peters, his officers responded to a call for a woman being attacked by a pitbull on Rockview Terrace, on Rochester's west side, shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday morning.

That's when Peters says at least one RPD officer opened fire on the dog, killing it.

The woman, whose name has not been released underwent surgery at Strong Memorial Hospital where she is listed in critical condition.

But it wasn't until several hours later that Rochester Police disclosed that an innocent bystander was hit during the shooting.

That man was also taken to Strong Memorial Hospital where he is listed in guarded condition.

Now here's my thing.

I can understand Police having to shoot and kill an animal attacking a person.

But for a police department which has a long history of corruption, including cover-ups, it doesn't look too good to wait almost 5 hours to admit that an innocent bystander was hit by a "projectile".

Sounds like good ol' damage control to me.

Here's my question.

Did Rochester, NY Police also shoot the woman?

I will be updating this piece.





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Monday, November 28, 2016

Casey Neistat Sold Out a Long Time Ago


Casey Neistat

By Davy V.

The internet is abuzz with "news" that YouTuber Casey Neistat ended his popular daily blog, which in just 18 months, had amassed nearly 6 million subscribers, and then sold out, sorry, then sold his social media app BEME, to CNN for $25 Million.

Basically, CNN bought Casey Neistat.


I've been a fan of Casey Neistat long before YouTube even existed.

Neistat and his brother used to produce a show on HBO titled "The Neistat Brothers."

As someone who also began doing videos long before YouTube (since 1995), I really enjoyed Casey Neistat's work.

And I respected his climb as a filmmaker, moving to NYC early on, and living on welfare, in a small apartment where he could barely open his futon/bed.

One of my favorite short videos by Casey Neistat was 
"iPod's Dirty Secret", a 2 minute 38 second short film Neistat produced in 2003, about Apple cheating customers by equipping their iPods with an irreplaceable sub par battery which only lasted about a year on average, before going bad, and as a result rendering the iPod useless.

In other words, a nice way for Apple to force customers to have to buy another iPod.

In the video, Casey Neistat places a call to Apple where a rep tells Neistat that Apple charges a $255 fee to refurbish the iPod.

The Apple rep then nonchalantly tells Neistat that for that price, he should just buy a new iPod.

After the video went viral, Apple made changes, replacing the batteries on their iPods.

Now that's powerful.

That's the sort of power video has.

The power to expose.

The power to bring change.

And that's what Casey Neistat did.

Expose a corporate America scam.

Another favorite of mine is Casey Neistat's "Bike Lanes", in which Casey Neistat exposes the NYPD's revenue generating ticket scam where they fine bicyclists (taxpayers) for not staying in designated bike lanes.


In the video, Casey Neistat shows just hard it is to commute on bike in New York City.

And Neistat does it in an impactful, yet humorous way.

In one scene, Neistat, showing all the obstacles that bicyclists in New York City face, Casey runs into an NYPD cruiser, which is blocking a bike lane.

Again, a perfect example of using video to not only entertain, but expose.

But that was then.

Long before Casey Neistat sold out.

As a police accountability activist, if there's one thing I despise as much as dirty, rogue cops, it's fakes and hypocrites.

Casey Neistat sold out to the very same corporate America establishment which he, in large part, made a name for himself criticizing and standing up to.

He sold out to the very same system he referred to on his vlog as being "evil."

And in my book that's a fucking hypocrite.

About a year and a half ago, Casey Neistat began his daily YouTube vlog.

Neistat's vlog, which averaged about 10 minutes in length, lacked any real substance.

Each vlog began looking the same.

A narcissistic Casey Neistat flaunting his endless gifts from fans in a segment titled "Mail Time."

A miserable, controlling wife who clearly didn't give two shits about his passion for making videos.

And corporations shiwerong him
with gifts such as free international flights, electronics, skateboards, and other promotional items.

You see, in many ways, corporations began using Casey Neistat to promote their products to his viewers.

And he obliged.

Money and free stuff has a certain way of making people do things.

Which is why I wasn't surprised that in the end Casey Neistat sold out to corporate America-run mainstream news media giant, CNN.

Because I, unlike his brainwashed fans, knew something they didn't.

Casey Neistat sold out a long time ago.

He just didn't have the respect or the cojones to tell his loyal fans that he sold out.




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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Most Americans Don't Understand How Castro Destroyed Lives


Fidel Castro 

By Davy V.

I've never really been comfortable seeing people celebrating someone's death.

Which is why this morning when I awoke to the news of Fidel Castro's death, I had mixed emotions when I saw video of  Cubans in Miami, out in full force on Calle Ocho, popping champagne bottles and banging pots and pans, celebrating Castro's death.

Then I remembered my Tia Marta.

My aunt left Cuba and came to the United States in 1961, seven years before my parents and my brother MJ.

A couple of years ago, while vacationing in Miami with my children, my aunt told me she wanted me to take a few things with me when I left.

She pointed to a box in a corner of her small studio apartment which contained several photo albums, as well as sone old manila envelopes.

While I was happy that my aunt was giving me her collection of mementos, including photos of me as a child, it was also a little sad.

You see, my aunt who had begun having some health issues, wanted to make sure that the photo albums and priceless family memories would be safe, and knowing my love for photography, she was in essence, passing them onto me.

Later, after returning from vacation, I slowly started going through all the photos.

Then I began looking through what was inside the manila envelopes.

And that's when my eyes began to tear up.

Packed along with every letter I had written to my aunt as a child, my aunt had saved at least a dozen copies of letters she had written to several U.S. Presidents, pleading with them to help bring her brother (my uncle Armando) and her nephew Eduardo.

My uncle Armando and my cousin Eduardo died in Cuba years ago.

They never made it out of Castro's totalitarian dictatorship.

But through those letters that my aunt wrote, those letters to presidents which fell on deaf ears, I realized just how much my aunt tried to get her family, or what remained of her family, to join her here in the U.S.

It was her dream.

A dream that never came true.

Following the response by the Cuban community in Miami to Castro's death, social media is flooded with comments putting Cubans down.

Especially the ones celebrating in Miami.

Most Americans just don't understand.

Castro ruined lives.

My grandfather, on my father's side,  a cattle rancher in Cuba, lost everything he worked for, overnight, when Castro took power in 1959.

My aunt left her mother and her entire family behind in search of freedom, and a better life here.

So did my mom.

And my dad also left his family behind, never to see them again.

As a child I remember my dad receiving the Western Union telegrams, telling him, in one or two short sentences, that my his brothers, and sister, my uncles and aunt, had passed away.

Each telegram took a toll on my dad.

He just tried his best not to show it.

But they did.


That whole old school, don't show your emotions thing.

But like most Cubans who fled Cuba, leaving family behind never to see them again, he was hurt.

Unlike most Americans, I never met my grandparents.

I myself never knew the touch of my grandmother.

I never got to feel what it was like to sit on her lap.

I never knew what it felt like to hug my grandad.

All things many Americans take for granted.

My aunt passed away recently in Miami.

She died knowing that the hijo de puta who outlived 6 U.S. Presidents, still held her beautiful Homeland and its people, hostage, albeit through his brother Raul Castro.


Me and my Tia in Miami (1978)

I don't know if I was in Miami, if I'd be popping champagne bottles and banging pots and pans in Little Havana, celebrating Castro's death.

But I understand them.

And perhaps, even more important, as an American, I respect and support their right to express themselves.

Something Castro never allowed Cubans to do.




 Photos: Twitter

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Women Really Do Set the Bar So Low for Themselves


By Davy V.

Another Thanksgiving alone.

Mostly by choice, however.

I've been single for a while, choosing to dedicate my time to my children and my passion, instead of investing in someone who can't value or appreciate a good man.

But this morning, as I got up early to prepare a beautiful turkey meal for me and my children, (with a Cuban twist of black beans, rice, and platanos maduros, for my non-Spanish speaking readers, the latter being sweet plantains) I couldn't help but to realize just how many freeloading "men" will be enjoying a delicious home cooked meal today, complete with all the fixings, courtesy of a good woman.

A delicious meal that their girlfriend or wife slaved over to prepare.

While they laid on a couch playing Call of Duty.

Now I'm not talking about good men out there, and there are many, who won't hesitate to help out and who contribute.

This isn't about those men.

Those men know who they are, and it's ok for them to relax, and play X-Box.

This is about the other so-called "men".

The ones who smooch off women.

The deadbeats who deny their own children.

The ones who don't contribute.

Don't cook.

Don't clean.

The ones who don't do shit.

But perhaps, even more importantly, this is about the women who enable those "men".

Because without the weak, hopeless romantic women out here, with extremely low self-esteem, these deadbeats wouldn't be able to get a fee ride.

I will never understand how women can be with a deadbeat, good for nothing "man" who lives off of them.

A leech.

A loser.

It's sad.

Those very same women will then lie through their teeth to their family, friends, co-workers, and perhaps even sadder, TO THEMSELVES, about how good their "man" is.

Denial is a hell of a drug.

And women really do set the bar SO LOW for themselves.

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