Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Trigger-Happy Omaha, Nebraska Police Shoot and Kill Cops TV Show Production Crew Member

By Davy V.
Believing that an air soft pistol which shoots plastic pellets was a real firearm, three Omaha, Nebraska Police officers responding to a call for a robbery at a Wendy's restaurant Tuesday night, shot and killed not only the alleged robber, Cortez Washington, 32, but also 38-year old Bryce Dion, an audio technician for the television show 'Cops', who were filming while on ride alongs with Omaha Police.
Omaha Police claim that Washington turned and fired at officers.
Plastic pellets.

At least 10 bullet holes can be seen
on these windows of a Wendy's restaurant,
after Omaha cops unleashed a hail of gun shots,
which killed a Cops TV show tech.
According to Omaha Police spokesperson Michael Pecha, even though Dion was wearing a bullet proof vest, he was struck under the arm by at least one bullet, after officers unloaded a hail of shots.
According to Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer, officers Darren Cunningham, 37, Brooks Riley, 35, and Jason Wilhelm, 39, were placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation into the shooting.
In other words, all three trigger-happy officers will still collect a paycheck, as the spin game gets under way, while Dion's family makes funeral arrangements.
I'm sure Omaha Police were quick to confiscate the restaurant's surveillance video.

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Cops Lie. Record Everything; Miami Police officer Anderson, Badge #16101

Miami Police officer Anderson, badge # 16101

By Davy V.

Like I always say.

Cops Lie. Record Everything.

A perfect example of why I always encourage people to video record EACH AND EVERY interaction with police, occurred recently during a trip to Miami, Florida, when me and my family were eating dinner at Casola's Pizzeria on SW 17th Avenue in Miami, with a close friend and her children.

As we were ordering, I noticed a Miami Police officer hanging out inside the pizzeria.

Not thinking anything of it at first, other than just another cop killing time inside an air conditioned business to get away from the South Florida heat, I enjoyed some quality time with my friend and our children.

After dinner, as we were walking to our vehicles, I couldn't help but notice the same Miami Police officer a couple of hundred feet away in the parking lot behind the pizzeria.

I made a comment to my friend about law enforcement and government officials misusing taxpayer dollars by hanging out at businesses such as restaurants.

Me and my friend both looked over at the Miami Police officer, who was approximately 150 feet away, and I shook my head.

Well, unbeknownst to me, as I would soon find out, the officer must have been watching us from a distance, even though at no time did we come close to him.

As I said goodbye to my friend, and got into my car, I noticed that the Miami Police officer had exited his cruiser and was standing next to it, staring over at me and my vehicle.

And that's when I pressed record.

"What did you say to me when you walked by?", Miami Police officer Anderson, badge #16101, asked me as I was pulling out of the restaurant parking lot.

Then, just a few seconds later, officer Anderson lies, saying that he never asked me a question, when he did.


Obviously Miami Police officer Anderson didn't realize that the camera had recorded him asking me what I had said about him, which was none of his business in the first place.

Then, once he saw that I was video recording, he knew he couldn't admit, on video, that he had in fact gone out of his way to ask me what I had said about him in a private conversation I was having with my friend, so he did what comes naturally to law enforcement officers... HE LIED.

Which is why I always say... COPS LIE. RECORD EVERYTHING.

Miami-Dade Police officer Dario Socarras
tonguing his girlfriend at Dadeland Mall.
When it comes to Miami and South Florida Police officers misusing taxpayer dollars, it's nothing new.

In fact, in 2010, the Miami-Dade Police internal affairs Department began an internal investigation into several officers, including a Mami-Dade Police Sergeant and two officers, who were caught on camera ignoring emergency calls.

All three were later fired, in what was called one of the worst incidents of delinquency in Miami-Dade Police department's history, which included officers failure to respond to emergency calls, pretending that they were on actual calls when they weren't and falsifying police records.

One of those officers, Dario Socarras, ignored 911 armed robbery and residential burglary calls, so that he could meet with his girlfriend in the parking lot of Dadeland Mall.

Undercover video surveillance footage captures Miami-Dade Police officer Dario Socarras making out with his girlfriend outside the mall.

From left to right, 
officers Socarras, Huertas, 
and Sgt. Gonzalez drinking coffee.
Surveillance video also captured Miami-Dade Police Sergeant Jennifer Gonzalez shopping at a Miami Target store when she should have been working.

In one incident, a Target employee is seen on video helping Sgt. Gonzalez load items into her police cruiser.

Investigators also found that Sgt. Gonzalez would spend hours visiting her parents, while she was on the clock.

In other words, on taxpayers' dime.

Miami-Dade Police Sgt. Jennifer Gonzalez
pushes a shopping cart out of Target store. 

In another incident, Miami-Dade Police officer Jose Huerta failed to immediately respond to a 911 call where a 5-year old child was locked inside a car.

Officer Huerta would regularly lie by claiming he was tied up on a call, when in reality, he was free and able to respond.

In what was perhaps the most disturbing incident involving Sgt. Gonzalez, and both officers Socarras and Huerta, a 
911 call came in for a 5-month old infant who was unconscious.

Officer Socarrias was dispatched, and he told the 911 dispatcher that he was "en route."

Miami-Dade Police officer Jose Huerta
drinking coffee, ignoring 911 call
for child locked inside vehicle.

He lied.

Officer Socarras wasn't en route.

He was having coffee with his supervisor, Sgt. Gonzalez and officer Huerta.

And it was all caught on surveillance video.

When that call for an unconscious infant came in, Miami-Dade police officer Dario Socarras never budged.

Click Play to watch video of Miami Police officer Anderson badge #16101 caught lying.

Click Play below to watch surveillance video of Miami-Dade Police officers.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Did Virginia State Trooper Johnson, Badge 1145 Threaten Me In Front of My Family After Unconstitutional Traffic Stop?

A very angry Virginia State Trooper Johnson

By Davy V.

What's worse than being pulled over by police for no reason?

Being pulled over by police for no reason while on a 1,500 mile road trip with your family, and having the officer lie to you about why he pulled you over for in the first place, then having that same officer make a veiled threat against you, in front of your children.

That's exactly what happened to me, last Tuesday, while traveling to Miami with my sons and my niece, to visit my 86-year old aunt.

As we were driving through Virginia, heading south on Interstate 77, I passed two unmarked law enforcement vehicles, which were parked in the median.

With my rental vehicle's cruise control set at 62 miles per hour, in a 65 MPH zone, I didn't think I'd have anything to worry about as I passed the unmarked cruisers.

I was wrong.

One of the cruisers pulled out from the median as soon as I drove by them.

The unmarked cruiser, a black Chevy Impala, then sped up, followed me for at least a mile, then got on my driver's side, and pulled up right next to my driver's door window.

Perhaps some of you who have traveled out of state will recognize this very common law enforcement tactic, where police target out of state motorists (in this case, my rental had a Florida tag, traveling through Virginia), and police will then follow your vehicle, usually remaining either directly behind you, or just behind your left rear side, or what I call you '8 o'clock position.'

Law enforcement officers will then continue to follow you for some time, while unbeknownst to you, they may be running a check on your license plate via their on board computer, or they may just be waiting to see if you commit any infraction for them to have a valid reason to pull your over, or as in the case of Trooper Johnson, they may just pull you over for no reason, then lie, in what is commonly referred to as 'fishing', hoping that they will get lucky and that their unlawful, unconstitutional traffic stop will yield them something to ticket you for, or charge you with.

As always, my recommendation is RECORD EVERYTHING.

That's when the officer, visibly angry, pointed, motioning with his hand, for me to pull over.

Not knowing what I had done wrong, as I knew I was not, and had not been speeding, I threw my hand up, as if to say "For what?"

The officer clearly did not appreciate the fact that I was questioning his angry directive for me to halt.

And his actions clearly indicated this.

As I decelerated, and turned on my blinker to pull off to the shoulder of the busy highway, his face grew red, as he shouted the words, "Pull over now!" 

As soon as I inform Virginia State Trooper Johnson, badge #1145 that I will be video recording the entire interaction, he attempts to justify his illegal traffic stop by lying about the reason why he pulled me over.

"Impeding the flow of traffic," Trooper Johnson tells me after I ask him why he stopped me.

Virginia State Trooper Johnson:
"I want to see your license now!"
"I wanna see your license now!," Trooper Johnson demands.

I won't break down the video, or Trooper Johnson's irate conduct, as you can see that for yourself, but what I will do is address what's perhaps the most disturbing part of the entire incident, other than the fact that trooper Johnson illegally stopped me, for no reason, then lied in order to justify his unlawful stop.

At the :59 second mark of Part 2 of the video, in what I took as a 'watch your back' threat, Virginia State Trooper Johnson stares me down, points at me, and in an eerie, low voice tone tells me, "You be careful," while giving my 13-year old niece a quick, cold stare.

(Check the video, and pay close attention
to Trooper Johnson's body language, including
his facial expressions, as well as the way he
tells me to be careful.)

At first, Trooper Johnson refused to give me
his badge number, instead showing me his
Virginia State Police patch.

Of course, Trooper Johnson, who admits to me on video that he gets "paid to look at people", tries his best to change the subject when I immediately call him back and ask him what he meant by his "You be careful" statement.

"What type of activist are you?", Trooper Johnson asks me.

What type of activist am I Trooper Johnson?

Well, let's see.

I'm the type of activist who knows when a law enforcement officer (YOU) has conducted an unconstitutional traffic stop.

An irate Virginia State Trooper Johnson
scrutinizes my car rental contract 

as he chews and pops his bubble gum hard.
I'm the type of activist who is smart enough to video record the entire interaction with said officer, (YOU), so I can document when that officer, (YOU) lies, in order to try and justify an unlawful traffic stop, as well as threaten a citizen, before boasting how many of YOUR fellow officers are posted up down the interstate.

Trooper Johnson, that's the type of activist I am.

The type of activist who always encourages citizens to record EVERY interaction with police, because just like you did Trooper Johnson, COPS LIE.

Which is why I always remind people... COPS LIE. RECORD EVERYTHING.


Perhaps some of you who have traveled out of state will recognize what Virginia State Trooper Johnson did, as a very common law enforcement tactic, one in which police target out of state motorists (in this case, my rental had a Florida tag, traveling through Virginia), then follow the vehicle, usually remaining either directly behind it, or just behind it to the left rear side, what I call your '8 o'clock position.'

Law enforcement officers will then continue to follow the out of state vehicle for some time, while unbeknownst to the motorist, the officer may be running a check of the vehicle's license plate via their on board computer, or they may just be waiting to see if the motorist commits any infraction, which will then give the officer a valid reason to pull the motorist over.

Of course, the officer can simply pull you over for absolutely no reason at all, other than because he or she simply can, which is what Trooper Johnson did.

And as Trooper Johnson did, the officer will then lie in order to justify the illegal stop.

This is commonly referred to as 'fishing'.

By 'fishing', the officer hopes that they will get lucky and that their unlawful, unconstitutional traffic stop will yield them something to ticket you for, or charge you with.

In this case, the only thing Virginia State Trooper Johnson's unconstitutional traffic stop yielded was a veteran activist who records, and live streams ANY AND EVERY interaction with law enforcement.

Click Play to watch Part 1 of video.

Click Play to watch Part 2 of video.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

(GRAPHIC VIDEO) Did NASCAR Star Tony Stewart Intentionally Run Over and Kill Kevin Ward Jr.?

Tony Stewart
By Davy V.

Its no secret that NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart has some serious anger management issues.

In March of 2013, Stewart ran over to Joey Logano after the Auto Club 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup race, and attacked Logano.

After the incident, Stewart, a three time NASCAR cup champion, who was upset that Logano had put a block on him during the race, said, "If he ever turns down across in front of me again, I don't care what lap it is, he won't make it through the other end of it."

This past June, Tony Stewart confronted Matt Kenseth, and in what many called a temper tantrum, Stewart threw his helmet onto Kenseth's hood.

Earlier, in referring to Kenseth, Tony Stewart made what is now seems to be an eerie threat.

"I’m going to run over him every chance I’ve got from now ‘til the end of the year," Stewart said.

"Every chance I’ve got."

Tony Stewart attacks Joey Logano
Now of course, it's racing, and just as in any other sport, such as my favorite, boxing, there's always trash talk, right?


Trash talk is part of competitive sports.

However, when it comes to Tony Stewart, a disturbing incident Saturday night at a race track in Canandaigua, NY has allot of race fans disgusted.

Tony Stewart hit, ran over, and killed driver Kevin Ward Jr.

In a graphic video, posted to YouTube, which I've included below, Kevin Ward Jr. is seen losing control of his number 13 car, before hitting a wall at Canandaigua Motorsports Park.

In tne video, Tony Stewart's number 14 car seems to push, or run Ward's car into the wall.

Kevin Ward Jr.
A few seconds after wiping out, Kevin Ward is seen getting out of his car, and walking onto the dirt track, pointing at cars.

One car is seen swerving to avoid hitting Ward, but then something very disturbing happens.

Tony Stewart not only revs his engine up, but instead of swerving to avoid Ward, like the other driver did, Tony Stewart actually turns towards Ward, hitting Ward, running him over, and throwing him at least 50 feet.

Kevin Ward Jr. was pronounced dead on arrival at FF Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua, NY.

According to Ontario County, NY Sheriff Phil Povero, Tony Stewart, who is scheduled to race at the NASCAR Cheez It today afternoon, in Watkins Glen, which is about an hour away from Canandaigua, Stewart was "shaken up."

Povero said the incident is being considered an accident.

Kevin Ward Jr. lies motionless on the track at
Canandaigua Motorsports Park,
after being hit and run over by Tony Stewart.

I'm not so sure.

What I see on that video is very disturbing.

The fact that Tony Stewart accelerates, and turns his car into Kevin Ward, then hits and runs him over?

I don't think that's any accident.

Then, when you factor in Stewart's history, I truly believe Tony Stewart intentionally killed this young man.

I truly believe that in the video you are about to see, Tony Stewart intentionally ran over and killed an innocent young man, in front of shocked race fans, including young children.

And I think because of who he is, he'll get away with it.

Ontario County, NY Sheriff
Phil Povero

As an activist who has spent the past 20 plus years exposing incidents of police and official misconduct and corruption, I can tell you firsthand that Ontario County, NY Sheriff Phil Povero, and the Ontario County District Attorney's office are known to cover up and make things go away.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if they make this go away as well.

As someone who doesn't really follow racing, I am disgusted by this incident, where a young man, full of passion for racing lost his life.

At the hands of an individual who has a long history of being violent and unable to control his emotions.

I also think that the fact that Tony Stewart will still be racing Sunday afternoon, just hours after running over and killing Kevin Ward Jr., pretty much shows what kind of person he is.

When you watch the video, I want you to pay special attention to a few key things.

I want you to watch as Tony Stewart revs his engine, and then jerks his steering to the right, driving right at, into, and over Kevin Ward Jr.

And those two things, right there, is what I feel makes this intentional.

Tony Stewart knew exactly what he was doing.


Tony Stewart's Public Image Damage Control PR Campaign Begins As He Decides Not to Race at Watkins Glen.

Am I the only one calling it like I see it?

While Corporate-America run mainstream news media and sports outlets like ESPN continue to spin this disgusting incident by defending Tony Stewart, as the family of Kevin Ward Jr. begins to deal with the sad truth that their son is gone?

In a classic example of Public Image Damage Control 101, Tony Stewart has decided not to race at Watkins Glen this afternoon.

Interesting, since Tony Stewart, and his Stewart-Haas racing team were passionately adamant that he would in fact race.

Actually, Tony Stewart had every intention of still racing, just hours after hitting, running over, and killing Kevin Ward Jr.

Gotta love PR campaigns.

Click Play below to watch video.


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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

VIDEO: Convicted Felon Theodore "Teddy" Loria Threatens to Decapitate My 5-Year Old Daughter (UPDATED)

Theodore "Teddy" Loria
By Davy V.

Imagine this.

You get a phone call informing you that a convicted felon, and ex-con has threatened your 5-year old child.

And that the graphic, disgusting threat was captured on video surveillance.

Then, you learn that because of some third-party law where the threat was not made directly to your child, NOTHING CAN BE DONE.

That's exactly how my day began Wednesday morning, when my 5-year old daughter's mother called me and told me that a very disturbed, sick, convicted felon named Teddy Loria, who lives at 1848 North Goodman Street, in the Town of Irondequoit, NY, was captured on video (posted below) saying he was going to kill my daughter.

And that nothing could be done.

Some time this past Monday, Loria went to a Mobil gas station located at 690 Monroe Avenue in Rochester, NY.

Loria then began telling the store's manager, Justin Bainter, his plans to kill my daughter.

In the video, (posted below), which Bainter turned over to Rochester Police, Loria is seen and heard saying "When my cancer is full blown, I'm gonna catch his daughter I'm gonna cut that fucking princess's head off... (followed by inaudible talking)... "Every human being has something they like, like me, I love my dog, my dog is my world, other than my sister... I can't wait til I kill that fucking kid, and put her fucking head on the top of his car... I hate that fucking kid."

If the name Teddy Loria sounds familiar to many you who follow my work, and this blog, it should.

Loria has served several prison sentences, the latest, approximately 8 years with the New York State department of corrections.

That conviction was for criminal possession and sale of a controlled substance, cocaine.

Loria used to run several drug houses/after hours locations.

One of those locations, which like the rest, doubled as a drug gate and after hours spot, was 15 Weaver Street on Rochester's east side.

Rochester, NY Police raided the location in the late 1990's, and arrested Loria.

Loria was later convicted and served approximately 8 years before being released sometime around 2009.

Word on the streets is that Teddy Loria turned snitch, and set up his own nephew, who is serving prison time, in order to reduce his own prison sentence.

In fact, many say that Loria works as confidential informant, or "C.I." 

Loria has fabricated false allegations of police brutality against the Rochester Police department, many of which he claims occurred during the times that he was arrested on narcotics charges.

Simply put, Teddy Loria is a ex-con, who has made a living, dealing poison to drug addicts, and suing the Rochester Police department and the City of Rochester, falsely accusing the RPD of police abuse and misconduct.

Unfortunately, since the City of Rochester, a corporation, often looks at lawsuits from a bottom line perspective, meaning, like any corporation, they look at what a case will cost to fight in court, they have dolled out several cash settlements to Loria, in order to save money fighting the false allegations in court.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's an individual who lies, and alleges false claims of police brutality, and civil rights violations.

In a classic example 'the boy who cried wolf', individuals who allege false claims of police abuse, and file frivolous lawsuits, take away from real cases, and real victims of police misconduct.

And as an activist against police misconduct and corruption, I have publicly called out Teddy Loria for what he is.

A liar and a fraud.

And that's why Teddy Loria has a sick and twisted obsession with me.

Because he's a fake.

A wannabe.

And I called him out.

While this is the most disturbing threat that Teddy Loria has made to date, when it comes to me and my family, it's not the first time that he has exhibited just what a sick person he really is.

Several months ago, after I dropped my children off at their school, Teddy Loria followed me for several miles, and tried to run me off the road in his Vision Hyundai dealership security vehicle.

Loria works as a security guard at Vision Hyundai dealership located at 2525 West Henrietta Rd. in Rochester.

Teddy Loria openly brags about his being a 'made man', and of having ties to the mob.

The fact that Teddy Loria would threaten an innocent child only proves one thing.

Teddy Loria is a coward.

Real 'made men', and mafiosos don't go around threatening to kill anyone, let alone an innocent 5-year old little girl, while video surveillance cameras inside a gas station's convenience store are rolling.

Even the most hardened criminals abide by one code.


You NEVER involve children.

Even Al Pacino's character Tony Montana in one of my favorite films, Scarface, subscribes to the 'NO KIDS' code when he refuses to kill a man traveling with his children in a car.

"What do you think I am? You think I'd kill two kids and a woman? I told you no kids!", Pacino's character yells, before shooting Sosa's worker, 'Alberto' who is about to press a detonation button which would have blown up the man's car with his children and wife inside.

As for Justin Bainter, another name which will be familiar to many, as he is the same person who my work has caused to become fixated on my every move, well, something very interesting happened after Teddy Loria threatened my daughter.

Bainter wrote a blunt piece on his blog, denouncing Teddy Loria for threatening my daughter's life.

Referring to Loria's threat, Bainter writes:

"Disturbing shit right?! Now as a father myself, it took all I had in me to remain calm, and act like nothing he was saying bothered me, when in reality, even though I hate the man that Davy has become, all I wanted to do was jump the counter and beat the piss out of this little coked up midget standing in front of me threatening to kill an innocent child, a child that has no idea what her father does, a child that has absolutely nothing to do with any of this! But, I kept my cool and kept on with conversation, the whole time trying to figure out what my next move would be, I couldn’t just do nothing."

Bainter is the one who contacted my daughter's mother, and informed her of Loria's threat.

In his blog, Bainter also promised to publish the surveillance video showing Loria's threat.


Monroe County, NY 
Assistant District Attorney David Siguenza:
"It doesn't even rise to the level of harassment."

According to Monroe County, NY Assistant District Attorney David Siguenza, there is nothing Teddy Loria can be charged with.

"It doesn't even rise to the level of harassment," Siguenza told me via telephone.

"It very disturbing, I can't imagine someone saying that about my niece or nephew, but because he said this to a third party, and not directly to you or your daughter, it's actually protected under free speech," Siguenza said.

Click Play below to watch video surveillance footage of Teddy Loria threatening to kill my daughter, decapitate her head, and put it on the hood of my car.

What Teddy Loria says on the video:

"When my cancer is full blown, I'm gonna catch his daughter I'm gonna cut that fucking princess's head off... (followed by inaudible talking)... "Every human being has something they like, like me, I love my dog, my dog is my world, other than my sister... I can't wait til I kill that fucking kid, and put her fucking head on the top of his car... I hate that fucking kid."

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Rochester, NY Police officer Erin Rogers The Texting Cop, and The Right to Record (Video)

Rochester, NY Police officer Erin Rogers
By Davy V.

On May 16, 2009, just days before the birth of my daughter, I was hit by a car during Rochester, NY's Lilac Festival, and almost killed.

My head went through the car's windshield, and I was thrown in the air, landing about 40 feet away.

In addition to suffering a fractured left tibia, which required surgery and the insertion of a titanium plate, five screws, and a bone graft, I also had a badly dislocated thumb, head wound, internal bleeding, and multiple contusions.

I wasn't able to walk for nearly a year, and the physical therapy was grueling.

Perhaps even more disturbing than getting hit by a motorist who wasn't paying attention to his driving, was the fact that all this happened in front of two Rochester, NY Police officers.

Two police officers leaning on a festival barricade failing, who more interested in some meaningless conversation than in helping pedestrians cross a busy intersection.

In fact, had the two Rochester Police officers been attentive, not only to me, but to several other pedestrians! I would have never been hit by a careless driver.

Even more disgusting was what one of the Rochester Police officers said to me as I stumbled over to them for help, with only one sneaker on, and bleeding profusely.

"Dude get away from me, you're bleeding all over the place."

So, it's no surprise that if there's one thing I can't stand is when I see that a police officer who is assigned to assist pedestrians in crosswalks, is instead distracted, and not paying attention.

Enter Rochester, NY Police officer Erin Rogers, badge number 1755.

Sunday afternoon, while visiting Rochester's Park Ave. Festival, I observed officer Rogers, who was assigned to crossing pedestrians and traffic control at the intersection of Park Ave. and Culver Rd., texting.

At first I didn't think too much of it when I saw officer Rogers reach in her police shirt uniform's pocket, remove her bright pink encased cellphone, text, then insert it back in her pocket.

But then, with several festival goers waiting to cross the busy intersection, officer Rogers did it again.

She reached in her pocket, took out her phone, texted, then put it back.

Since I was leaving the festival, I continued to walk towards my vehicle.

As I walked, I just couldn't help but to think of my accident several years ago, and of all the innocent pedestrians whose lives and safety were being put at risk by Rochester Police officer Erin Rogersbeing distracted texting.

As I drove home, I decided to drive by the intersection, and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Rochester Police officer Erin Rogers was once again on her phone, texting away, as pedestrians were waiting to cross the intersection.

A distracted
Rochester, NY Police officer Erin Rogers
texting on her phone,
while pedestrians wait to cross busy street.
Officer Rogers was completely distracted.

It was then that I chose to document RPD officer Rogers' actions.

I found a parking spot a block away, and walked over to the intersection.

Then, as I stood across the street and began recording and live steaming video, something very interesting happened.

Something that reminded me just how much work there's still left to do when it comes to educating both citizens, and police officers, on the first amendment right to record.

A woman, seen in the video below, wearing a purple top, is seen looking over at me, as I was standing across the street.

The woman is then seen talking to officer Rogers, and as I would soon find out, actually complained to Rogers about my video recording.

Ironic, since the woman obviously had no idea that not only was I exercising my first amendment right to record, but even more important, I was actually documenting officer Rogers putting the woman's life, as well as the lives of every other pedestrian at risk, with her compulsive texting.

Simply put, instead of worrying about me, the woman should have been concerned with officer Rogers, the texting cop, being distracted.

What happens next, which you can see for yourself in the video below, is very interesting to say the least.

Rochester Police officer Erin Rogers approaches me and asks me what I'm recording.

Make sure you watch the look on her face when I tell her that I'm recording her.


Seconds later, Rochester, NY Police officer Harnischfeger, which I want to say, was very courteous and professional, walks up.

Officer Harnischfeger gets it.

He not only understands citizens' first amendment right to record, he respects it.

And that says a lot.

Especially for a police department who just two years ago made international headlines, when Rochester Police officer Mario Masic, known on the streets as "Cowboy", violated Emily Good's civil rights when he falsely arrested her for video recording Masic conducting a racially profiled traffic stop of an African-American motorist.

Good's charges were later dismissed.

As for the woman who took issue with my recording, I'd like to say this to her.

Ma'm, first of all, it's not illegal to record in public.

It's protected under the first amendment.

Furthermore, neither you ma'm, nor any other citizen, including myself, have any expectation of privacy, when out in public.

This especially applies to law enforcement, and government officials, public servants, who are paid with our tax dollars.

What's ironic ma'm is not only was I protecting your safety, by recording, and documenting RPD officers Erin Rogers texting and distracting behavior when she should have been focused on your safety, but perhaps even more ironic is the fact that on your way to the Park Ave. festival, during your stroll through the festival, and on your way home, you were captured on countless video surveillance cameras.

Both privately owned surveillance cameras (businesses), or government owned ones.

In other words, BIG BROTHER.

As for Rochester Police officer Erin Rogers, not only did her being distracted by her compulsive texting put innocent lives at risk, but the fact that she even left her post to come and ask me such a stupid question, about what I'm recording, shows that my work as an advocate for the right to record is far from over.

Had RPD officer Erin Rogers been truly educated on citizen's first amendment right to record, she would have never even approached me.

A police officer who knows the law, that he or she took a sworn oath to uphold, and who knows that citizens have the right to record, would have handled things completely different.

Once the woman complained that there was someone across the street video recording, a competent, professional, and well educated law enforcement officer would have told her, "Ma'm, that person is not committing any crime, he has the right to video record, it's protected under the first amendment."

That's what an educated and professional police officer would have done.

Click Play to watch video, pay attention as the video shows Rochester, NY Police officer distracted, texting on her cell phone.

Click Play to watch video of Rochester, NY Police officer Mario Masic arresting Emily Good for exercising her first amendment right to record.

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