Monday, August 6, 2018

Bully Rochester, NY Cop Intimidates, Assaults Man for Dancing at Park Ave. Festival

Rochester, NY Cop Snatches Hat off Man’s Head at Park Ave. Festival 

By Davy V.

A video recorded by a follower of The Davy V. Blog, and my YouTube channel DavyVTV, shows a Rochester, NY Police Officer intimidating and assaulting a festivalgoer at Rochester’s annual Park Avenue Festival Saturday afternoon.

In the video, the Rochester Police Officer is seen yelling profanities at the man, and threatening to lock him up in jail, because according to the RPD Officer, the man was dancing in the street.

For those of  you not familiar with Rochester’s Park Ave. Festival, it’s important to note that the festival, which is held on the first weekend in August, and which draws an estimated 250,000 people, takes place on Park Avenue.

In other words, the festival, which features live music performances, takes place on the street.

Each year, Park Avenue is closed to motorists, in order to accommodate festivalgoers, and hundreds of vendors who set up on the street.

At one point in the video, the Rochester, NY Police Officer snatches the man’s hat off his head and throws it on the back of a Rochester, NY Police vehicle.

Several Rochester, NY Police Officers are seen surrounding the man.

According to the man who recorded the video, there may be at least one other video recorded by another festivalgoer which shows a Rochester, NY Police Sergeant threatening to confiscate cell phones and recording devices of festivalgoers who video recorded the incident.

Stay tuned to The Davy V. Blog for more updates.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy Brenda Clark-Pierson; A True Hero

(Below, center) Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy Brenda Clark-Pierson 

By Davy V.

A Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy is being recognized for saving the life of an inmate.

On May 26, 2017, Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy Brenda Clark-Pierson was finishing serving meals to inmates at the Livingston County Jail, when she noticed an  unresponsive female inmate slumped to the side in her cell, not breathing and with no pulse.

Deputy Clark-Pierson, radioed for help, and immediately started chest compressions on the woman.

After several compressions, the woman began breathing, but then went into a seizure.

Deputy Clark-Pierson then stayed with the woman until EMT’s arrived.

The woman was taken to a hospital and is doing fine.

On June 9, 2018, Deputy Clark-Pierson received the New York Stars 2018 Corrections Officer of the year award.

Just a few days later, on June 13, 2018, Deputy Clark-Pierson received the 2018 Livingston County Corrections Officer of the year award.

With many rogue, abusive and above the law law enforcement officers engaged in corrupt behavior, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that there are also many good ones dedicated to helping people.

Which is why The Davy V. Blog would also like to recognize Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy Brenda Clark-Pierson, a true hero.

Monday, June 18, 2018

2 Young Black Rappers Shot and Killed Less Than 1 Hour Apart; Where is Black Lives Matter?

Cell phone video shows rapper XXXtentacion moments after he was shot while driving his BMW i8. Onlookers didn’t try to render any sort of first aid to the young man, yet posted videos online, even writing “X”.

By Davy V.

For years I’ve called out Black Lives Matter, the hypocritical  “movement” which has absolutely no problem protesting and encouraging the burning down and destroying of inner city black neighborhoods whenever a white cop kills a black youth, but is nowhere to be fucking seen or heard from when a young black life is stolen by the hands of another black life.

On Monday afternoon, just before 4 pm, rapper XXXtentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was leaving a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, Florida, just north of Miami, when he was gunned down while sitting behind the wheel of his BMW i8.


Videos on the internet show the 20-year old rapper slumped to the side in the driver’s seat while a crowd looks on filming with their cell phones.

Sadly, in a disturbing example of just what a disgusting society we have become, not one person in the crowd recording with their cellphones tried to render any sort of first aid to the young rapper at a time when every second counts.

In fact, onlookers were too busy uploading videos of the comatose young man, even typing “X”, as you can see in the photo at the top.

XXXtentacion was pronounced dead shortly after.

Jimmy Wopo

Less than an hour later, shortly after 4 pm, 21-year old up and coming rapper Jimmy Wopo, whose real name was  Travon Smart, was gunned in a drive by shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Middle Hill neighborhood.

The rapper was also pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Two young black men.

Two young black lives.


Not by a cop.

And while there hasn’t been anyone arrested in either of the murders yet, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the chances that these two young black lives were stolen by the hands of another black life are pretty fucking good.

And while I’m at it, I’ll also bet dollars to donuts that as they’ve done every single time a black youth’s life has been stolen at the hands of another black youth, you won’t hear a thing from Black Lives Matter.

Not one word.

No statement.

Not even a fucking peep.

I guess black lives only matter when a white cop kills a black youth.

UPDATE: Broward County Florida Sheriffs Office arrested 22-year old Dedrick Williams of Pompano Beaxh, Florida Wednesday and charged him with murder in the shootings death of rapper XXXTentacion.

Williams had posted several videos online showing off money he is believed to have robbed from XXXTentacion after he shot him.

BELOW: Dedrick Williams poses with money which is believed he got after shooting rapper XXXTentacion,

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New York Corrections Officer Arrested, Charged with Supplying Synthetic Marijuana to Inmate

NYS Corrections Officer Raul Santiago 

By Davy V.

A New York State Corrections Officer has been arrested after police say he accepted bribes from an inmate.

Raul Santiago, 38, an Upstate, NY Corrections Officer at the Livingston County Correctional Facility in Sonyea, NY was arrested by New York State Police last Friday when he arrived for his overnight shift, and charged with receiving a bribe, promoting prison contraband, and official misconduct.

According to New York State Police, Santiago was being paid by an inmate, and in return was sneaking synthetic marijuana into the prison, which he provided to the inmate.

Santiago is being held in the Livingston County jail. 

Check The Davy V. Blog for more updates.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Why is The Rochester, NY Police Department Refusing to Release a Killer’s Mugshot?

Frank Casatta

By Davy V.

If you’re black or Latino in Rochester, NY and you’re arrested for for even something as small as a violation, the Rochester, NY Police Deoartment will waste no time in releasing your mugshot, and Rochester, NY mainstream news media outlets will waste no time in plastering your mugshot all over the internet.

But if you’re a white man, say a white msn accused of intentionally driving a 4,000 pound Cadillac onto the front yard of a home and hitting and killing an innocent 3-year old boy, injuring his aunt, then fleeing the scene and hitting a vehicle injuring several people, before being captured and arrested, the Rochester, NY Police Department will protect you, and not release your mugshot.

That’s exactly what happened on Rochester, NY after Frank Casatta was arrested 5 days ago, after a fatal hit and run in which he intentionally hit and killed 3-year old Amir Palett     
on Lyell Avenue in Rochester, NY.

It’s been almost a week since Casatta was arrested and the Rochester, NY Police Department has refused to release his mugshot.


Word on the street is Casatta has relatives in the Rochester, NY Police Department.

If Frank Casatta was black or Latino, his mugshot would have been released faster than you can say white privilege.

Law Enforcement Needs More Top Cops Like Monroe County, NY Sheriff Todd Baxter

Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn

By Davy V.

On August 29, 2017, Holly Colino, was in custody of the Monroe County, NY Sheriff’s Office in a  substation in Henrietta, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

Colino, who is accused of shooting and killing Megan Dix, who was eating lunch in her pickup truck at her Brockport, NY job, had been arrested just hours earlier by Monroe County, NY Sheriff’s deputies at a Henrietta, NY hotel, after she pointed a gun at a woman in a nearby parking lot.

Back at that Monroe County, NY Sheriffs substation, Holly Colino managed to slip out of handcuffs, and escape.

Immediately after Colinos’s escape, Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn, went into full damage control spin mode.

But not just damage control spin mode.

Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn completely downplayed the escape.

The escape of an accused killer who executed an innocent woman on her lunch break.

Former Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn 

“As the suspect was being taken into custody, she bolted from the investigators, and after a short chase, she was taken back into custody,” Sheriff O’Flynn told news media, after Colino was captured.

But O’Flynn left out a few important details surrounding Colino’s escape.

Like the fact that the accused killer was on the lose for several hours.

That’s right.

It was more than a “a short chase.”

Holly Colino was lose for several hours.

Not only was it not just “a short chase”, but Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn also didn’t mention the fact that his office had to request assistance from New York State Police, in the form of a NYS Police helicopter, in order to locate the accused killer.

Again, that doesn’t sound like “a short chase” to me.

The fact of the matter is that Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn knew his office and his deputies screwed up.

And as a result of that screw up, a killer had escaped.

But instead of owning his department’s screw up, Sheriff O’Flynn downplayed a killer’s escape and refused to be transparent with the public.

In other words, he lied.

And Sheriff O’Flynn also refused to take accountability.

Accused killer Holly Colino

Fast forward almost a year later, and there’s a new Sheriff in town.

No, literally, there’s a new Sheriff in town.

Monroe County, NY Sheriff Todd Baxter, who defeated O’Flynn last November.

And right away, Sheriff Todd Baxter, a former United States Army Drill Sergeant, who served years on the Rochester, NY Police Department, as well as serving as Greece, NY Police Chief, is showing that he’ll be a different kind of top cop.

Following an internal investigation after yet another embarrassing escape, this time by Aliyah Burden, a woman 9-months pregnant who managed to slip by a distracted Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy on April 30th, while she was being held in custody on petit larceny charges at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY, setting off an intense police manhunt which lasted several hours before she was finally caught in the hospital’s parking garage, Monroe County, NY Sheriff Todd Baxter owned his department’s and his deputy’s fuck up.

After the conclusion of the interval investigation, Sheriff Baxter decided that Monroe County, NY Sheriff officials at every level of the organization would be held accountable.

But not only did Monroe County, NY Sheriff Todd Baxter hold members of his department accountable, ordering new training for his deputies when dealing with prisoners, but Sheriff Baxter held himself accountable as well.

Because a Sheriff is an elected position, Baxter can’t suspend himself.

So in a symbolic gesture, Sheriff Baxter is donating one day’s salary to the family of a fallen deputy.

In essence, the move is a sort of self imposed one day suspension.

And as someone who has criticized the Good Ol’ Boys Club culture that still permeates law enforcement to this day, that’s a good start. 

You see, in taking accountability for his department, Monroe County, NY Sheriff Todd Baxter did something that former Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn never did in the      16 years that he was Sheriff.

Monroe County, NY Sheriff Todd Baxter held himself accountable, taking full responsibility for his department.

And that’s what true leadership is about.

And that’s what being a man is about.

Taking accountability.

And admitting when you and/or your officers are wrong.

And we need more of that in law enforcement.

Good job Sheriff Baxter.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Judge Blasts Rochester, NY Police Department After Cops Help Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Break into Domestic Violence Victim’s Home

Rochester, NY Police Officer Jim Laruez kicks in domestic violence victim’s door.

By Davy V.

Last November Rochester, NY Police Officer Korey McNees responded to a home in Rochester’s 19th Ward neighborhood, where an abusive ex-boyfriend who just hours earlier had run over his girlfriend Catherine Bonner’s foot, with his car, breaking it, was trying to gain access into the woman’s home.

Instead of protecting the woman, a victim of domestic abuse, Officer McNees encouraged the man to break into the home.

And it was all captured on video.

In the November 13, 2017 body cam video, not only does Rochester, NY Police Officer Korey McNees repeatedly tell Bonner’s ex-boyfriend that he can break into her home, but Officer McNees goes as far citing a New York State law which McNees says gives the man the right to break in.

At first, Bonner’s ex-boyfriend, whose name has not been released, seems hesitant to take Officer McNees’ advice, but after McNees continues to encourage the man to break in, he does just that, smashing out a window on the side of Bonner’s home.

Catherine Bonner’s ex-boyfriend smashes out her home’s window.

And that’s when things escalate.

Bonner sticks out a 9mm rifle out of the window.

Then Rochester, NY Police Officer Jim Laruez kicks in Bonner’s door.

Officer McNees can be seen going into the house, pointing his gun at Bonner.

Rochester Police Officers then conduct an unconstitutional, illegal, warrantless search of her home, where they find several firearms.

Rochester, NY Police Officer Jim Laruez 

Catherine Bonner is charged with menacing for what Rochester Police claim is she pointed the rifle at them.

Bonner is also charged with illegal possession of several firearms.

In the body cam video Rochester, NY Police Officer Korey McNees tells Bonner’s ex-boyfriend, “so let me tell you what New York State law says. New York State law says you live here... you have a right to kick the door in if you want to gain access.”

Only problem is no such law exists.

And Tuesday afternoon, a New York State Supreme Court Justice blasted the Rochester, NY Police Department.

“Officer McNees’ pronouncements as to New York Law, were, as far as this court can determine, without actual basis in New York Law,” New York State Supreme Court Justice Charles Schiano Jr. writes in his decision in a hearing after Bonner’s attorney made a motion to have evidence against her suppressed.

Justice Schiano’s decision continues:

“Moreover, this advisement was offered without any investigation into whether (the ex-boyfriend’s) claims were true. Worse, officers ignored information they learned in the course of the 24 minutes before (ex-boyfriend) broke the window that was contrary to his story or could have led them to exercise an appropriate level of restraint and caution in this situation.”

The information Justice Schiano refers to in his decision is the fact that during the 24-minute video, which has been edited for time, Catherine Bonner’s ex-boyfriend tells police about the domestic abuse, including having run Bonner’s foot over just hours earlier.

But yet despite this information, none of the Rochester, NY Police Officers including Korey McNees, and Officer Laruez who can be seen on the body cam video kicking in Bonner’s door, bothered to take the time to look up the incident report for the domestic abuse, and instead encouraged Bonner’s ex-boyfriend to break in her home.

And that’s the Rochester, NY Police Department.

The same corrupt police agency I’ve exposed for years.

Judge Charles Schiano Jr., ruled that evidence against Bonner, such as the firearms charges, would be suppressed because the search of Bonner’s residence by Rochester, NY Police was unconstitutional.

Neither Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, nor Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren have made a comment regarding this incident.

I will be updating this story.


Rochester, NY Police Officer Korey McNees as he repeatedly encourages abusive ex-boyfriend to break into woman’s home.

Ex-boyfriend breaking into woman’s home.

Ex-boyfriend smashes woman’s window.

Catherine Bonner sticks rifle out window after abusive ex-boyfriend breaks window.

Rifle barrel pointing out of broken window.

Rochester, NY Police Officer points gun at Catherine Bonner.

Rochester, NY Police Officer Jim Laruez kicks in Catherine Bonner’s door.

Rochester, NY Police hold domestic violence victim Catherine Bonner at gunpoint.