Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rochester, New York City Council Does Not Believe In The First Ammendment!



As a filmmaker and freelance writer, most of my work has centered around exposing the corrupt Rochester, New York Police Department and their long history of abusing and murdering unarmed innocent citizens! My films R.P.D. EXPOSED! and R.P.D.; Badges of DISHONOR, CORRUPTION and MURDER have been screened throughout the country, and are all over the internet.

This room has alot of memories. Especially of my Dad, Mario Vara a Community Activist who for years fought against Police Brutality and Misconduct. My Dad marched on these streets alongside Rev. Graves and Al Sharpton calling for a Civilian Review board with subpoena power! As a result of my Dad's work, the R.P.D. made his life miserable, constantly harassing and initimidating him. Unfortunately, my Dad fell into a bad depression and commited suicide in 1993.

Since 1985 I accompanied my Dad on Marches, Rallies, and Press Conferences.
That's over 25 years! And we still don't have a Civilian Review Board with Subpoena power!
I understand that yesterday, Adam, you announced a panel to look into these issues. And I thank you. It's a start, but we need more!

Emily Good's case is nothing new! The only reason why Rochester is in the world spotlight now is because Emily Good is white, and doesn't look like the typical Police Misconduct victim, who is African-American or Latino. And also, the fact that her video went viral thanks to Rochester Indymedia and video sharing sites like Youtube and BlipTV.

In 1997, before Youtube was around, I videotaped David Joseph, and other R.P.D. cops mistreating an African-American motorist during a traffic stop. Later, after the video aired on the news Nick Joseph came to my home and retaliated against me and my family for having videotaped his brother. He beat me and falsely arrested me. Later a Federal jury found that he and several other R.P.D. cops violated me and my brother's Civil rights and awarded us $ 149,000. The City of Rochester should have fired Nick Joseph, but didn't! Instead he went to work for Greece Police. We all know what happened with Nick Joseph after that!

The City of Rochester has paid out millions related to cases involving the R.P.D. I just finished a video exposing R.P.D. Locust Club President Mike Mazzeo's corrupt and violent past on the R.P.D. force. When Mazzeo was on trial in the early 90's along with members of the R.P.D.'s Hit Squad, the City of Rochester paid out over $ 1.6 million in Police Brutality settlements, including $ 625,000 to a man who was wrongfully incarcerated for two years. In August 1993, the city paid a total of $ 831,575 in legal fees! Again, all this related to the R.P.D.'s Hit Squad! Simply put, Rogue, Corrupt Rochester cops like the Joseph brothers, or like Mario Masic open the City of Rochester up to liability! And their actions should not be tolerated or accepted!

We have a problem, like Adam McFadden said, the R.P.D. is out of control! And it will only get worse! This isn't about Emily Good. This is bigger than that! It's even bigger than the cops on the steeet! This is about the Chief, All of you, and the Mayor! By not doing anything, you might as well give these Rogue cops a free pass to abuse innocent citizens, because that's exactly what they are doing!

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