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Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn and his Department Under an International Spotlight after Executing an Innocent Pet.

Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn.
Photo of Diablo laying in his driveway after being shot
in the back of his head and executed by Monroe County, N.Y.
Sheriff's deputies Shaun LeClair and Matt Clancy.
By Davy V.

On Friday June 1, 2012 around 11:30 p.m., Gary Brockler's beloved pet dog, Diablo, a blue pit whom Brockler had raised from a 3 month old puppy, was shot and killed by Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff's deputies, on Brockler's property in the Town of Penfield, a suburb of Rochester, New York.

The two Sheriff's deputies, whom Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn, has refused to release their names, fired at least four rounds at Diablo, with at least one of those rounds penetrating through the home's garage door, ricocheting off the cement floor then going through a window, nearly missing the house next door.

The Monroe County Sheriff's department, which initially stated that they were dispatched to Brockler's home for a call about a house party, changed their story less than 48 hours after the shooting, now saying that the reason they went to the Whitney Rd. home was for an illegally parked vehicle in front of the residence.

Gary Brockler, was in his living room watching a movie when he heard what he describes as several loud bangs. When he opened his front door and walked outside he saw several Monroe County Sheriff's deputies and his dog Diablo, laying in a pool of his own blood in the driveway.

When asked why it takes several officers for an illegally parked vehicle, O'Flynn stuttered, back pedalled, then stated "That is what I am trying to determine."

One very disturbing thing is the fact that it appears that 7 year old Diablo, was shot in the back of the head, indicating that he was retreating, and therefore contradicting Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn's claims that Diablo was charging at the deputies.

Described by many, as a beautiful, loving, well trained dog, neighbors who would drive by Brockler's home every day, are saddened that they will never again see what many have called "one of the most friendliest dogs ever."

Unfortunately, this is not the first case where local law enforcement has shot and killed innocent pets. In fact in a Rochester, New York Democrat and Chronicle newspaper article a couple of years ago, Rochester, New York, per capita, lead New York State as the city with the most police shootings of dogs.

Since 2009, the Rochester, New York Police department alone, has shot 78 dogs, killing 30. In most cases, people's pets have been shot and killed on their own property.

As is typically the case with police, especially after shooting and killing unarmed, innocent people, in an attempt to put their "spin" on unjust incidents such as this, the Monroe County Sheriff's department, under the leadership of Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn, has already started to cover up this injustice committed by their own by saying that Diablo, was "aggressive". It is their way of justifying their actions in their killing of an innocent dog, and a member of Mr. Brockler's family.

After this injustice, committed by the Monroe County Sheriff's department, I decided to put together two Rallies to not only denounce the execution of a beautiful dog by Monroe County Sheriff's deputies, but also to put the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, as well as all local law enforcement, including the Rochester, New York Police department, under a spotlight, by bringing attention to an issue which has become all too common- police killing innocent pets.

Thanks to Copblock.org, Diablo's story has gone international. On Sunday June 10th, Copblock livestreamed the second rally I held in front of the Monroe County Sheriff's Zone A Substation on Linden Ave., in the Town of Penfield, New York.

With people outraged over this injustice, the support for this innocent dog has been overwhelming. People from Atlanta, Arizona and California, have reached out to me to tell me they watched the Rally, and they support me standing up to this injustice.

The Monroe County Sheriff's department has come under heavy criticism, not only for the killing of an innocent, loving pet, but also for the reckless, irresponsible conduct of the two Monroe County Sheriff's deputies who fired off at least 4 rounds, which could have seriously injured or even killed innocent people sleeping in neighboring homes.

For years, the Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff's Office "Do The Right Thing" campaign has encouraged and acknowledged kids who "Do The Right Thing" and do good in school, while respecting adults and exhibiting good behavior...

Call or email Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn and his Lieutenant David Phelps and let them know what you think of this injustice! And tell them to live up to their own Slogan and...

Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn (585) 753-4178
e-mail: PO'Flynn@monroecounty.gov

Monroe County Sheriff Lieutenant Dave Phelps (585) 753-4816
e-mail: davidphelps@monroecounty.gov

Update: On Friday June 15, 2012 Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn, intentionally waiting for the weekend, announced that his deputies were justified in shooting and killing Diablo.

O'Flynn said, "They responded to the threat of the dog when it came out of the garage when they were up by the house and approached in an extremely aggressive manner and discharged the weapons as they're trained."

Currently, Police in New York State are trained to kill dogs as if they were a "sharp edged" object. Basically, this means police are trained to treat innocent pets like they were a "knife wielding suspect", and shoot to kill them!



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  1. I guess I will be the first to post Davy..I think that what happened to Diablo is terrible. I think that there should be better rules to handle K9's then treat them as weapons and shoot if you "feel" you're in danger. Who classifies what danger is? How can we prove that it was not the case if there is no guidelines? I think what you are doing is great by making Diablo's story known. Maybe then we can change the way of Officer's handling K9's. I know the sign on my front tree for Diablo has made officers aware that I am not going to sit and let this happen. I have seen many stop and read my sign, together we can all make a difference. There needs to be better training for officers to read k9 body language.