Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If You Believe in My Work, Please Support Me

As an independent, underground filmmaker, writer and activist exposing police misconduct and corruption for the past 15 plus years, people always ask me how they can help.

I don't make a penny with my work. I have stood up for many, and been a voice for those scared to speak out.

Whether it's exposing trigger happy cops who have executed innocent family pets, or innocent, mentally ill persons such as Israel "Izzy" Andino who was executed by 7 Rochester, NY Police officers on his 20th birthday, I am always there, calling out these rogue, corrupt police officers, and exposing their corrupt actions.

I'm always asked where do I get my passion for exposing injustices... The answer is my Dad. My father Mario Vara, was a community activist here in Rochester who for years worked hard to expose police misconduct and corruption. I used to tag along with my Dad to Rallies and Marches and to City Council meetings at City Hall where my Dad demanded that the Mayor and City Council did their jobs as elected officials and hold police accountable. I think my Dad, having come from Cuba, became really disillusioned to see that here, in the United Stares of America, the police also misused and abused their power.

As a result of my Dad's work, the Rochester, N.Y. Police department would harass and intimidate him constantly. Unfortunately, my Dad fell into a deep depression and committed suicide while me and my mom were home.

After my Dad's death, I decided to follow in his footsteps and become a voice against injustices.

Whether it's exposing injustices such as police executing a mentally ill person, or police coming to someone's home and shooting their innocent family dog, I am always working to put these stories out there, which usually are ignored by mainstream media.

Recently I have received several death threats. This tells me I am doing something right and that my work, especially as a writer writing this blog, is hitting a nerve, in those who choose to violate the oath they swore to uphold.

As a single dad of three young children my income is limited. There are always things I could use for my work. For example I could use a better, updated video camera and a laptop computer to be able to upload/post photos, videos etc. when I'm working out on the streets.

If you believe in my work, please support me.

Whether it's $ 1.00 or $ 5.00 everything helps.

Please support my work by clicking on the "Donate" button at the top right of my blog and entering your donation. (All donations are secure and are through PayPal.)

Thank you.