Friday, September 21, 2012

Hamlet, Indiana Police officer Kyle Hinds Executes Puppy in Front of Family, Shooting him a Total of Six Times

By Davy V.
September 21, 2012 5:56 PM ET

On Saturday, September 15, 2012 Hamlet Indiana Police officer Kyle Hinds stopped by Kenny Schoff's home to ask questions about a car that was parked nearby.

Schoff stepped out onto his porch, along with his puppy "Rosco" to answer officer Hinds' questions.

Rosco started barking at the Hinds.

Officer Hinds then pulled out his gun and shot Rosco.

“Within five seconds of Rosco coming out, he pulled his gun and shot him three times in the back without saying can you please put your dog in the house or anything,” explains Kenny Schoff. “He didn’t' say one word. He just pulled out his gun, just pulled out his gun and shot my dog, without being bite.”

One of Schoff's neighbors, Jean McNeill, who was working in her yard, saw the whole incident.

“I just saw blood and guts in the air and then I saw, by then I stood up, I was in shock and I saw Kenny holding his head and going why did you shoot the dog?” said McNeill.

Officer Hinds shot Rosco, a pitbull puppy  a total of six times.

Rosco was shot three times on the porch, twice on the porch steps and once in the head.

Hamlet, Indiana Police released a statement saying that officer Hinds believed the "pit-bull" was going to bite him.

The Hamlet Police department has cleared officer Kyle Hinds of any wrongdoing, claiming he had no other option but to protect himself.

"I turned and saw saw his dog's rear end explode, and it was horrific," said the neighbor.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new, and just another example of police coming to people's homes and killing their dogs in front of them, then police departments justifying their officers actions.

In looking for the name of the Chief of the Hamlet, Indiana Police department, I saw Kyle Hinds name next to the title of "Deputy Chief."

Call the Hamlet, Indiana Police department, or email Kyle Hinds directly at the email I have posted below.

Hamlet, Indiana Police department (574) 867-2623

Deputy Chief Kyle Hinds email:

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