Monday, November 19, 2012

City of Rochester, NY Denies my FOIL Request for the Name of RPD Officer Caught on Video Kicking her K-9 Partner

Rochester, NY City Attorney Jeffrey Eichner
By Davy V.

After waiting more than a month, and getting a run-around, the City of Rochester, NY has denied my FOIL request which I filed on October 12, 2012 asking for the name of the RPD officer caught on video kicking her K-9  partner.

When I called the City of Rochester, I first spoke with Ms. Sylvia Rossello who informed me that my FOIL request had been denied.

When I asked her why it was she denied she stated for "Confidential information.'

When I asked her who denied the request, Ms. Rossello would only say "my contact in the law department is Jefferey Eichner."

I called Eichner and he stumbled and stuttered throughout our entire conversation, at one point even acting as if he had misunderstood my very clear FOIL request.

Eichner indicated that Rochester, NY Communications director Gary Walker was behind the denial.

I have placed a call to Mr. Gary Walker's officer and will be updating this post.

Here is the link to my original story on the RPD officer mistreating her K-9 partner

Click Play below to hear the entire recorded phone conversation with Jeffrey Eichner.

Here is the link to my original story on the RPD officer mistreating her K-9 partner

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