Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rochester, NY Police officers Execute Man's Dog after he Begs them Not to Shoot his Best Friend

By Davy V.
January 23, 2013 4:57 pm

In the early morning of May 25, 2012 Terry Cash and his 3 year old Pit bull terrier Rah were on their way to their home on Electric Avenue in Rochester, NY.

Terry's friend Joelle was driving.

A few feet from Terry's house, Terry noticed a Rochester, NY Police car going in the opposite direction.

The officer driving turned his head sharply, looking at Terry and his friend.

Then, before Terry and his dog had a chance to get out of the car, several Rochester Police cars rolled up behind them.

With spotlights shining on Terry and his friend, several officers approached with guns drawn.

The reason for the stop?

Supposedly, police were looking for three men who had shot up a house and according to them, Joelle's car fit a description of a car the men were seen in.

First, Terry's friend was taken out and walked back to a police car and placed in the back seat.

Next, officers ordered Terry to get out of the car.

"They made me lift my shirt up," said Terry, before adding, "I then asked them if I could put my dog in my yard, and a Sergeant looked at me and said no."

A neighbor's daughter, who was on her front porch watching the whole Incident, asked police if she could take Rah, but police gave her the same reply they gave Terry -- "No."

"At that point they handcuffed me, and I told them, please don't shoot my dog, then one of the officers, a short-haired blonde one, said 'We may shoot you." said Terry.

Terry was then taken to a police cruiser and also placed in the back.

The officer who placed him in the car then sits up front, and Terry asks the officer to please let the other officers allow his neighbor's daughter, who knows Rah, to take her in the house.

"He totally ignored me," said Terry.

"Sitting there knowing I didn't do anything wrong, I thought everything would be ok, but they did everything I thought they were going to do."

Despite Terry begging the officers several times to please allow his neighbor's daughter to get Rah and put her in his house, officers sent Joelle, who was not as familiar with the dog, to go and get her from the car.

"As I was in the back seat of the police car, I could see that at least five to six officers were standing as in a line, behind Joelle's car, like they were waiting," Terry said.

What happens next is very disturbing,

As Joelle reached in the car to get Rah, who was in the back seat, Rah, looking for Terry, pulled away from her.

"She was non-aggressive, walking, looking for her owner, I raise and train my dogs to be non-aggressive." said Terry.

Then, a female RPD officer yelled "Dog!"

As I sat with Terry, his eyes started to well-up with tears, as he struggled to get the next sentence out.

"They opened fire. The first shot hit her in the lower leg. Rah then ran toward the car I was in, looking for me, and they had a field day shooting her, they kept shooting her, six or seven times." Terry said, his eyes full of tears.

"She made it to the car I was in, before she dropped, right next to the rear door of the police car, then a dark-haired officer stood over her and shot her again with his shotgun."

Terry says that as he sat in the police car, the officers were joking with one another about shooting his best friend Rah, about who missed and who got a good hit.

After leaving him in the back of the police car for at least another hour, with his best friend laying dead on the street, on the other side of that police car's door, RPD officers finally let Terry out after telling him to calm down.

Calm down?

His beloved dog has just been executed in front of him and these thugs with badges tell him to calm down?

After calling Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard at least three times, and never receiving a call back, Sheppard shows up one day, with another RPD official driving an unmarked Chevy Impala.

They pull up in front of a house next door to Terry's.

Terry approaches the vehicle hoping to finally get to talk to Chief Sheppard, but when he taps on the driver's window, the car pulls off.

Minutes later, several RPD cruisers surround Terry.

Officers get out, and approach Terry as they are putting on black leather gloves.

They ask Terry about calls he made to Chief Sheppard's office and ask him if he has plans to harm someone or himself.

Terry explains that after calling several times to speak with Chief Sheppard, and leaving several messages and never hearing back from anyone, he is not going to let it all just be forgotten about, but that he doesn't have any intentions of harming himself or anyone else, and has no idea what the officers are talking about.

The officers then leave.

Terry contacted Rochester area news media.

"I called every news channel in Rochester, all of them told me they were not interested." Terry said.

Then Terry looks at me, eyes still full of tears and says, "My ex passed away recently, and until then we had plans to get back together, Rah was more than just a dog, she was was the last connection that me and my ex had.

After filing a complaint with the RPD's internal affairs division, meeting with Ron Malley and Investigator Snow, where they taped the interview, and being assured that they would have answers for him within 6 months, Terry has not heard one word.

I have contacted City of Rochester, NY Communications Director, Mr. Gary Walker requesting all incident reports from this case, including the names of all of the RPD officers involved, and I will be updating this story.

Rah's story, is the fourth I have exposed of an innocent family dog executed by police in the Rochester, NY area in only 8 months.



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