Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is Rochester, NY Police officer Melanie Rivera behind a Facebook Page Attacking a Child?

Rochester, NY Police officer
Melanie Rivera
By Davy V.

Some Rochester, NY Police officers are just not too smart.

Take for example, Rochester, NY Police officer Melanie Rivera.

One would think that after my February 15, 2013 piece titled "Rochester, NY Police Department: Tax Payer Dollars at Work", in which I wrote about RPD officer Melanie Rivera not taking her job serious, by taking photos of herself on the job and posting them to social media, WHILE ON DUTY, that she would get the message.

But apparently she didn't.

Enter Frank Yuyito Velazquez, or at least that's what his facebook user name is.

Frank Yuyito Velazquez?
Velazquez is what you call a troll.

Ever since I created my new Facebook page "Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed", Velazquez has been bombarding me with harassing messages, and comments.

In fact, in a post written just a few days ago, referring to his plans to start a facebook page about me, Velazquez wrote, "Once I confirm this to protect myself from libel, im bout to blow up your spot kiddo, and expose you..."

So I wasn't really surprised when someone contacted me to tell me that Velazquez had made good on his promise.

What I was surprised at was to learn that Velazquez is related to Rochester, NY Police officer Melanie Rivera.

Now let me make one thing clear, as an activist, writer, and filmmaker exposing police misconduct and corruption for the last 17 years, I'm used to controversy.

I've learned to have tough skin.

You have to.

I mean, I expose dirty cops.

What I will never get used to however, is anyone attacking my children.

It has never happened.

Until now.

Velazquez posted photos of my son, a minor, with some offensive, disturbing comments.

And that's a violation.

They say that even the worst, most hardened criminals in prison have a code.


Leave kids out of anything.

DO NOT involve children.

DO NOT violate children.

Real men have morals, ethics, and a certain respect code.

A sort of 'Don't go there' code.

A certain line you DO NOT cross.

One of my all-time favorite actors, Al Pacino, playing Tony Montana in the movie Scarface shows this when he refuses to blow a car up because the intended target's children are in the vehicle.

"I told you, no kids!", Tony Montana says.

Apparently neither RPD officer Rivera, or her relative Frank Yuyito Velazquez abide by that respect code of NOT involving children.

I also have reason to believe that officer Rivera is accessing the RPD's database to provide her family with my private information.

Since I know that City of Rochester, NY and Rochester Police department officials follow my work, I certainly hope they will look into officer Rivera's conduct, including any further retaliation on her part, simply because I exposed her conduct as a public servant.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing is the fact that it seems as if Rochester, NY Police officer Melanie Rivera, is not only behind the facebook page, but officer Rivera also approves of photos of my son, an innocent child, a minor, posted on the page, along with offensive comments directed at a child.

If Rochester, NY Police officer Melanie Rivera is behind any of this, that should be very disturbing to Rochester City officials.

For not only does she seem to be condoning personal attacks of a minor, by not telling her relative to remove the photos of my son, but officer Rivera could potentially expose her employer, the City of Rochester to liability.

Interestingly enough, by condoning the actions of her relative, RPD officer Rivera and her family, including her mother, who herself posted a comment on the page featuring my son's photo, are proving that what I have said for years, is true.

That the Rochester, NY Police department, is out of control.

And that is exactly why my Facebook page "Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed" exists.

And that is exactly why I do what I do.

Expose dirty, corrupt cops.

Dirty, corrupt cops who give good cops, a bad name.

Attack my work all you want officer Rivera.

Disagree with my views.

But leave my children out of it.

You see, as critical as I am, and have been about certain Rochester, NY Police officers, I HAVE NEVER, and I WOULD NEVER, involve their children!

Note: In order to avoid giving these individuals any more attention, which is what they are obviously looking for, I intentionally did not mention the name of the Facebook page, or the disgusting comments made against my son.

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