Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Caught Misusing Taxpayer Resources by Driving out to Kid's Football Game in Ogden, NY

By Davy V.
Rochester, NY Police Sergeant
at Ogden, NY football game.
(RPD cruiser is parked in upper left of photo)

A few days ago, on my Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed Facebook page, I posted a photo of RPD officer Kevin Radke and Sgt. David Joseph traveling into Gates, NY to eat lunch, wasting taxpayer dollars on gas.

The very next day, Greece, NY Police Chief Todd Baxter and his Captain Patrick Phelan, both on duty, were seen at El Latino Restaurant, where they enjoyed an almost 2 hour lunch.

El Latino is located more than 9 miles from Greece Police headquarters.

While the photo pf RPD Sgt. Joseph and officer Radke, and the Greece, Police piece were very well received by many, there were the usual trolls and haters who felt it was ridiculous to criticize RPD officers going into a town which is right next to Rochester.

As a result of my posting the RPD and Greece incidents, I was contacted by a Monroe County resident who follows my Facebook page, and who shared something very interesting with me.

Last summer, the young woman was at her brother's football game in the Town of Ogden, NY
when she noticed a parent who stood out from the crowd a bit.

While at first the young woman though It was a Rochester, NY Police officer, after I received the two photos to the right that she sent me, I immediately saw the three 'Chevron' stripes on his sleeve, indicating a rank of Sergeant.

Dressed in full uniform, the RPD Sgt. had driven out at least 15 miles to Ogden.

Instead of me writing what she told me in her email, I've decided to publish her email, with her name removed of course, to protect her identity.

"Here are the pics I was telling you about.

These pictures were taken last summer 2012. I was at my little brother’s pee-wee football g in Ogden, NY, quite aways from the city. I know some people have argued places like Gates are just right at the tip of Rochester, but there is no denying Ogden is definitely out of Rochester. (I know there aren’t any structures to indicate it but you can see the Greece uniform on the little girl, we were definitely not in Rochester).
Rochester, NY Police Sergeant
in center right of photo.

It was a little chilly outside so I think that’s coffee in his hand. I’m not bothered when cops have to run quick errands; post office, returning a library book and things like that, we all have to and it’s not easy to get to them outside of work times. It only takes a few minutes and they would stillavailable if we needed them, but if you’re in Ogden, there is no way you can respond to an emergency at an appropriate time!

I assume he’s here to watch his kid’s game, but it really doesn’t matter. He obviously wasn't there for police business. If he was off-duty, then why is he still in uniform, and in possession of his police car? In the second photo, you can see the police car on the upper left.

This is just another example of the RPD wasting tax-payers money for personal enjoyment. Also, I know everyone has different views about guns, if you’re on-duty and you’re carrying, that’s one thing. If you’re off-duty and carrying, then you’re just another idiot with a gun, in a park full of kids, black kids. I’m guessing he was on-duty, but then he shouldn’t have been there. If he was off-duty, then his wear is misleading and dangerous. Either way, he shouldn’t have been there."
Rochester, NY Police Sergeant
at Ogden, NY football game.

Ok, as someone who has been exposing police misconduct and corruption for almost two decades, and who has more video surveillance cameras set up in my home and car than there are in Fort Knox, I see this ALL the time.

Unfortunately it's nothing new.

In fact, in Miami, Florida, my second hometown, police officers abuse their authority and misuse taxpayer dollars, wasting gas to conduct personal errands, every day.

I have no doubt this Rochester, NY Police Sgt. was on duty.

In fast, I happen to know he was.

This time he just happened to get caught by a very smart young woman, who did exactly what I always tell people.


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