Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rochester, NY Police Department: a Photo Collage of Taxpayer Dollars at Work

By Davy V.

A few snapshots of Rochester, NY taxpayer dollars at work.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

This photo shows 8 Rochester, NY Police officers
on top of the Public Safety building.
The photo was taken by RPD officer Eliud Rodriguez.

Rochester, NY Police officer Melanie Rivera,
is more interested in taking photos to upload to social media,
and giving her friends ride-alongs, than she is in her job.
After I posted this photo and featured it in a piece I wrote,
officer Rivera's relative posted photos of my son, a minor,
on the internet along with disturbing comments.
Rivera's relatives also made documented threats.
Despite me contacting Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard
regarding officer Rivera's retaliation, approving of her relative's threats,
and posting photos of a minor on the internet, Chief Sheppard ignored my calls.

This photo shows two elderly, disabled people struggling in their
motorized scooters in cold winter.
The photo was taken by Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Nelson Soto
from inside his warm police cruiser.
RPD Sgt. Soto then posted the photo on the internet with the title
"4 Wheel Drive Wheelchairs."

This photo shows a Rochester, NY Police officer
texting on his phone, in what seems to be a very popular hangout
for RPD officers, a Mobil gas station located at the corner of
Culver Rd. and University Ave. in Rochester.

Two Rochester, NY Police officers hanging out at the same Mobil gas station.

Rochester, NY Police officers hanging out at same Mobil gas station.

Two Rochester, NY Police east side cruisers parked outside same Mobil gas station
at Culver Rd. and University Ave., left running, as you can see by the smoke coming from the exhaust.

Two Rochester, NY Police cruisers parked in front of same Mobil gas station.
Day or night, RPD officers hang out inside, killing time.

Rochester, NY Police officer driving cruiser 5743
speeding on 590 North near Pittsford, NY,
on way to drop a female passenger off.

Rochester, NY Police cruiser TAC57 illegally parked next to fire hydrant.

Rochester, NY Police cruiser E-57 illegally parked in NO PARKING zone.

Rochester, NY Police cruiser TAC65 illegally parked in NO PARKING zone.

On duty Rochester, NY Police officers attend an Erotic Sex Festival
and take photos of strippers on pole.

Rochester, NY Police officers share a laugh in lingerie section
at Erotic Sex Festival.
"Watch, I'm going to send the Chief a photo!"

Rochester, NY Police officer checking out lingerie,
while on phone, on taxpayer's dime.
"Honey, can we try the beads tonight?"

Nothing like talking about S&M and getting paid for it.

Rochester, NY Police officers at the Whips presentation:
"Next time, you have to whip it before you spit on it!"

Click Play to watch a video in which Rochester, NY Police officer Antonio Gonzalez, along with other RPD officers, make fun of a mentally-ill man, dressed in a martial arts uniform, as they video record him.

Afterwards, RPD officer Gonzalez posted the video on the internet and titled it "Name that Crackhead"

Rochester, NY Police officers Antonio Gonzalez, Josue Traverzo, and Luis Hernandez, then disclosed an address where the man could be found, while continuing to ridicule him online.

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