Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Names and Faces Behind Rochester's Crook Book Newspaper

Rochester's Crook Book
By Tanya Martinez

A few days ago, Davy V. wrote a piece titled 'Is R.P.D. Behind Rochester's Crook Book Newspaper?', after several people contacted him asking if Rochester, NY Police officers were behind the paper which features mugshots of individuals accused of crimes in Monroe County, NY.

After that piece went live, an individual came forward saying that he knew one of the persons behind Rochester's Crook Book.

Michael Robinson.

Robinson owns Printed Deals, a magazine which features advertising, and coupons for local Rochester, NY area businesses.

Mr. Robinson then posted a comment on Facebook denying any involvement with Rochester's Crook Book, and then something interesting happened,
Michael Robinson

Enter Andy Abarca, Michael Robinson's friend.

Abarca obviously has no respect for women, as he posted the following comments directed at me.

"Tanya loves cock"

"Look me up.... I skeet on bitches named Tanya"

Andy Abarca also posted this comment "Im also the creator of crook book"

Andy Abarca
An Internet search shows that Andy Abarca owns a business called RawSaw, which offers communications services, such as satellite dishes.

Listings for RawSaw include Stone Rd. in Greece, NY as well as Marway Circle in Gates, NY, which is also the same address for Robinson's business, Printed Deals Magazine.

Another Internet search resulted in the name Marc DiFrancesco.

DiFrancesco is listed in as being the President of PGS Printing in Brockport, NY.
Andy Abarca's disgusting comments

Marc DiFrancesco is also listed on Linkedin as "Co-Owner at Rochester's crookbook."

As Davy V. mentioned in his piece, Rochester's Crook Book newspaper clearly make it a point not to include any information such as founders, editors, publishers, etc.

Marc DiFrancesco
It's only right that of these individuals are going to profit off crime in the Rochester, NY and Monroe County area, by selling their newspapers chock full of mugshots, that the community knows who the names and faces behind Rochester's Crook Book are.

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