Thursday, August 1, 2013

After Pulling me Over, Brighton, NY Police officer Shows his Sense of Humor, when he Realizes who he Stopped

Brighton, NY Police officer James Tumbiolo's cruiser,
after he pulled me over.
Photo by Davy V.
By Davy V.

Less than a week after posting a video of, and writing about Brighton, NY Police Chief Mark Henderson's unprofessional conduct at an anti-abortion protest, I was pulled over by a Brighton Police officer.

As I was driving down Monroe Avenue near Highland Avenue, Brighton Police officer James Tumbiolo, who was driving in the opposite direction on Monroe Avenue, turned around in a driveway near Cobbs Hill Park, and proceeded to follow me.

Officer Tumbiolo, who was a couple of vehicles behind me, then sped up, crossing into the opposite lane of traffic on Highland Avenue, before crossing back into my lane, at which point he turned his lights on, pulling me over.

As you can see in the video below, officer Tumbiolo immediately lets out a laugh as soon as he approaches the vehicle, and sees who he just pulled over, before asking me "How's it going?"

As I always do, I then inform officer Tumbiolo that I'm video recording, to which he replies "No problem."

I then ask officer Tumbiolo why he stopped me, to which he replies that my rear brake lights were out.

I go on to tell officer Tumbiolo that after my incident with Chief Henderson, "I am making sure everything is on the up and up."

Officer Tumbiolo then laughs before saying "I recognize you now."

By officer Tumbiolo's reaction as soon as he approached my vehicle, I don't believe he intentionally targeted me, or knew who he was pulling over.

I truly think he was just doing his job.

Yes, I do think it's a bit much to come after someone in the manner he did, for what is essentially an equipment violation, but I'm actually thankful he did, as I had no idea my car had no brake lights, as I was on vacation, and had not driven the vehicle in over a month.

Officer Tumbiolo is one example of the many professional, courteous police officers who work for the Brighton, NY Police department.

Not only was officer Tumbiolo professional, even after my advising him of my video recording, but he showed he has a sense of humor, as was evident by his laughter when he realized who he had pulled over.

And a good sense of humor, is nice, as it's not something often seen in law enforcement officers.

After driving away, I went straight to my mechanic, who installed new light bulbs.

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