Monday, September 9, 2013

Rochester, NY Police officer Garcia Shows that Badges Do Grant Extra Rights

Rochester, NY Police officer Garcia (right),
eats lunch with fellow officer.
By Davy V.

At first look, the photo on the right seems quite innocent.

Two Rochester, NY Police officers sitting at a table, having lunch.

However it's not that photo that's worth a thousand words.

It's the photo below that one.

That Rochester Police cruiser "E-41", belongs to RPD officer Garcia, the male officer sitting at the table.

Rochester, NY Police officer Garcia was too lazy to find a parking spot at a Wegmans Food Market on East Avenue, in Rochester, NY, on Monday, like his fellow officer did, so he decided instead, to park where ever he wanted.

Rochester, NY Police officer Garcia's "E-41" Cruiser,
parked in an area not designated for parking.
So officer Garcia parked his cruiser an area typically reserved for vehicle loading, and not intended for parking.

Rochester Police officer Garcia then served himself Chinese food, sat down, and had lunch, not caring that while other tax paying citizens parked their vehicles in a legal parking space, he did not.

Because he didn't have to.

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