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Rochester, NY City Council President Lovely Warren "Unfollows" Individual who has been Stalking me and My Children

By Davy V.

Rochester, NY City Council President and Mayoral Candidate Lovely Warren wasted no time in quickly distancing herself from Justin Bainter, the Rochester man who since at least February has been obsessed with me and my work exposing police misconduct and corruption.

Justin Bainter has been engaging in a series of disturbing actions and behavior, including stalking my children at their elementary school, and posting photos of them online.

Just a few hours after I wrote about Lovely Warren "following" Bainter on his Twitter account, Warren, who won Rochester's Mayoral primary last month, "unfollowed" Bainter.

Here's my original post:

Davy V.
Rochester, NY City Council President
and Mayoral Candidate Lovely Warren

Why is Rochester, NY City Council President Lovely Warren, who is well on her way to becoming Rochester's first woman Mayor, be "following" a disturbed individual on Twitter, named Justin Bainter, who has been stalking me and my minor children?

Since at least early February of this year, Justin Bainter, who claims to be friends with Rochester, NY Police officers, has been completely obsessed with me and my work exposing police misconduct and corruption, mostly on behalf of the Rochester, NY Police department.

It all seemed to have started after I wrote a series of posts titled "Rochester, NY Taxpayer Dollars at Work".

The posts focused on putting a spotlight on something taxpayers don't get to see, how their taxpayer dollars are misused by Rochester, NY Police officers.

The first few pieces I wrote, focused on a select group of RPD officers hanging out, sometimes for several hours at a time, at a Mobil gas station located on the corner of Culver Rd. and University Ave. on Rochester's east side.

Justin Bainter thanks Lovely Warren
for following him on Twitter.
Well, it turns out that Justin Bainter works as a manager, for Malcho's, which not only owns the Mobil gas station, but also owns at least one more, located at 619 Monroe Ave., where Bainter works.

Soon after my posts, I began receiving disturbing emails and messages on social media sites like Facebook and, as well as other sites I write for.

Jusin Bainter

Now don't get me wrong, as a strong advocate of free speech, at first Bainter's comments, were nothing more than that, his right to express his disagreement with my work, and his right to express his obvious "pro-police" stance, and that was fine with me.

In fact I welcome people expressing their points of view, even if they disagree with what I say.

If nothing else, it shows me that my work is having its intended effect, which in part is to create awareness, and in turn start a dialogue, get people thinking, and get them involved, regardless of their stance.

However, Bainter's behavior, and actions, quickly took a disturbing turn.

In early May, as I was getting ready to cross the street to pick up my children from their elementary school, Justin Bainter, driving his navy blue Chevy S-10 blazer, accelerated, almost hitting me, while yelling loud screams out of his driver's window.

I proceeded to get my children, thinking that Bainter had kept going.

He hadn't.

Bainter was parked across the street from the school, watching me walk my children to the car, before he sped off.

Then, on May 10, 2013, Justin Bainter posted the comment on the right, on

In the weeks and months that followed, Justin Bainter continues to show that he is obsessed with me, and my children.

Not only has Justin Bainter shown that he simply can't control himself or his actions, posting photos of my children on social media, but he has continued to show up at my children's school, and then posts comments on sites such as twitter, saying he will continue to do so.

Just last week, Bainter posted a disturbing photo of my father, who committed suicide in 1993, with the caption "Davy V's coward ass bitch Father that blew his own head off rather then live life with Davy as a son!"

Bainter then posted several more photos of my children, and even a photo of my mother, who has dementia.

Despite Justin Bainter continuing to post disturbing comments and photos of my family, there's something else which is equally, if not more disturbing.

The fact that it seems as though the Rochester, NY Police department is enabling Justin Bainter.

Let me explain.

Even though for the past 18-plus years I have been a very outspoken critic of the Rochester, NY Police department, there were a few members of the RPD who I felt I could trust.

Members such as Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Jeremy Lindauer, who in the past, told me not to hesitate to contact him should I have any issue.

Well, since Justin Bainter started his sick obsession with me and my children, I have attempted to reach out to Lt. Lindauer at least a half a dozen times.

RPD Lt. Lindauer has never returned my calls, despite my leaving him detailed messages describing the situation involving Bainter.

On several occasions, since May, I have contacted the Rochester City School District, who were first informed of Justin Bainter's behavior, by the principal of my children's school.

After the first time Justin Bainter parked in front of the school and watched as I walked with my children to the car, the principal assured me that she had spoken with the district, and that they would be sending a security team out to monitor the situation in case Bainter showed up again,

No one ever came out.

In fact, just last week, after I contacted Ms. Lori Baldwin, Security Director for the Rochester City School District, Ms. Baldwin admitted to me that she never sent a team out, despite her telling the principal she would.
Lori Baldwin
Rochester, NY City School District
Director of Security

"Mr. Vara, I only have two security teams, and they were tied up on another matter, and they couldn't make it out," Baldwin said.

Baldwin, a former member of the Rochester Police department, then asked me some information about Bainter, and told me she would be in touch with the school principal.

A couple of days later, the principal told me that the district finally sent a team out who did a "sweep" of the school.

The principal also told me she conducted a "lockdown drill", with the students.

After Justin Bainter posted more photos of my children online, I once again called Ms. Baldwin.

Unable to reach her, I spoke with "Simone" who after explaining the entire situation to her, asked me, "So what do you want us to do about it?"
One of Justin Bainter's early comments

I was speechless.

Simone then told me to contact Rochester Police.

I tried to explain to her that I have tried to do that, but as a result of my work, the Rochester Police has refused to get involved.

Simone then said "Well perhaps you should work on improving your relationship with the department," then hung up on me.

Then, this past Friday, I spoke with Rochester Police Sgt. Mark Mura about Justin Bainter.

I shared with Sgt. Mura not only Bainter's behavior, but also what Bainter has repeatedly bragged about, his affiliation with Rochester Police.

Not only did Sgt. Mura assure me that he didn't know who Justin Bainter was, and that he had never heard of him, but Mura also told me that he would personally direct one of his officers to at the very least write up an incident report documenting Bainter's actions.

Sgt. Mura told me "Davy, I will not treat you any different than I would anyone else, no matter who you are, or what you do."

Mura told me that one of his officers would be contacting me.

No one ever did.

Then, a day after I spoke with RPD Sgt. Mura, Justin Bainter posted a comment on Minority Reporter, saying, "You TRIED to call in a false report yesterday!!!... You spoke with a Sgt. correct?..."

Bainter's comment is proof that he in fact does have some sort of relationship with the Rochester Police department.

How else would Bainter know I spoke with a Sgt.?

Now, one may say, well, his comment may mean that someone from the RPD maybe spoke with him and told him to stop his behavior.

That's not the case.

Wednesday morning, I spoke with RPD Sgt. Mura.

I asked Sgt. Mura had he, or any other RPD officer spoken to Bainter.

Sgt. Mura told me "No."

I then read Bainter's comment to Sgt. Mura, then asked him how would Bainter know about my conversation with him.

Sgt. Mura then hung the phone up on me.

I called and asked for a Lieutenant to call me.

No one ever called me back.

Meanwhile, Justin Bainter continues to exhibit traits of a psychopath.
Justin Bainter shooting his .45

Unable to control himself and his actions, even sending posting a message, mocking my putting him on notice that if he continued to stalk my children, he would be arrested.

As you can see in the screenshots to the right, Justin Bainter writes "So @DavyVara said I was going  to be arrested today, guess that was a lie, RPD officers got to laugh at #davyv #ROC"

In another twitter message Bainter writes, "It's Monday! And yeah, no cuffs on these hands lol! What a liar you are. I was pulling for you, even held my hands out for it..."

Then, in yet another message, showing he continues to stalk my children at school, Bainter writes, "@DavyVara Did I mention I drove where YOU told me not to also? Just to give them the chance? And well...I'm here, so we see how that went."

But perhaps the best proof that the Rochester, NY Police department is enabling Justin Bainter, is the message below, which he posted on Twitter.

So why would Lovely Warren, who I have openly criticized for her refusal to denounce the Rochester, NY Police department's long history of racial profiling, abusing, and in some cases even murdering unarmed, innocent African-Americans and Latinos, be following Justin Bainter?

Does Warren condone Bainter's disturbing behavior, especially stalking my children at their elementary school?


The photo below, is from one of Justin Bainter's many facebook pages, "Justin Peace."

The photo shows three African-American women in water, next to hippos, with the caption "AT THE BEACH WITH MY BESTIES"

This is the disturbed, racist individual that Lovely Warren was "following" on Twitter.

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