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Rochester, NY Police officer Jeffrey Nobles Tells Woman "Get the fuck off the bus you cunt!", Then Pulls her Off Bus by her Hair

Rochester, NY Police officer Jeffrey Nobles
threatening to arrest woman for video recording hi
By Davy V.

One day last September, Rochester, NY Police officer Jeffrey Nobles saw Sherry Findley and her friend standing at a bus stop in front of a Dunkin' Donuts on Monroe Avenue.

"He walked up to us and asked us where we were heading and said 'Would you like a ride home because you look cold', said Findley.

"We accepted because we saw that he was on duty."

When Findley and her friend got into Nobles' RPD cruiser, it became clear to her and her friend that officer Nobles had an ulterior motive behind offering the two women a ride.

"He told is we were two beautiful ladies, then he proceeded to tell us his life story", said Findley.

"He told us he was recently divorced, then went on to tell us how he was going to move to Florida when he retired." Findley said, adding, "Then he started talking about how the younger Rochester Police officers are corrupt."

"When we arrived at 625 University Avenue, officer Nobles gave us each his card with his personal phone number on it, and told us that if we ever needed anything or just wanted to talk, to give him a call, but we never did."
Card Rochester, NY Police officer Jeffrey Nobles
gave to Sherri Findley.
Nobles also gave Findley's friend a card.

Fast forward to Saturday November 16th, Sherry Findley is waiting for an RTS bus in front of Strong Memorial Hospital.

The bus speeds past Findley's stop.

Findley runs after the bus, then, when she finally catches up to it, she knocks on the door.

When the driver of the bus, John Thomas, opens the door for Findley, she proceeds to tell him that he was supposed to stop at her bus stop, and according to Findley, a verbal altercation ensues, at which time Thomas tells Findley to get off the bus.

"I informed him that I was not getting off the bus", Findley said.

"Another passenger then stepped in and stated that the bus driver was allowing other passengers off on unscheduled stops, and that's why he didn't stop at the stop I was at."

"At this point I went and took a seat on the bus and the bus driver quickly stopped the bus and said he was not going to move until I got off the bus."

"I told him I would wait for the arrival of a supervisor, as I had done nothing wrong, and at this point a University Of Rochester security guard arrived on the scene, followed by two Rochester Police officers."

"That's when Rochester Police officer Jeff Nobles yelled at me 'Get the fuck off the bus', and I said no."

"I told him that I was waiting for the RTS supervisor, and officer Nobles yelled at me 'Get the fuck off the bus you cunt!', I tried to tell him that I did not do anything wrong", said Findley.

"And that's when officer Nobles grabbed my hair, and pulled me by my ponytail off the bus while verbally abusing me with all types of nasty words."

"Officer Nobles slammed me up against his police car, then he lifted up my hoodie and 
my tee shirt and said to me 'Look how fucking fat you are you fucking cunt', I then told officer Nobles that my ex-boyfriend, Dave Williams, is a Rochester Police technician, and I told Nobles that what he was doing was wrong and illegal."

"Officer Nobles then told me that no RPD officer would date a white trash cunt like me", said Findley.

Sherri Findley says that at that point, another Rochester Police officer arrived on the scene, and she asked him for Nobles' name.

"Upon arriving at the jail that officer told me officer Nobles' name."

"I was placed in lockup and a friend came and bailed me out", says Findley, who was charged with harassment.

After being bailed put, Findley said she and her friend went to the McDonalds restaurant on Monroe Avenue, where she saw Rochester Police officer Jeffrey Nobles.

"I proceeded to tell him that he was going down for what he did to me", Findley said.

Officer Nobles then told me to shut my fucking mouth."

Findley says officer Jeffrey Nobles then sat in his car, in the McDonalds parking lot, and took down her friend's license plate number, before driving off.

If the name Jeffrey Nobles sounds familiar, it should.

This is not the first time I have written about an incident involving Rochester Police officer Jeffrey Nobles and a female citizen.

On August 10, 2013, Nobles threatened to arrest a Rochester woman who was video recording him arresting her fiancée, and a Rochester firefighter, after she called police when a group of youth, including at least one believed to be armed with a gun, threatened her neighbors.

In the video below Rochester a Police officer Jeffrey Nobles yells at the woman, "You can videotape all you want, but you're going to leave or you're going to jail!"

Note: After several attempts contacting RTS to obtain possible video surveillance footage from the bus, they never returned my calls and messages.

Whether you reside in Rochester, NY or not, call Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard, Mayor Thomas Richards, and Mayor-Elect Lovely Warren, and let them know how you feel about Rochester, NY Police officers calling women "Cunt", and violating their oath to protect and serve!

Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard (585) 428-7033

Rochester, NY Mayor Thomas Richards (585) 428-7045

Rochester, NY Mayor-Elect Lovely Warren (585) 428-7538

Click Play to watch video of Rochester, NY Police officer Jeffrey Nobles threatening to arrest woman for video recording him.

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