Thursday, January 2, 2014

Many in Rochester, NY Disgusted by Mayor Lovely Warren for Parading Dying Grandfather in Front of News Cameras

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren
hugs City Court Judge Stephen Miller,
as her Grandfather Cecil McClary lays unresponsive.
By Davy V.

I'm going to get right to the point.

Shame on Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren for exploiting her dying grandfather, Mr. Cecil McClary, by parading him in front of Rochester's LAMESTREAM news media.

Lovely Warren taking oath.
Cecil McClary passed away Thursday morning, at Strong Memorial hospital, just hours after Lovely Warren forced nurses to move the 87-year old unresponsive McClary around to a room big enough to accommodate a throng of news reporters, camera crews, and at least 70 onlookers, while Lovely Warren posed for photos in the hospital lobby.

Shame on Lovely Warren for exploiting her dying grandfather for a photo op, and shame on Rochester's LAMESTREAM, sensationalistic Corporate-America run news media, and Rochester City Court Judge Stephen Miller for playing along.

There's a certain decency and respect to dying in peace.

Not having a bunch of ratings-hungry reporters and paparazzi-like camera crews, gawking at your last breaths.
Rochester, NY City Court Judge
Stephen Miller.

And what was Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren doing as her grandfather's body lay in the hospital morgue?

Taking a bus ride.

Warren took RTS city bus 802 out of service, so that she, and two dozen members of her administration could take a private tour of the city.

Lovely Warren's Bus Tour.

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