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Shame on Nestor Ramos for Praising Former Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard, a Two-Faced, Hypocrite Coward

Nestor Ramos
By Davy V.

Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper editorial writer Nestor Ramos' twitter profile photo is that of the Star-Trek Starship Enterprise.

It's actually quite fitting since Ramos' latest column is pure fiction.

Ramos is not from Rochester, and it shows.

In his February 9th column titled "Great news for RPD - with a few caveats", Ramos praises former Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard, who retired a couple of months ago after mayor Lovely Warren called the Chief to tell him his services were no longer needed.

In his piece, Ramos, who sounds like a cheerleader for Sheppard, and who at several points in his piece seems to be pushing for Sheppard to get his old job back (since Lovely Warren has yet to find a permanent replacement to head the RPD, almost 45 days into her administration), disrespects minorities, such as himself, by praising a coward, whose actions, or lack thereof, of failing to put a stop to an out of control police force, infested with racist and rogue cops, have hurt countless innocent African-Americans and Latinos in Rochester.

Referring to Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's search for a police chief, Ramos implies she should re-hire Sheppard.
Former Rochester, NY Police Chief
James Sheppard

"Maybe she was out looking for a police chief. As it happens, I know a good one who's available."

Nestor Ramos that Rochester will not find a better police chief than Sheppard.

"I doubt we'll find a better candidate." Ramos writes.

So, Nestor Ramos, since you are an outsider to Rochester, by way of New Haven, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Portland, Oregon, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and since your lack of knowledge of my hometown's corrupt police force is so evident in your "Beam me up Scottie" writing, let me educate you, mi hermano, on who James Sheppard, the coward you praised, really is.

Like I said, as Rochester, NY Police Chief, James Sheppard was a coward.

A complete failure.

Sheppard lacked the skills a true leader needs.

You see Nestor, a true leader has LEADERSHIP skills.

Something Chief James Sheppard NEVER had.

A true leader has INTEGRITY.

Something Chief Sheppard NEVER had.

A true leader has RESPECT.

Something Chief Sheppard NEVER had.

A true leader does not allow himself to be a PUPPET.

Like Chief Sheppard did.

As a black man, in a city with the rich history of civil rights struggles that Rochester, NY has, where Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony sacrificed so much, (and who by the way are both buried in Rochester's Mount Hope Cemetery), Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard will be remembered as a Chief who not only condoned, but encouraged, his disproportionately white police force, to racially profile, abuse, and violate African-Americans and Latinos' civil rights.

Like he did when Rochester Police officers Anthony Liberatore, Joseph Ferrigno, and Mitchell Stewart II pepper sprayed and beat Benny Warr, a wheelchair confined, one-legged amputee who was waiting for the bus at the intersection of Jefferson Ave. and Bartlett St.

The officers claimed that Warr disobeyed their order for him to move, even though he was in his motorized wheelchair, on a public sidewalk, waiting for the bus.

RPD Chief James Sheppard immediately justified, and supported his officers' criminal actions.

Not surprising, since the officers were actually enacting Chief Sheppard's "Operation Zero Tolerance", where innocent citizens, including the handicapped, and disabled, are constantly subjected to illegal, unconstitutional stops, searches, seizures, and assaults, by rogue, over zealous RPD cops.

As a black man, Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard will be remembered as a Chief who justified the beating of Brenda Hardaway, a pregnant African-American woman who was driven, stomach first, into a wooden porch railing post, punched in the head, and thrown to the ground by Lucas Krull, a white Rochester Police officer.

As Chief, James Sheppard will be remembered as a Chief who approved, and justified Rochester Police officer Mario Masic violating Emily Good's Constitutional rights, by arrestng her after she exercised her first amendment rght, videotaping Masic conducting a racially-profiled traffic stop of an African-American motorist.

As Rochester Police Chief, James Sheppard called the modern-day firing squad execution of Israel "Izzy" Andino, a mentally-ill young man, shot by 7 Rochester Police officers, justified, before the investigation had even begun.

In his piece, Nestor Ramos gives Sheppard a platform to spew more lies and hypocrisies, even saying that as Chief he was "transparent" which could not be any further from the truth.

Nestor Ramos should be ashamed of himself to not only give praise to a coward, who many, including myself believe he has been hands down, the worst RPD chief in recent years, but for Ramos to also suggest that Sheppard should be rehired as RPD Chief, is asinine.

Ramos makes Sheppard sound like some hero cop, who is devastated that he lost his job.

"This is my healing process," Sheppard is quoted in Ramos' piece, as he talks about his cross-country trip to reunite with relatives, since retiring from the RPD.


His healing process?

What about the healing process of the families of all the innocent people, especially African-Americans and Latinos, who have been harassed, profiled, abused, and in some cases executed by the very same officers you lead Chief?

The very same officers whose rogue, criminal, gang-like behavior and atrocities Sheppard coveted.

And condoned.

When does their healing process begin?

And Nestor, here, maybe you will understand if I put it in Spanish.

Eres un Vendido.

Click Play on the videos below to watch just some of the horrific incidents former Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard, the same coward Nestor Ramos praised condoned.





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