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Rochester, NY Taxpayer Dollars at Work: RPD Cop's Daughter Posts Photo of his Police Cruiser, Parked inside Home's Garage

Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Dave DiFante's
police cruiser, parked inside his home's garage.
By Davy V.

Many of you are familiar with my "Rochester, NY Taxpayer Dollars at Work", posts.

Most of them focus on exposing and documenting Rochester, NY Police officers, and other City of Rochester officials misusing taxpayer dollars.

For example, just recently I exposed several RPD cops who regularly leave their police cruisers running, for long periods of time, wasting gas, and taxpayer dollars, while frequenting a popular hangout, the Dunkin' Donuts located at 1691 East Avenue in Rochester.

Another misuse of taxpayer dollars I have talked about is the fact that many Rochester Police officers regularly take their police cruisers home, which includes driving to other counties.
RPD Sgt. DiFante's daughter brags on Instagram
about her dad's miususe of taxpayer dollars.

Many of these same Rochester Police officers will then use their cruisers for personal use, i.e.; shopping, running errands, etc.

A lot of times these Rochester Police officers, knowing it won't look good for taxpayers to see their official police vehicles parked in front of their homes in their driveways every day, will pull their cruisers inside their garages, in order to draw less attention.

When they go to work, they simply hit their garage door opener, and back their cruiser out.

Getting proof, whether on photo or video, of this common practice by Rochester Police officers is not always easy.

But that just changed.

Thanks to Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante's daughter, who posted a photo on social media.

This weekend, a concerned taxpayer contacted me to tell me about the photo, which was posted by RPD Sgt. David DiFante's daughter on Instagram.

The photo shows Sgt. DiFante's Rochester, NY Police department tactical section police cruiser.

Parked inside their Batavia, NY home's garage.

As you can see in the photo, which according to the Instagram date stamp, was taken 7 weeks ago, Sgt. DiFante's daughter then posted the comment "Okay who stole the RPD car and stowed it in my garage?"

She then added the following 'hashtags' to the photo: "#rpd #cop #popo #tactical #dads #loveit #garage #awesome #ridetoschool #maybe"

Judging by her hashtag comments, "garage" "awesome", etc., Sgt. DiFante's daughter obviously doesn't understand that there's nothing "awesome" about wasting taxpayer dollars.

I wonder where she got the idea that her father's above the law, and blatant disregard for taxpayers hard earned money, was cool.

So there you have it Rochester, NY... your hard earned taxpayer dollars at work.

Update: On Monday I was contacted by Rochester, NY Police
Sgt. Kavanaugh of the department's Professional Standards Section (PSS).

We spoke for over a half hour, and Sgt. Kavanaugh, who was very professional and courteous,  told me that they are conducting an investigation into Sgt. DiFante's actions.

Contact Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli and Mayor Lovely Warren and let them know how you feel about Rochester, NY Police officers misusing taxpayer dollars.

RPD Chief Michael Ciminelli (585) 428-7033

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren (585) 428-7045

Note: While there's been a lot of talk and debate over the use of photos which people post on social media sites, i.e.; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it's really quite simple.

You don't have any reasonable expectation of privacy in photos or statements made on the Web.  

It's a bit like posting a lost dog poster in a coffee shop or posting a 'For Sale' sign at a laundromat, or even putting out your photos on the coffee table.

You give up your right to claim intrusion when you invite public people to see them. 

And, posting photos like the ones above, which were posted on Facebook under 'Public' settings, is inviting well, the public, to see them.

And share them.

Simply put... If you don't want your photos getting out in the public domain... Don't put them out there for the world to see.

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