Saturday, March 15, 2014

Were Rochester, NY Police officers Drinking during St. Patrick's Day Festivities?

Several Rochester, NY Police officers
hanging out in front of
Murphy's Law Bar
By Davy V.

Several people contacted me Saturday afternoon, to tell me they observed Rochester, NY Police officers congregating and going in and out of bars in Rochester's East End District.

Some of those same people also said they saw Rochester Police officers drinking out of plastic red Solo cups.

While it is unknown what exactly those Rochester Police officers were drinking, it's a well a known fact that about the only liquid put in and drank from a red Solo cup, is alcohol.

Especially on St. Patrick's Day.

Many festival goers also expressed an uneasy feeling at the amount of Rochester, NY Police officers, as they described, "hanging out in packs" on East Avenue.

One woman said she felt very uncomfortable.

Rochester, NY taxpayer dollars at work
"They looked more like gang members than police officers," the woman told me.

"They seemed to be looking for someone to pounce on."

Hangin' Out.

Rochester, NY Police department's
Mobile Command Unit'
on East Ave.
Another woman said several Rochester Police officers were more interested in flirting with females enjoying St. Patrick's Day festivities, than protecting and serving,

"The officers were gawking women who walked by," said the woman.

"They were acting like a bunch of horny high school teens, very unprofessional."

There you have it Rochester, NY... your hard earned taxpayer dollars at work.

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