Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Brighton, NY Police officer Julie Knutowicz Would Rather Profile Motorists Than Address Town's Disturbing Traffic Safety Issue (VIDEO)

Brighton, NY Police officer Julie Knitowicz
By Davy V.

According to Brighton, NY Police officer Julie Knutowicz, she, and the rest of the Brighton Police department are well aware of a problem intersection in the Fairfield Drive neighborhood, where motorists, many of them speeding, run stop signs all day long, putting innocent children's lives at risk.

Officer Knutowicz and her fellow officers should be well aware of the traffic safety situation because countless of neighborhood residents have complained to the Brighton Police department for years, only to have their concerns ignored.

In fact, I myself have reached out to the Brighton Police department, including Sgt. Christopher Wagner, who assured me that his officers would conduct a detail in the neighborhood, after I told Sgt. Wagner that I had documented, and posted several videos to YouTube, (I have posted some of those videos below) showing motorists' blatant disregard for stop signs, by driving right through them. .)

Sgt. Wagner lied.

The truth is that not only since my phone conversation with Sgt. Wagner several weeks ago, but in fact since first becoming aware of the issue, the Brighton, NY Police department has NEVER conducted any detail, or taken ANY steps to address the problem.

Even Brighton, NY Police officer Julie Knutowicz, who in the video below admits that she is aware of the safety issue, HAS NEVER done ANYTHING about it.

However, officer Julie Knutowicz has no problem profiling minority, law abiding motorists based on their physical appearance, or on how their vehicles look.

Just 2 days after I wrote a piece commending Brighton, NY Police officers Mike Romach and Brad Steve for saving an elderly woman and her daughter from a burning home, a Brighton Police officer pulled me for no reason, other than the car I was driving, and their end of the month ticket quota.

Saturday morning, while I was on my way to grab breakfast, I drove past Brighton, NY Police officer Julie Knutowicz, who can usually be found parked near 1496 Monroe Avenue, acting as a 'Gatekeeper' just past the "Brighton, NY" sign.

As soon as I drove past officer Knutowicz, she immediately pulled out of the parking lot and got right behind me, turned on her cruiser's lights, and pulled me over.

Now as you will see in the video below, Brighton Police officer Julie Knutowicz claims that she pulled me over because I had a temporary inspection sticker on my car.

One which was not only valid, but had several days left on it.

But I don't believe officer Knutowicz, who gets two thumbs down for her lame acting job, when she tried to act like she didn't know who she had just pulled over.

Here's what I think.

The Brighton, NY Police department, like every other police force throughout the country, trains its officers to profile certain types of vehicles for the way they look.

In other words,, the same way law enforcement officers are trained to profile minorities.

Of course, the Brighton, NY Police department, nor any other police agency would ever admit this 'off the book' training, but I assure you, not only does it exist, but it's alive and well.

Now I don't believe that officer Knutowicz knew who she was pulling over.

In other words, I don't think officer Knutowicz knew she was pulling over 'Davy V.', but I also don't buy her story about pulling me over for a temporary inspection sticker.

I truly believe that officer Knutowicz profiled me, (Latino, tan, goatee), driving a lowrider style vehicle, in an affluent town like Brighton, NY, probably never once even thinking that I am a resident of the town.

In fact, it's not the first time that officer Knutowicz has stared my vehicle down.

And based on officer Knutowicz's terrible hack acting job, with her "You look familiar" response when I asked her "You do know who I am, right or wrong?", I truly believe that as soon as officer Knutowicz realized who she had just illegally profiled, and pulled over, she had to think quick.

Especially when there's a video camera in her face, recording her every word.

And officer Knutowicz did just that.

Officer Knutowicz thought quick, and came up with the inspection sticker excuse.

But officer Knutowicz and I both know that had I been a white male driving a BMW, or a white soccer mom driving a Lexus SUV, with a legally valid temporary inspection sticker, on a legally registered vehicle, driving under the legally listed speed limit in the Town of Brighton, NY, officer Knutowicz would have never pulled me over.

In fact, pay close attention to the part in the video where officer Knutowicz, in a classic, textbook law enforcement Freudian slip, tells me "It's been a while since I had any contact with you."

And notice how quickly I clarify what she means by "contact."

You see, in another freudianism, when a cop uses the word "contact", it's never in any positive way.

The word "contact" when used in a context such as officer Knutowicz used it, implies a negative experience, when the reality is that the "contact" that officer Knutowicz was referring to was a couple of years ago, when I needed to enforce a court ordered custody visitation order.

I believe officer Knutowicz tried to insert that comment in there, especially since I was video recording the entire interaction, something which I always recommend people do whenever they are pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

It's my old, "COPS LIE. RECORD EVERYTHING." motto.

In the end, what's really sad is that while Brighton, NY Police officer Julie Knutowicz is profiling motorists based on their physical appearance, and the way their vehicles look, she, and other Brighton, NY Police officers continue to ignore a real safety issue, one where white males driving BMW's, and white soccer moms in SUV's blow right through stop signs, with a blatant disregard for the lives of innocent young children.

Click Play to watch video

Click Play on videos below to watch several vehicles, including a school bus run right through stop signs in Brighton neighborhood, in a traffic safety issue which the Brighton, NY Police department continues to ignore.

School Bus runs stop sign after picking child up Part 1

School Bus runs stop sign Part 2

What Stop Sign? Part 1 (Notice white GMC Yukon SUV)

What Stop Sign? Part 2 (Notice same white GMC Yukon as in video above, runs stop sign again.)

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