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Puerto Rican Reggaeton Music Star Jadiel El Tsunami Killed in Rochester, NY Motorcycle Accident (UPDATED EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS OF ROCHESTER, NY TRIBUTE FOR JADIEL EL TSUNAMI!)

Jadiel El Tsunami
By Davy V.

Updated: Exclusive Video Footage of Rochester, NY Tribute
for Jadiel El Tsunami! (BELOW)

Fans throughout the world are mourning the loss of Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Jadiel El Tsunami, who was killed after he lost control of his motorcycle Saturday afternoon in Rochester, NY.

According to Rochester, NY Police, El Tsunami, whose real name is Ramon Alberto Gonzalez, was traveling eastbound on Route 104 near Maplewood Park when he lost control of his motorcycle and crossed into a vehicle which was traveling westbound.

El Tsunami's motorcycle under vehicle.
The famous reggaeton music star was rushed to Strong Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

El Tsunami was staying with family in Gates, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

El Tsunami's photo
of sneakers he got
for his little girl.
As you can see in the photo below, El Tsunami had a love for motorcycles.

Shortly before the fatal accident, El Tsunami posted several photos on Instagram, including a photo of a pair of Nike sneakers for his little girl, with the caption: "para mi nena yayi..... igual q papa.."

In English: "for my little girl yayi, just like her daddy."

Ironically, El Tsunami's last photo which he posted to Instagram shortly before the accident, is a selfie of him on his motorcycle with the caption: "En la calleniiiiii. #NY"

In English: "On the road in NY" 

Perhaps even more ironic, is the title of El Tsunami's most recent CD, an instrumental remix titled "Me Descontrolo", which in English means, "I lose control."

El Tsunami's last photo he posted on Instagram
shortly before fatal accident.
"On the road! #NY"

El Tsunami's latest CD, titled "Me Descontrolo"
(I lose Control)

El Tsunami's motorcycle pinned under car on Route 104 in Rochester, NY.

The accident scene,
Route 104, just past the Veterans Bridge, in Rochester, NY.

Rochester, NY Police officers in front of El Tsunami's motorcycle.

Photo of where Jadiel El Tsunami's motorcycle came to a stop.
Photo by Davy V.

View of accident scene.
Photo by Davy V.

Emergency first responder gloves left behind at the scene.
Photo by Davy V.

Crime scene tape left behind at the scene.
Photo by Davy V.

Ramon Alberto Gonzalez "El Tsunami" loved motorcycles.

El Tsunami rocks the stage during a concert performance.


Rochester, NY Tribute for Jadiel El Tsunami

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Rochester, NY Tribute for Jadiel El Tsunami!

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