Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Former Rochester, NY Police Captain Michael Leach Gets Away With Murder; Will Serve Only 6 Months For Killing His Own Son

Former Rochester, NY Police Captain
Michael Leach
By Davy V.

Former Rochester, NY Police Captain Michael Leach has shot and killed at least two innocent people.

The first was on November 11, 1975, when as an RPD patrol officer, Michael Leach murdered Denise Hawkins, an African-American woman who was in an abusive relationship.

Leach claimed that he shot Denise Hawkins because she had a knife in her hand.

Rochester, NY Police officer Michael Leach, the son of former Rochester, NY Police Chief Delmar Leach, was cleared in Denise Hawkins' murder, and continued his career with the Rochester, NY Police department, rising to the rank of Captain, before retiring in 2001.

The second was on Saturday July 21, 2012 when Leach shot and killed his own son.

Michael Leach, a part time Perry, NY Police officer, and his son were staying at the Clarke's Beach Hotel, in Old Forge, NY, when according to New York State Police, the 59-year old Leach mistook his son, Matthew Leach, 37, for an intruder, before shooting him once in the back with his .45 caliber Glock handgun, when his son entered the motel room they both shared.

The Leach's were part of a motorcycle group that stays at the Clark's Beach motel every couple of years.

And now, Michael Leach, who was indicted by a grand jury on a charge of second degree murder, and who was scheduled to stand trial beginning on June 16, charged with the intentional murder of his son, accepted a plea deal to criminally negligent homicide.

In return for pleading guilty, Michael Leach will be sentenced to just 6 months in the Herkimer, NY County Jail.

Thats right.

Just 6 months.

In jail.

Not prison.


For murdering his own son.

So let me get this straight.

Not only does former Rochester, NY Police Captain Michael Leach kills his own son, shooting him in the back, but he goes from being charged with intentionally murdering his son, to being offered a plea deal?

A plea deal of criminally negligent homicide?

A plea deal where a trigger-happy ex cop, who has murdered at least two innocent people, will serve only 6 months for killing his own son?

I guess when you're a former cop, you can get away with murder.


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