Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Syracuse, NY Police officer Robert Herrington, Who Ran Red Light, and Crashed into Unmarked Detective Vehicle, Proves Law Enforcement Officers Are Above The Law

By Davy V.

An accident involving two Syracuse, NY Police officers once again proves what I have been saying for the last 18-plus years exposing police misconduct, and corruption.

That police officers are indeed, ABOVE THE LAW.

Syracuse, NY Police officer Robert Herrington was driving his marked official police cruiser in the late hours Tuesday morning when he ran a red light, and crashed into get this, another Syracuse Police official!

Officer Harrington, who Syracuse Police officials say was distracted looking at his onboard computer, and not paying attention to his driving, crashed into an unmarked police vehicle, driven by Syracuse, NY Police detective Edward MacBlane.

According to Syracuse Police officials, officer Harrington was en route to a suspicious person call, and did not have his lights, or siren on.

Syracuse Police officer Robert Harrington was not issued any tickets, and will not face any disciplinary action, proving once again, that police officers are above the law.

Can you imagine if that had been me or you, driving distracted, running a red light, and crashing into a police cruiser?

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