Monday, September 14, 2015

Radio Talk Show Host Bob Lonsberry Calls for Rochester, NY Police Department to Violate Black Citizens' Fourth Amendment Rights by Conducting Illegal Stop and Frisks (UPDATED)

Rochester, NY WHAM 1180 Radio Host Bob Lnsberry

By Davy V.

He's at it again.

Bob Lonsberry, a radio talk show host who commutes more than 40 miles every weekday to Rochester, NY to spread his racist rhetoric and sick, divisive poison over WHAM 1180 AM radio station's 50,000 watts, the same wacko who once compared Rochester's first black mayor to a chimpanzee, the same twisted indvidual who has bashed blacks, Latinos, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered, is now calling for Rochester, NY cops to target inner city African-Americans and Latinos, and subject them to illegal search and seizures.

In other words, stop and frisk.

In other words, violate the United States Constitution.

Specifically the Fourth Amendment.

You know, that part of the Constitution that guarantees us we won't be subjected to illegal searches and seizures?

Yeah that one.

In his September 14th column, titled "TIME TO LET THE COPS BE COPS". Lonsberry writes about Rochester's violent summer, or as he calls it, "The Summer of Blood", which has included a drive-by shooting which left three dead, and four injured outside a Boys & Girls Club, and a recent house party shooting which left two dead and three injured, Lonsberry blasts Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, for not doing anything to combat the violence.

Violence which has once again secured Rochester, NY its long running "Murder Capital of New York State" title.

Lonsberry is right about Rochester's incompetent Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief Michael Ciminelli. 

But it's what Bob Lonsberry says in his piece, which is disgusting.

Lonsberry calls for Rochester, NY cops to violate the U.S. Constitution and the fourth amendment by illegally stopping and searching minorities.

"It's time to let the cops be cop," Lonsberry writes.

"Call it anything but "Stop and Frisk", but make sure that it is stop and frisk."

For Lonsberry to call for Rochester cops to violate citizens' Constitutional rights, in a city where Frederick Douglass, the founding father of America's civil rights movement who started The North Star newspaper in Rochester, and is buried in Rochester's historic Mount Hope Cenetery, is disgusting.

Not only is Bob Lonsberry a piece of shit, but he's also a hypocrite.

On one hand he's a strong supporter of the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment, and has been critical of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Safe Act, denouncing big government sticking their nose in gun owners rights, but yet, on the other hand, Lonsberry is calling for that same big government to violate citizens' rights, simply because they're WWB.

Walking While Black.


Driving While Black.

Let me be clear, as a Rochestarian, I'm saddened and disgusted by the senseless violence in my hometown.

I've also been extremely critical of all the hypocrites in Rochester, screaming "Stop The Violence!" as soon as there's a shooting, particularly the ex-pimps and hustlers turned preachers, pastors, and reverends, who are more interested in their 15 minutes of fame sticking their faces in front of news cameras, than they are in stopping the violence.

I've even been critical of and denounced the whole #BlackLivesMatter 'movement' for its hypocrisy, where black communities become outraged when a white cop shoots and kills a black youth, and rightfully so, but are nowhere to be seen when blacks kill blacks, committing black genocide in cities throughout the U.S.

It leaves one asking the question, Do Black Lives Matter When Blacks Kill Blacks?

Or do they only matter when a white cop is the killer?

But for Bob Lonsberry to call for the Rochester, NY Police Department to target black citizens and conduct stop and frisks, is very disturbing.

No matter how slick he tried to make it sound in his column.

It's very clear what he's calling for.

Racial profiling and fourth amendment violations of blacks in Rochester, NY.

Perhaps equally as disturbing as Bob Lonsberry's call for Rochester Police officers to stop, detain, and search inner city residents, mainly blacks, is that Anna Valeria Isemah, the Executive Administrator of Rochester's Open Door Mission homeless shelter, retweeted Bob Lonsberry's link to his "TIME TO LET THE COPS BE COPS" article, with the caption "Excellent piece by @BobLonsberry."

I think the fact that Anna Valeria Isemah, who also serves on the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper editorial board, would approve of minorities being racially profiled, and illegally stopped, detained, and searched, is extremely disturbing.

Especially given the fact that Anna Valeria Isemah oversees The Open Door Mission, where a large percentage of the homeless which seek food and shelter there are black.

What's next?

Is Anna Valerio Isemah allowing Rochester, NY cops to enter The Open Door Mission and violate the rights of homeless blacks as well?


What do you do when you're on the newspaper editorial board, and someone exposes the fact that you condone violating black citizens' fourth amendment rights?

Well, if you're Anna Valeria Isemah, you fire back by tweeting an individual who has stalked and threatened you and your family.

Be sure to check out Anna Valerio Isemah's tweets to me below, as well as her tweet to an individual who for the past several years has been stalking me and my children, and continues to do so.

In fact, in August of 2014, this same individual conspired with an ex-con who threatened to murder and decapitate my 5-year old daughter, and then vowed to place her head on the roof of my car.

Despite the threat having been recorded on a store surveillance, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley refused to charge the individual, who is said to work as a police informant.

Click on link below to watch video.


I especially love the one where she calls me a troll.

No ma'm, no troll here.

 Just exposing hidden racists and hypocrites in my city.

How hypocritical that someone who serves on the newspaper's editorial board, would want to censorship someone so bad to the point where they reach out to a stalker.

Shame on you Ma'm.

Anna Valeria Isameh, Open Door Mission Adminstrator and D&C Newspaper Editorial Board member 

Anna Valeria Isameh Calls Lonsberry's Article an "Excellent Piece." 

Anna Valerio Isemah's tweets to me.

Anna Valeria Iseman's tweet to individual who has stalked and threatened my children.


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