Monday, May 16, 2016

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU! Monroe County, NY Probation Office The Latest Law Enfocement Agency to Use ALPR's


Monroe County, NY Probation Office Impala with ALPR's 

By Davy V

You can add the Monroe County, NY Probation Office to the list of agencies that are recording, collecting, and storing your personal information, right off your car's license plate number.

The video below, which I posted to my YouTube channel DavyVTV, the hottest YouTube channel out (shameless plug), shows a Monroe County, NY Probation Office black Chevy Impala with NY plate GET 6640, equipped eith Automatic License Plate Readers, or ALPR's, driving on Rochestet, NY's east side.

Not surprising really, when you consider that Rochester, NY is ranked as the 5th most watched (as in BIG BROTHER) city in the U.S.

Also pay attention to how the probation officer fails to signal when switching lanes in classic above the law fashion.


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