Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Woman Arrested for Video Recording Greece, NY Cops Tasering, Assaulting Man


Greece, NY Cop Tasers Man

By Davy V.

A disturbing 5 minute video posted on Facebook early Tuesday morning shows a man being tased, punched, and kneed by several Greece, NY Police officers who yell at him, "Do you want it again?", before one cop is seen looking towards the camera and realizing they're being video recorded.

At one point in the video a motorist passing by yells "Shoot him!", showing just how ignorant and insensitive humanity can be.

The video ends with a Greece, NY Police officer asking a woman who is recording the video, for her name.

In the Facebook post, the woman writes that she was arrested for video recording.


Greece, NY Police arrested Tabitha Drager, the woman heard video recording the incident which occurred at 4219 Mt. Read Blvd. in Greece, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

According to Deager, she was sitting in her porch when a Greece Police officer stopped in front of her house and approached her friend, John Walls Jr.

Walls Jr. had an outstanding warrant.

But perhaps more disturbing than what the video shows, excessive force, and an overall show of rage on the part of the Greece Police officers, including a senior rank supervising officer who arrived on the scene towards the end of the video, and who instead of making any attempt to de-escalate and diffuse the situation, actually goes Rambo with his taser, is what Greece Police did to the woman who video recorded the incident.

They arrested her.

Tabitha Drager, who out of fear of retaliation by Greece Police, did not want to come on camera, says the officers arrested her for video recording them.

"They clearly didn't like that I was video recording them abusing him like they did," Drager told me in a phone interview.

Drager was charged with Obstruction of Governmental Administration, or "OGA", a bullshit 'blanket', unspecific charge, which is commonly used by police when they want to get back at someone, which totally totally makes sense in this case since she captured the Greece cops in well, let's say, a less than favorable light.

After all, the supervising officer who arrived towards the end of the video, is seen and heard ordering other officers to get Tabitha Drager and her family members away, violating her first amendment protected right to record.

Greece Police arrested Tabitha Drager as she stood on her own property, exercising her first amendment right.

Check back for more updates.


Greece, NY appearance ticket issued to Tabitha Drager  for Obstruction of Governmental Administration.







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