Monday, September 26, 2016

Rochester, NY Police Union President Claims Cops on Hit List After Viral Video, Blames Ineffective Body-Cams


Rochester, NY Police Locust Club Union President 
Mike Mazzeo 


"We had credible threats against our officers' lives."

That's all Rochester, NY Police Union President Mike Mazzeo would say about alleged threats against Rochester, NY cops during a press conference Tuesday afternoon, where he once again blamed Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and RPD Chief Michael Ciminnelli for purchasing what he calls "ineffective" body-cams for the RPD.


Rochester, NY Police Locust Club Union President Mike Mazzeo (center), flanked by RPD cops, during press conference. (Photo: Twitter)

According to Mazzeo, the body-cams purchased by the City of Rochester are ranked the lowest by police officers, and are only used by three other police departments in the country.

In full damage control spin mode, Mazzeo tried to defend and justify the actions of his cops who are seen in a viral video retaliating against a black woman on a public sidewalk, pepper-spraying her, and then tackling her from behind in front of her 5-year old daughter, before arresting her.

In the video, Rochester cops are also seen arresting a black man who video recorded the incident,

In his PR spin move, Mazzeo says the body-cams didn't catch the entire incident because they don't function properly.

"If the public doesn't have the confidence in these cameras, then they're going to be ineffective,"
Mazzeo said.

"If the police officers who are wearing them don't have confidence in the cameras, then they're going to be ineffective."

I find Mike Mazzeo's comments interesting because in the video, (which I've linked below under my original story) anyone can clearly see several rogue Rochester, NY cops tackling a mother from behind in front of her 5-year old child.

The video speaks for itself.

Earlier in the day, Rochester, NY's WHAM 1180 radio talk show host Bob Lonsberry talked on his show about threats to Rochester Police officers being posted on social media.

Read my original story below.

By Davy V.

According to Rochester, NY Police Locust Club President Mike Mazzeo, a hit list naming several RPD cops has been circulating on social media.

This comes just days after a viral video which shows Rochester, NY cops retaliating against several witnesses to an arrest.

In the video, which I have linked below, a white Rochester, NY cop pepper sprays and tackles a black mother from behind, in front of her 5-year old daughter.

Another white Rochester, NY cop then arrests a black man who video recorded the woman being tackled.


Rochester, NY Cops on Top of Black Wonan after They Pepper-Sprayed, and Tackled Her in Front of her 5-Year Old Daughter

It should be noted that Rochester, NY Police Locust Club Union President Mike Mazzeo has a long history of crying wolf, making false allegations of threats to RPD cops, without any proof, in an attempt to gain community sympathy for his cops, while distracting attention from what the real issue is.

Which is the fact that the Rochester, NY Pokice Department is out of control, and tensions in Rochester's black and Latino community is nearing a boiling point with every video showing rogue RPD cops abusing minorities and traumatizing innocent children.

I will be updating this piece.


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