Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mall Cops Help Above the Law Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputies Avoid Accountability


Mall Cop Blocks My Camera

By Davy V.

What better way to end 2016 than with yet another video exposing the Good Ol' Boys Club above the law mentality and double standard that exists within law enforcement.

Saturday afternoon, as I was going into Marketplace Mall, in Henrietta, NY, just outside Rochester, I noticed two Monroe County, NY Sheriff cruisers illegally parked on a sidewalk, 
in a clearly marked "NO PARKING FIRE LANE" zone.


Monroe County, NY Sheriff Cruisers 2784 and 2729 Illegally Parked in "NO PARKING FIRE LANE" 

Less than 25 feet away, two empty parking spaces  designated specifically for law enforcement vehicles.

So I decided to stop by the Monroe County, NY Sheriff  substation which is located right inside the mall.


(Left to right) Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputies Claery and Parks

That's when a Paul Blart mall cop covered my camera in an attempt to prevent me from asking Monroe 
County, NY Sheriff Deputy William Parks, and Deputy Claery about their above the law mentality, which obviously makes them feel their badge and uniform entitles them to park wherever they want.

Which as you'll see on the video, is what the Deputy Claery actually admits to me.

In essence, that they can do what they want.

Because they can.

Also important to point out is the double standard that exists when it comes to Wilmorite Properties, the company that owns all the Rochester area malls, including Marketplace Mall.

From the moment you drive onto any of Wilmorite's properties, you are under video surveillance.

When you walk into any of the four malls which Wilmorite owns in the greater Rochester area, you're under video surveillance.


One of Several Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR's) at Eastview Mall 

In fact, at Eastview Mall, in Victor, NY, just outside Rochester, and also owned by Wilmorite Prpoerties, Wilmorite allowed the Ontario County, NY Sheriff's Office to install Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR's) to scan the plate number of each and every single vehicle that goes in or or out of each of the entrances and exits of their mall.


Big Brother is watching you hard.

But Wilmorite doesn't allow video recording by its customers.



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