Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why Would Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper Writer Dave Andreatta Publish Investigative Reporter's Address After His Family Received Threats for Releasing Donald Trump's Tax Returns?


David Cay Johnston

UPDATED: For years I've called out and exposed Rochester, NY's mainstream news media for their unethical practices, hypocrisy, and unprofessionalism.

Check out Rochester, NY Democract and Chronicle newspaper reporter Dave Andreatta's response after I exposed him in the piece below for publishing David Cay Johnston's home address.

Johnston, who lives in the Rochester, NY area, is the reporter who received and released Donald Trump's tax returns.

You gotta love Dave Andreatta's professionalism, calling me an "asshole", and even going as far as  to borrow Donald Trump's famous "FAKE NEWS!" term.

No sir.

Not fake news at all.


Here's more from Dave Andreatta's twitter meltdown:

In this tweet Andreatta calls me a "wannabe journalist."




By Davy V.

While folks in Rochester, NY were bracing for a blizzard which has so far dumped nearly two feet of snow, an indiscreet envelope arrived at a home in a suburb of Rochester Tuesday morning.

Inside that envelope, were President Donald Trump's 2005 tax returns.

The envelope was sent anonymously to David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter and author of the New York Times best seller The Making of Donald Trump.

By now, news of Trump's tax returns which were mailed to Johnston is all over the television and the internet.

In fact, Johnston himself, who was in Palm Beach, Florida when his daughter contacted him about the envelope, has been on several news shows since releasing the tax returns.

But that's not why I'm writing this.

I'm writing this because just as me and my family have been threatened as a result of my work exposing police   corruption and official misconduct (most recently and ex-con threatened to murder and decapitate my 5-year old daughter and despite the threat having been captured on video, law enforcement refused to take action) David Cay Johnston and his family, including his daughter, have received threats since the release of Trump's tax returns.

And I'm writing this to point out the irresponsible actions of one of Rochester's mainstream news media reporters.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper reporter Dave Andreatta.


Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper reporter Dave Andreatta

Wednesday morning, in a piece he wrote about Johnston's release of Trump's tax returns, Andreatta published a photo of the envelope that arrived at David Cay Johnston's home.

The photo clearly shows Johnston's full home address.

(Note: I have chosen not to publish the photo of the envelope, redacted or not, or David Cay Johnston's address)

Dave Andreatta could have redacted it.

But he chose not to.

This is extremely irresponsible on Dave Andreatta's part.

Why would Dave Andreatta publish Johnston's home address, especially given the fact that Johnston's family has received threats from wack job Trump supporters?

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