Saturday, March 25, 2017

Rochester, NY Cop Calls Man a "Fucking Dopehead"


Rochester, NY Police officer Stares Down Camera after Calling Man a "Fucking Dopehead."

By Davy V.

For years I've written about the Rochester, NY Police Department's unprofessionalism and the disgust and disdain that many RPD officers have towards the very same citizens which they take a sworn oath to protect and serve.

Some of these citizens include the mentally-ill, homeless, and drug addicts.

The video below shows a Rochester, NY Police officer belittling a man in the middle of the street on Rochester's east side Saturday morning.

In the video, two Rochester Police officers are seen detaining a white man on North Clinton Avenue, when one of the police officers on the right is heard telling the man, "Tough guy, fucking dopehead?"

The man can be heard telling the officer, "No I'm not, you don't understand."

The same police officer is then seen staring the camera down.

I will be updating this story.


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