Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wegmans Food Markets Profits off Windstorm That Killed 6


Wegmans Profits off Storm That Killed 6

By Davy V.

Some companies will do anything for profit.

Take, for example, Wegmans Food Markets.

The Rochester, NY based company is selling "I SURVIVED THE WINDSTORM OF 2017" sweatshirts in their stores.

For $29.99

The windstorm which packed winds up to 81 miles per hour, and left more than 100,000 without power, some for at least a week, also brought down trees, many crushing houses, and snapped utility poles in half, downing power lines.

The windstorm killed 6 people in the Greater Rochester, NY area.m

Wegmans Spokeswoman Jo Natale said the sweatshirts have a been hit and sales have been strong.

My Dad, a Cuban immigrant who left Cuba in 1968, in search of a better life here in the United States, used to say that Americans will buy just about anything.

That is so true.

For Wegmans to profit off a windstorm which claimed innocent lives is not only insensitive, it's disgusting.


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