Thursday, March 2, 2017

With a Killer on The Loose, Rochester, NY Cops Leave Homicide Scene to Go Stuff Their Faces


Rochester, NY Police officers Matthew Cushman (left) and Gary Wegman stuff their face while killer roams free. 

BELOW: Rochester, NY Police officers Gary Wegman and Matthew Cushman were involved in brutal 2012 beating of Rochester man.


By Davy V

With Rochester, NY's latest homicide victim still laying on the floor inside Char's Liquor Store, near Rochester's Highland Park neighborhood, and with her killer on the loose, two Rochester, NY cops decided they had better things to do than say, canvas the neighborhood, and I don't know... perhaps look for her killer?


Instead they decided that it'd be a good time to go stuff their faces with wraps at Pellegrino's restaurant just down the street from the homicide scene.

Charlotte Lahr, 46, the owner of Char's Wine and Liquor located on South Avenue, across from Highland Park, was stabbed repeatedly by Kevin Quandar, a parolee, who was just released from prison in January.

Quandar was arrested Friday.

The entire incident was captured on the store's surveillance video.

According to Rochester, NY radio show host Bob Lonsberry, Quandar walked behind the store's counter and began stabbing Lahr.

He kept stabbing her until the knife blade broke.

Quandar then picked up the knife blade and continued stabbing her.

Then he grabbed a liquor bottle and began to beat her.

Quandar struck Lahr a total of 39 times.

And two cops left to go stuff their face.

As Charlotte Lahr's body still lay behind the counter of her store.

In one of the city's most gruesome murders.

No doubt there will plenty of cop apologists defending these cops, but to them I say this:

What if it was your mother laying dead inside that store, and her killer on the loose while these cops stuffed their faces, as they left their cruiser illegally parked with their above the law, entitled mentality?

Would you feel the same way then?

Check out how Rochester, NY Police officers Gary Wegman and  Matthew Cushman left their cruiser running, and illegally parked, while they ate inside the restaurant as a killer roamed free.

The screenshot below is from a comment someone 
left on Facebook about this story.

It reads: "I would be against this post but these fuckers parked right behind me just when I was about to pull off then blocked me in and then I had to go up and n the sidewalk to be able to get out..."












Rochester, NY Police officers Gary Wegman and Matthew Cushman have a long history of being partners.

In the photo below, both officers are seen, (well officer Gary Wegman is partially covering his face) sitting in a hospital room after having been involved in the April 2012 beating of Jose Lugo.


Rochester, NY Police officer Gary Wegman covers his face, as he sits next to his partner, officer Matthew Cushman after having been involved in the April 2012 beating of Jose Lugo.



Photos of Jose Lugo





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