Friday, September 22, 2017

(VIDEO) Rochester, NY Rite-Aid Manager Refuses to Call 911 After Woman Assaults Disabled Man

Rite-Aid Pharmacy Store #00617 located at1433 Culver Rd., Rochester, NY

By Davy V.

A Rochester, NY Rite Aid Pharnacy manager refused to call police after she witnessed a woman physically abusing a disabled man on a motorized wheelchair Friday afternoon.

It all started when I was on my way to pick my son up and was waiting at a traffic light at the intersection of Bay St. and Culver Rd. in northeast Rochester.

That's when I happened to look to my left, and saw a woman near the entrance to the Rite-Aid Store #00617, pushing the disabled man, and then grabbing the wheelchair's joystick control, repeatedly ramming the wheelchair, with the man on it, into the building's exterior brick wall.

With my phone's battery on low, I immediately pulled into the parking lot and began video recording.

Although I wasn't able to capture the woman pushing the man and ramming him against the brick wall, since it happened so fast, I was able to capture video of her kicking the man's leg, twice, so hard that you can actually hear it on the video.

The woman then takes the man's shoe and leaves him there.

Woman Kicks Disabled Man 

A short time later, a woman who identified herself as the manager of the Rite Aid, tells me she has things "under control", before refusing to call 911.

The same Rite-Aid manager then tells me to put my phone away, as she and another employee take down my license plate number, clearly upset that I video recorded the woman assaulting the disabled man.

With my phone's battery running low, no charger cable in sight, and already late to pick my son up from practice, I couldn't continue recording.


Despite Rite-Aid sending me the tweet below, and my contacting them like they asked, they still have not gotten back to me.




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