Wednesday, April 18, 2018

When it Comes to Destroying Homeless Tent Encampment, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren Gets Others to Do Her Dirty Work

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

By Davy V.

In December of 2014, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren ordered the bulldozing destruction of a homeless tent encampment under the Frederick Douglass/Susan B. Anthony bridge in downtown Rochester.

Because that’s what happens in Rochester, NY.

First, they name a bridge after two civil rights icons who dedicated there lives to helping the disenfranchised.

Then they kick out the homeless from under the very same bridge they named after those icons.

Norman Jones, City of Rochester, NY Director of Environmental Services 

City of Rochester, NY workers destroy homeless tents under Frederick Douglass/Susan B. Anthony bridge.

Disturbing video filmed by Rochester Indymedua shows City of Rochester Environmental Services Director Norman Jones overseeing the destruction of the homeless tent was seen by thousands.


Fast forward to last week.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren gives homeless at a small encampment in Rochester until April 16th to leave.

Almost immediately afterwards, the Rochester, NY Police Department, which were also present at the 2014 destruction of the homeless encampment, release a statement saying they will not be evicting the homeless from the encampment which sits on the bottom of a grassy slope next to South Avenue on the edge of downtown.

Then, clearly wanting to avoid another video showing city workers destroying homeless tents and throwing away their belongings, Warren has an idea.

Get someone else to get rid of the homeless for her.

That’s right.

Get someone else to do her dirty work.

Enter Spectrum Communications and The Bivona Child Advocacy Center which own the land where the homeless encampment sits.

Both Spectrum Communications and The Bivona Child Advocacy Center decided to corral the homeless in like animals, and limit their freedom by installing orange construction style fencing around the encampment, in an attempt to force the homeless out.


I will be updating this story.