Monday, August 6, 2018

Bully Rochester, NY Cop Intimidates, Assaults Man for Dancing at Park Ave. Festival

Rochester, NY Cop Snatches Hat off Man’s Head at Park Ave. Festival 

By Davy V.

A video recorded by a follower of The Davy V. Blog, and my YouTube channel DavyVTV, shows a Rochester, NY Police Officer intimidating and assaulting a festivalgoer at Rochester’s annual Park Avenue Festival Saturday afternoon.

In the video, the Rochester Police Officer is seen yelling profanities at the man, and threatening to lock him up in jail, because according to the RPD Officer, the man was dancing in the street.

For those of  you not familiar with Rochester’s Park Ave. Festival, it’s important to note that the festival, which is held on the first weekend in August, and which draws an estimated 250,000 people, takes place on Park Avenue.

In other words, the festival, which features live music performances, takes place on the street.

Each year, Park Avenue is closed to motorists, in order to accommodate festivalgoers, and hundreds of vendors who set up on the street.

At one point in the video, the Rochester, NY Police Officer snatches the man’s hat off his head and throws it on the back of a Rochester, NY Police vehicle.

Several Rochester, NY Police Officers are seen surrounding the man.

According to the man who recorded the video, there may be at least one other video recorded by another festivalgoer which shows a Rochester, NY Police Sergeant threatening to confiscate cell phones and recording devices of festivalgoers who video recorded the incident.

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