Friday, June 24, 2011

Rochester Police Retaliate Against Emily Good Supporters


On Thursday June 23, 2011, while I was attending a community meeting supporting Emily Good, the woman whose video of Rochester cop Mario Masic conducting a traffic stop of an African-American motorist, and which subsequently led to Good's arrest by Masic, Rochester cops rolled up in a clear attempt to intimidate Good's supporters.
The Rochester Police claims to want good community relations with citizens. Chief Shepard has said this on on the media. What the R.P.D. is doing with their petty, childish intimidation attempts because of a rogue cop named Mario Masic being caught on video then violating a woman's civil rights by falsely arresting her, is they have "poisoned the well" for any possibility of good community relations with citizens.

The community should hold the "upper level of management" accountable for this rogue thug behavior on the part of the Rochester Police. And the persons we as a community need to hold accountable are none other than Rochester Mayor Tom Richards and Rochester Police Chief James Shepard! Chief Shepard along with our new Mayor Tom Richards need to send a clear message to these rogue thug R.P.D. cops that their unlawful and intimidating behavior WILL NOT be tolerated or accepted!

It is sad that in a city full of crime, and open air drug dealing, that 5 R.P.D. cops would all converge on none other than a location where a support meeting is being held for a woman who captured a criminal cop on video, and that these rogue cops, pull out rulers and give tickets to cars belonging to people at this meeting. It is truly a sad thing for the City of Rochester, New York., which as a result of Emily Good's unlawful arrest, is already under an international spotlight. Well, at least it's clear where our tax dollars go!

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