Friday, November 30, 2012

Ontario County, NY Sheriff's department Lt. Brad Falkey Seems to be Protecting Canandaigua Cop who was Arrested for DWI

Ontario County, NY Sheriff's dept. Lt. Brad Falkey
By Davy V.

Since NO media outlet in or around the Rochester, NY area has requested the booking photo of Canandaigua, NY Police officer Nicole Kadien, who was arrested on DWI charges Friday, November 23rd, I decided I would file a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request myself.

After speaking with a very nice and professional woman at the Ontario County, NY Records Access office named Rosemary, I went online and submitted my FOIA request.

I then called Ontario County, NY Sheriff's dept. Lt. Brad Falkey, whom I was told earlier was the contact person regarding any release of booking photos.

Almost immediately after my conversation with Lt. Falkey began, it was clear that he could not wait to get me off the phone.

Maybe it was the fact that I introduced myself as being with

Or, maybe it was my reputation.

Whatever it was, Lt. Falkey's curt and rude behavior will not keep me from my goal, which is to obtain officer Kadien's mugshot.

The way I look at it if a regular citizen, especially an African-American or Latino is arrested and charged with a crime, his or her mugshot is splattered throughout the television news channels and on the internet.

And so should Canandaigua, NY Police officer Nicole Kadien's mugshot.

So that everyone, but especially the good, hardworking, tax paying citizens of Canandaigua, NY can get a good look at officer Kadien's drunk face in her mugshot, and see just who they have on their police force...

A cop who broke the law by driving drunk, and in doing so, put innocent lives at risk.

I will be updating this post.

Click Play below to hear my conversation with Ontario County, NY Sheriff department Lt. Brad Falkey.

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