Friday, December 28, 2012

Greece, NY Woman Arrested in Connection with Webster, NY Christmas Eve Firefighter Ambush

Dawn Nguyen being led away in handcuffs,
by a New York State Trooper.
Photo: Jamie Germano, Gannett
By Davy V.

There has been an arrest in connection to the West Webster, NY firefighters shot on Christmas Eve.

24 year old Dawn Nguyen was arrested at her home and arraigned in Federal Court around 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Nguyen was charged with falsifying a business record.

Photo: Jamie Germano, Gannett.
She is accused of lying when purchasing a shotgun, and the AR-15 rifle that William Spengler used to shoot West Webster, NY firefighters Tomasz Kaczowka, Mike Chiapperini, Joseph Hofsetter, and Theodore Scardino.

Kaczowka and Chapperini died on the scene.

Hofsetter and Scardino suffered serious injuries.

Authorities say that Nguyen and Spengler went to Gander Mountain Sports in Henrietta, NY on June 6, 2010, and that Nguyen purchased the Bushmaster and a shotgun for Spengler, but lied in forms, saying the firearms were for her.

Nguyen and her mother were neighbors of Spengler in 2008.

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