Friday, December 7, 2012

Nick Robare, Greece, NY Teen, Charged in Connection with Racist Video

Nick Robare
By Davy V.

After I broke the story right here on my blog, of the Racist Bullying video made by Greece, NY teens Shawn Petrilli, Nick Robare and Amanda Farabella, and working vigorously to expose this disturbing incident, including putting pressure on the Greece, NY Police department, Nick Robare has been charged.

Robare was charged with Aggravated Harassment for posting the video on Alex Hare's facebook page.

Alex, who  is African-American, was the intended target of the teens, and the video they made.

The video, which you can see by clicking Play below, begins with Shawn Petrilli looking into the camera and saying "Hope you like your fucking hoodie, you nigger."

The hoodie Petrilli was referring to, is a gift that Noel Parcells, Alex's friend, had given him before she and her sister were killed by her father, in a murder-suicide.

I will be updating this post.

Click Play to watch video

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