Monday, December 3, 2012

What Is Crazy?

By Davy V.

Throughout my 17-plus years as an activist against police misconduct and corruption, there's one word I've heard often heard people, especially local government officials, use to describe me --Crazy.

Usually they will say 'Oh he's crazy.'


What exactly is crazy?

If crazy is realizing at a young age that 'Officer Friendly' was not real, and that real police officers abused their power just like Rochester, NY Police officer Randall 'Rambo' Benjamin did when he kicked in the front door to my home on Child St. without a warrant in 1986, when I was just a child, and abused me and my family... then I'm crazy.

If crazy is, as a Cuban-American whose family left Cuba in search of a better life and 'freedom', me taking full advantage of Freedom of Speech and not taking my Constitutional Rights for granted, like many Americans do... then I'm crazy.

If crazy is looking at my community of African-Americans and Latinos in Rochester, NY and being disappointed at their complacent attitude and their refusal to stand up to injustices committed against them daily by the very same people who are supposed to 'serve and protect' them... then I'm crazy.

If crazy is me taking that same disappointment and using it as motivation to stand up to the corrupt Rochester, NY Police department, and be a voice for those too afraid to speak up... then I'm crazy.

If crazy is demanding that Rochester's elected City and County officials do the job that the taxpayers voted them into office to do... then I'm crazy.

If crazy is not being afraid to call those same officials out the minute they fail to do their jobs, and hold them accountable... then I'm  crazy.

If crazy is refusing to remain quiet or simply turn a blind eye to the abuse and corruption in my hometown of the 585... then I'm crazy.

If crazy is not being a sellout like many of our so-called 'community leaders' and City Council members who have sold out their morals and principles, and most importantly their own community for a few dollars and to better themselves... then I'm crazy.

And if crazy is having a passion, and an unwavering, relentless commitment of dedicating my life to exposing the injustices those in power would much rather sweep under the rug... then I'm crazy.

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