Saturday, January 12, 2013

After Man's Best Friend is Executed by Rochester, NY Police officer Chris Burgstrom, Officials Refuse to Release Remains

By Davy V.

Steven Jodoin Benus spent countless hours searching everywhere for his lost dog Codi, who wandered off Monday January 7th after returning from ice fishing.

After putting ads on Craigslist, searching streets, fields, and a golf course, it was on Steven's second trip to Rochester, NY animal control, that he learned that his best friend Codi had been shot by a Rochester police officer.

Rochester animal control services staff wouldn't tell him anything else.

Steven broke down.

Too distraught after learning that his best friend Codi, who he had rescued from a bad home, had been shot and killed by police, Steven couldn't take seeing Codi laid out on a table so his mom, Denys, went to Rochester animal control services on Verona St.

"I got there and I asked to see Codi." said Denys, Steven's mom.

"A man who works there, Tom Shannon came up and I told him, I want to see Codi now. He looked at me indifferent to anything for several seconds before telling me that Codi would not look the same."

"No kidding, I said to him."

Steven's mom then went on to describe what happened next.

"They brought me into a room and Codi was laying on the table on his left side, his front legs were curled up and his back legs were extended. There was blood splatter on his chest near his shoulder. I started to pet him and kissed him and asked him why he didn't just come home. I said why did they do this to you, then I told him we loved him." She said.

"Then Tom Shannon looks at me and asks me if I want to wash my hands. I looked at him and said absolutely not, and I left." She added.

Then, Steven's mom said something which any pet lover, such as me, knows to be so true.

"Pets are like children to some people. They're family. If you come home from work and had a bad day, they're there to greet you. Codi was a young dog, he was so funny. He would come up to you and lick you. Codi was never aggressive and even loved other dogs." She said.

Steven's neighbor, Ron, sent me the following message on twitter referring to the RPD's report which states Codi charged at officer Burgstrom:

"Steve is my neighbor knowing Codi this police report is a load of crap! That dog would lick you to death before anything!"

Rochester, NY Police officer
Chris Burgstrom
As a community activist, writer and blogger who has spent the last 17 plus years exposing the corrupt Rochester, NY Police department, it disgusts me that RPD officer Chris Burgstrom, a trigger-happy cop who executed an innocent family dog with his shotgun, has in turn hurt an entire family, as well as many others who loved Codi.

And then, to add insult to injury, the City of Rochester's animal control services, under direct orders from Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard, has refused to release Codi's remains to his family.

As you can listen in the video I have posted below, Rochester animal services director Chris Fitzgerald admits that he has been instructed not to speak to anyone about this incident.

Codi's owner Steven has asked for his remains several times.

He has received nothing but a run-around.

Several animal services employees have stated to Steven that a "decision" has not been made yet.

When I asked Fitzgerald what "decision" that is, he refused to answer.

And so, as a family asks for answers into the execution of a beautiful pet, they are ignored and given a run-around by Rochester, NY City officials who refuse to release their beloved pet who was hunted down and killed by a trigger-happy cop.

What are they hiding?

Click Play to listen to Rochester, NY animal control director Chris Fitzgerald say he can't discuss incident.




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