Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chester, Pennsylvania Police officers Execute Two Dogs in Hail of Gunfire In Front of School

Chester, Pa. Police officers open fire
endangering innocent bystanders.
By Davy V.

January 30, 2013 9:50 a.m.

As a child in Miami, Florida, I remember my dad trying to separate our two dogs Bravo, a German Shepherd and Shane, a Doberman, who were fighting.

And it was a pretty nasty fight.

Bravo and Shane were on opposite sides of the fence when they both jumped up, and met at the top of the fence, with mouths full of sharp teeth, not letting go.

My Dad tried spraying water on them with the hose.

Didn't work.

My Dad then hooked a leash onto Bravo, while my brother pulled on Shane.


Finally, a combination of water and pulling, and bingo!

It worked.

Bravo came out with quite a nasty injury to his lip and cheek. which was cut wide open and dangling, revealing a cut away view of his teeth.

My Dad rushed him to the vet.

Bravo forever had that 3 inch scar, which always reminded us of that day.

My Dad loved those two dogs.

I can't imagine Miami Police officers having shown up that day and shooting our dogs.

Well, that's exactly what police officers in Chester, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia did last Friday when they responded to a call for two dogs fighting.

And it was all caught on video.

Apparently, it all started when a stray dog jumped into a pickup truck which was stopped at a red light, and began fighting with a dog in that truck.

Police were called when the dogs could not be separated.

What happened next, would not only serve as yet another example of why many times calling police is actually calling in another problem, but would also leave residents in shock, and with lots of questions.

One officer approaches the pickup truck, with his gun drawn, then shoots a total of five rounds at the dogs.

As the dogs are dying from the gunshots, they can then be heard yelping.

At that point, another officer is seen approaching with his shotgun.

He then takes aim, and fires a blast at the dogs.

Both dogs were killed.

Perhaps more disturbing than the completely uncalled for use of deadly force by these, as i like to call them, trigger-happy cops, is that the whole incident happened right in front of Chester High School.

These cops put innocent bystanders lives at risk with their insatiable desire to kill.

Like I always say, more often than not, police shoot because they want to shoot, not because they have to shoot.

Here's how one Chester, Pa. resident views Friday's incident:

"I don't care how bad they try to make Chester seem, this is not a war zone, you don't do things like that," said Tehran Freeman, a dog owner himself who lives down the street and recorded the incident on his cellphone, before adding, "I thought them as the police should be held to a higher standard and would have some type of procedure for breaking it up than actually pulling out your pistols in front of the high school."

Freeman said that when he saw the police, the "last thing that I thought would happen" is that police would react how they did, by opening fire in front of a school.

"It wasn't secure at all, I know bullets can ricochet and anything else -- you're trying to shoot two animals in the back of a metal vehicle, that bullet can go anywhere," said Freeman.

Chester police told that at the time of the incident, the animal control officer was unavailable.

The incident is under investigation.

Tehran Freeman added that some of the police officers involved seemed as upset as the neighbors.

"One of the officers actually looked very, very shaken up about it," Freeman said.

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