Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rochester, NY Police Department's 'Blue Wall' and 'Code of Silence' in Full Effect after Off Duty RPD Cop Gets into Fight with On Duty RPD Cop!

By Davy V.
ONE Nightclub in Rochester's East End district,
where an off duty RPD officer got into a fight
with an on duty RPD officer.
Photo by Davy V.

In what perhaps may be the most 'WTF?' story involving the Rochester, NY Police department so far this year, an off duty RPD officer got into a fight with an on duty RPD officer outside ONE Nightclub located at 1 Ryan Alley in Rochester's East End district.

Here's what allegedly occurred:

Saturday morning I received a call from an extremely reliable source who went on to tell me that early Saturday morning, some time around 1 to 2 am, an off duty Rochester Police officer got into a physical fight with a fellow, on duty RPD officer outside ONE Nightclub.

The off duty RPD officer punched the off duty officer several times, then took out his gun and began waving it in the air while yelling at other officers that they couldn't touch him because he was RPD and nothing would happen to him.

The off duty officer then walked down East Ave. still waving the gun, yelling, and punching vehicles, including RPD cruisers.
East Ave. and Alexander St.
in Rochester's East End district.
Photo by Davy V.

Then, a white SUV, described by one person as possibly a U.S. Customs vehicle, pulled up and an individual attempted to calm down the off duty RPD officer.

Then, it's not clear if the off duty RPD officer got into the white SUV, but witnesses said he left the scene.

But wait.

That's not all.

A bouncer named Chris Massaro, who works at ONE Nightclub video recorded the entire incident.

So where's the video, you may ask?
Chris Massaro, bouncer at ONE Nightclub
who recorded video of fight between off duty RPD officer
and on duty RPD officer.

Great question!

Yesterday I spoke with someone who works at ONE Nightclub.

And I basically got the answer.

The individual, whose name I am not mentioning for his safety, told me that Chris is best friends with Rochester, NY Police officer Aaron Wilcox, who also works as a bouncer at the nightclub.

I was told that there is no way that Chris would release the video, since he's best friends with Wilcox, and other RPD officers.

Despite my posting a cash reward for the video, it is clear that it is very likely this video will never see the light of day.

Then, someone posted this comment on my 'Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed' Facebook page:

"Cops were called then they drove off when the off duty officer told them to get the fuck out of here and videos were sent in but nothing was done, I was there that night"
Did this City of Rochester
surveillance camera capture incident?
Photo by Davy V.

And now it's quite obvious what is going on.

Not only is this Chris protecting his RPD cop buddies, but even more disturbing, the Rochester, NY Police department is in all out 'Blue Wall' and 'Code of Silence' mode when it comes to this disturbing incident!

Can you imagine what would happen if an average citizen got into a fight, punched a police officer in the face, then took out his gun and waved it around saying fuck the police?

That's basically what this off duty RPD cop did.

And his fellow Rochester, NY Police officers DID NOTHING!

Blue Wall.

Code of Silence.

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