Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is Rochester, NY Mainstream News Media on the RPD's Payroll?

By Davy V.
ONE Nightclub, where off duty RPD officer got into fight
with on duty RPD officer.
Photo by Davy V.

On March 28th, Rochester's joke of a newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle, published the following guest editorial titled "RPD officers showed remarkable restraint", written by Sheila Konar of Pittsford, NY.

"On March 16 my husband and I attended a musical event performed by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. As we drove down East Avenue on our return home, we were shocked and, yes, frightened, to see what appeared to be a drunken orgy occurring in or near the bars along the avenue. Trash was thrown all over the street; people were vomiting, reeling and yelling.

Several policemen--some on foot and some mounted on horseback--were on the scene monitoring this activity. The police were subjected to disrespectful comments and spitting. Cans were being thrown at or near the officers. All of the policemen showed admirable restraint as they did not respond in kind to the insults. They exhibited self-control at all times.

So often, we hear negative complaints about Rochester policemen, but in this case they deserve nothing but praise for their professional behavior. I commend the Rochester Police Department for its professionalism in a scary situation.



So, first of all, let me explain why I call the Democrat and Chronicle, a joke of a newspaper, and frankly, I will go as far as to say that the D&C is a waste of innocent trees.

When it comes to Rochester's mainstream, corporate-run news media, News 10NBC, 13WHAM TV, WROC Channel 8, Fox 31, and the Time Warner Cable affiliate, YNN News, they are all 'in bed' with area law enforcement, especially the Rochester, NY Police department.

And when I say 'in bed', I literally mean 'in bed.'

You see, there several members of Rochester's news media, who are either in relationships with Rochester, NY Police officers, many of whom are married.

These so-called news professionals, are either committing adultery by cheating on their own spouses, or they're helping break up homes of the Rochester Police officers they are involved with, many of whom are married themselves!

And everyday, in Rochester, NY, it becomes more and more obvious, that mainstream news media outlets intentionally look the other way when it comes to incidents of police misconduct and corruption on behalf of the Rochester, NY Police department, begging the question:

Is Rochester, NY mainstream news media on the RPD's payroll?

Case in point:

On Saturday March 30, 2013, I broke the story on my 'Davy V. blog' about an incident at ONE Nightclub, located in Rochester's East End district, where an off duty Rochester, NY Police officer got into a fight with an on duty Rochester, NY Police officer.

The off duty RPD officer punched the on duty officer several times, then took his gun out and began waving it in the air, while yelling at RPD officers who responded to the fight, that they couldn't touch him because he was RPD, and nothing would happen to him.

The off duty officer then walked down East Ave., still waving his gun, yelling, and punching vehicles, including RPD cruisers.

Not only were there several witnesses to the incident, but a bouncer by the name of Chris Massaro, who works at ONE Nightclub, actually video recorded the entire incident.
Chris Massaro, ONE Nightclub Bouncer
who video recorded incident.

However, since Massaro is best friends with several Rochester, NY Police officers, including officer Aaron Wilcox, who works as a bouncer at several nightclubs, and since Massaro wants to become a member of the RPD himself, but has been unsuccessful, having failed several exams, he refused to release the video.

Despite me contacting Rochester's news media outlets, NOT ONE of them reported on the story, or even cared to look into it!

Not even News 10 NBC, which is located on East Ave., just a couple of blocks from ONE Nightclub!

All this proves what I have said for years... that when it comes to Rochester's news media outlets, not only are they in bed with the Rochester, NY Police department, but they will go out of their way to protect the RPD!
Rochester, NY Police officer Aaron Wilcox.

I mean, how is it that an off duty Rochester, NY Police officer gets into a fight with a fellow officer, then waves his gun in the air, yelling to other RPD officers that he is untouchable, not newsworthy?

Which brings me to Rochester's Democrat and Chronicle newspaper's guest editorial piece by Mrs. Konar, of Pittsford, NY.

Not only do I find it ironic that this woman writes about "a drunken orgy", on East Ave., the same area where the incident with the duty RPD officer occurred, and the same area, where the same cops she commends, also moonlight as club security, but I also find the hypocrisy of the D&C newspaper to print this, then, just two days later, turn around, and completely ignore a story of an RPD cop waving a gun, disgusting!

Which is why, again, I ask... Is Rochester, NY mainstream news media on the RPD's payroll?

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