Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is R.P.D. behind 'Rochester's Crook Book' Newspaper?

By Davy V.
Is Rochester, NY Police department
behind 'Crook Book' newspaper?

Recently, I came across a Rochester, NY newspaper called 'Rochester's Crook Book', which features mugshots of individuals, including many African-American and Latinos, arrested in the City of Rochester, or Monroe County, NY.

Costing $ 1.00, the paper is filled with mugshots, accompanied by a brief description of the crimes they are accused of.

In issue number 2 of Rochester's Crook Book, the paper features what some believe to be disturbing, showing a photo of an African-American suspect next to hip hop artist Lil' Wayne saying the look alike.

Now, publishing individuals' photos associated with crimes, is really nothing new, as from time to time, Rochester's Democrat and Chronicle newspaper publishes fugitives' photos, in their Crimestoppers feature.

However, the question when it comes to Rochester's Crook Book is, who's behind the newspaper.

Here's why that question is important.
Exactly what is 'Rochester's Crook Book' newspaper
trying to say?

The photos (mugshots) published in the small newspaper, are public information, and usually easily obtained through a FOIA (freedom of information act) request.

Most publications, include a section listing information such as publisher and contact info.

Not Rochester's Crook Book.

Why not?

Is the Rochester, NY Police department, one of its officers, or any other law enforcement agency, or law enforcement officer behind Rochester's Crook Book?

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