Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Northhampton, Massachusetts Police Brutality Exposed!

By Davy V.
Northhampton, Massachusetts Police officer
with nightstick in hand,
attempts to intimidate witnesses.

"I'm an attorney... so you don't want to fuck with me."

Those words can be heard at the beginning of a video shot by a Massachusetts attorney who caught Northhampton, Massachusetts Police thugs tackling an African-American man, physically abuse him, then shove him into a police SUV, in what is nothing short of a kidnapping.

Watch as cops then attempt to intimidate the attorney and others from standing on a public sidewalk and continuing to video record.

Incidents such as these are the reason why, for the past 17 plus years, as an activist, writer, and most recently a blogger exposing police misconduct and corruption, I always tell people...




It's your right!

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